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20 Things You Didn't Know About Go1


Workforce training has consistently been a source of concern for management as well as for workers. Businesses require highly trained employees to remain on the cutting edge or to gain an advantage over tough competition within their respective industries. Go1 is a startup that provides companies with the largest learning library curated from the top training providers in the world. It's a content hub that serves as a valuable resource in a single subscription platform for finding the most appropriate training courses to suit each company's needs. If you're hearing about it for the first time, here are 20 things you didn't know about Go1 to bring you up to speed

1. Go1 is an Asia-Pacific, Australasia based company

According to Crunchbase, Go1 is headquartered in two regions. It's a multinational company. Headquarters are divided between Brisbane, Australia, and parts of Asia

2. Go1 focuses on workforce training but is versatile

Go1 is listed under four major industries. It is a platform that provides Software-as-a-Service, as well as Training. It is also listed under Corporate Training and Business Development Industries. Go1 is a versatile and useful resource for businesses that are looking for convenient training resources with various focuses and customization of the training programs available for their respective workforces.

3. Go1 is a young company

Go1 was founded in 2015. The operation has been in business for just six years, which qualifies it as a young business regarding its age and duration. However, it has made significant progress in terms of development. Go1 has grown and expanded further than most companies that have been in business for longer. The growth is quite impressive, given its age.

4. Go1 has an eleven-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team of Go1 is composed of eleven members. Andrew Barnes is a co-founder and chief executive officer. Vu Tran is a co-founder and director. Chris Eigeland is a co-founder and chief operating officer. Chris Hood is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Ryan Parsons is the chief financial officer. Scott J. Cooper is the vice president of marketing. Melvyn Lubega is the head of strategic partnership and director. Thomas Wythe is the chief information officer.

5. Go1 has a four-member board of directors

The board of directors that provides advisement for strategic planning and decision-making is composed of our members. Isar Mazer is a board member who currently serves on ten boards of directors in advisory roles. Nagraj Kashyap joined the board of directors at Go1 in May of 2019 as a member. He currently serves on twelve boards of directors in advisory roles. Andrew Larsen joined the board of directors as a board observer on August 1, 2018. He is an investment director at Larsen Ventures, in charge of five portfolio companies. He currently serves on six boards of directors in advisory roles. Soma Somasegar joined the board of directors on May 18, 2020. He is a managing director at the Marona Venture Group. He is in charge of five portfolio companies and he currently serves on fifteen boards of directors in advisory roles.

6. Go1 uses a complex array of technology products and services

We learned that Go1 uses a variety of complicated technologies to power its website. Although there are fifty technologies currently active and in use, those who use the website experience a smooth and seamless experience. The technologies are distributed across fifty-eight technology products and services including jQuery, Google Analytics, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Meta, HTML5, and dozens more. It is worth noting that this large range of technology products and services easily translates into overhead costs of tens of thousands of dollars annually, with fees likely exceeding $100,000.

7. Go1 maintains uniqueness in the industry

Go1 has established an edge over its competitors in the various industries it falls under. This is because it has developed, and uses unique technologies that are protected under trademark laws. Go1 has successfully registered ten trademarks in the telecommunications class. This means that the technologies cannot be imitated or copied by others in the field. This is how it maintains uniqueness that makes it stand out from the crowd.

8. Go1 has a high monthly visitor rate for its website

The statistical data that is maintained for the Go1 website shows that as of July 2021, it has an average of 41,997 visitors browsing and using the website. This represents a monthly visits growth rate of 2.47 percent, which shows that there is a growing interest in the products and services that the company offers. Go1 has a ranking of number 515,351 out of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web because of its monthly visitor numbers.

9. Go1 is the most popular in Australia

The majority of web traffic for the Go1 website comes from people who live in Australia. Forty-six percent of visitors are from this country with a decline in numbers of 1.78 percent over the past thirty days. Thirty-five percent of the visitors come from the United States, which reflects a monthly visitor growth rate of sixty-six percent. Twelve percent of the web traffic comes from the United Kingdom with a current monthly growth rate of 85.43 percent. Two percent of the web traffic comes from Malaysia, and one percent from India. The data gathered about web traffic is useful in determining the efficiency of the marketing program to solicit interest. It also shows where people are the most interested in products and services, for strategic planning for expansion into new regions of the world.

10. Go1 is a venture capital-backed business

Go1 has participated in more than eight rounds of venture capital funding. The most recent round of Series D funding closed on July 19, 2021. The total amount that Go1 has raised is $238.7 million.

11. Go1 has attracted the interest and confidence of twenty-seven investors

Go1 has had no trouble attracting the attention of wealthy investment firms. So far, there are seven lead investors with a total of twenty-seven investors. These major financiers have high confidence that Go1 will in time provide them with a healthy return on the investments made in the growth and expansion of the company. Investors include Salesforce Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, SoftBank Vision Fund, Y Combinator, M12 Microsoft's Venture Fund, Larsen Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Scott Schleifer, TEN13, and several others.

12. Go 1 has also made investments

Go1 has invested in a company called Girl Geek Academy. The investment was made on February 1, 2017. The investment was in the form of a grant to the organization. Girl Geek Academy is a Melbourne, Victoria, Australia-based movement that encourages women to learn about technology, create their own startup companies, and take a larger role in building the internet. The company is valued at $1 million. The amount of investment that Go1 made in Girl Geek Academy has not been disclosed.

13. Go1 tripled its engagement

According to Techcrunch, the past month saw engagement on its platform triple for Go1. This is exciting news that has spurred a flurry of investment activities. The increase in the use of the site signals that there is a lot more interest in the product and services, and it triggered a new round of investor funding to move ahead with growth and expansion plans.

14. Go1 is a Y Combinator company

We also learned that Go1, initially founded in Brisbane, Australia was chosen to join a Y Combinator cohort when it was just launching in 2015. This was fortuitous as it exposed the co-founders to several wealthy investors. Finding investors, however, isn't an issue for the startup that is backed and supported financially by nearly thirty investors. Go1 has plans to continue growing the North American continent and to expand its partner network. Go1 has established offices in SanFrancisco, California in partial fulfillment of its strategic plans for growth and expansion.

15. Go1 has a solid customer base

Go1 provides valuable resources for obtaining customized training packages for companies of all sizes. It has attracted some large corporations and institutions as clients. So far, the statistics show that there are over 1.5 million users on the site with over 3,000 customers including Thrifty, Asahi, Suzuki, the University of Oxford, and thousands more.

16. Go1 has benefited from the surge in remote communications

Although Go1 was achieving remarkable success before the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to resort to online and remote sources of communications and contacts, the mandate to cease in-person contact enforced for a year in some areas, made its platform more relevant than ever. While the world was grappling with learning how to move their operations from in-person communications and contacts to a remote environment. Go1 was waiting in the wings with online training resources to help companies learn how to make the necessary shifts and become more flexible in the ways that they carried on with everyday business communications. It provides access to new training opportunities to help businesses educate their workforces in meaningful ways for adapting to what has been referred to as the "new normal." The overall usage of Go1 resources has grown more than fivefold over the past year, thanks to the online tools that it provides.

17. Go1 is making a difference in a world of confusion

The recent pandemic has changed the way that the world does business. Workforce training needs have changed in a way that makes these services even more essential. On top of trying to ensure that workers are trained in best practices and practical business solutions, there is a need to get smarter about how to conduct business safely in a world where contagion and illness are everywhere you go. Go1 is trying to be a part of the solution for the global crisis that has overtaken the world. The startup has made all of its COVID-19 related learning sources free for users.

18. Go1 is a privately held company

You won't find Go1 shares listed for purchase, trading, or sale on any of the world's stock exchanges. It's because the owners and decision-makers have chosen to keep the enterprise as a privately owned company. It's not open for public trading as it is privately supported through venture capital funding. Most companies decide to go public do so to raise funds for their growth and expansion, but Go1 has no need to take the risk on an IPO, which sometimes works out, but can also go the other way and result in devaluation. Our research into the current direction that Go1 is taking has not revealed any indication of an IPO at any time shortly.

19. Go1 offers a one-stop-shop for workforce training needs

According to LinkedIn, Go1 offers a platform that fits in perfectly with the current needs of a world that is struggling to cope with a new way of doing business. It provides digital learning for the entire workforce with various modes of learning available. Whether a company desires compliance courses, well-being, professional development, or other areas of interest, the extensive library of Go1's platform can link them with the needed resources for digital learning.

20. Go1 is expanding its workforce

Go1 currently employs a workforce of 315 employees. We learned that the company is expanding and they are currently recruiting talent for a variety of new jobs that are listed. Go1 has forty-one new positions available. Various positions are available at locations throughout the world including in Australia, Malaysia, London, and more. We even saw postings of open positions in Salt Lake City, Utah, where there are numerous openings. This suggests that this part of the United States is being targeted for one of its larger hubs. There are also job openings in Singapore. Go1 is on the move and expanding its global reach by hiring more people to achieve deeper penetration into markets that appear to be fertile for growth.

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