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20 Things You Didn't Know About Nozomi Networks


Cybersecurity has never been more relevant in the history of technology the way it is today. With the rapid expansion of the tech field and accessibility becoming less daunting each day, the risks have grown just in sync. This is the reason why so many cybersecurity companies have experienced unprecedented growth within the last few years. One such company is San Francisco-based startup Nozomi Networks. The tech company has been in the news lately for rounding up an incredible amount of investments to fuel its goals. Nozomi Networks is becoming the household name in cybersecurity tech today. If you didn’t already know, here are 20 more things you should know about Nozomi Networks.

1. $100 Million

Raising $100M in investment money is no easy feat. Nozomi Networks is offering a promising platform of security that’s gaining the trust and investments of a number of customers and companies. The $100M funding comes from a Series D round, with investments totaling $152.5M over 6 rounds. It’s a feat that mirrors the company’s dedication to growth over the last few years and into their future. It’s also a reflection of society’s growing focus on cybersecurity and tech.

2. What it does

It’s easy to say cybersecurity, but what Nozomi Networks does is actually more complex. The company’s goal is to protect various infrastructures that make up a community. This includes oil and gas facilities, water systems, and the like. Nozomi Networks also works with other industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, transportation, and more. Nozomi Networks automates the monitoring of machines in order to detect anomalies when they happen.

3. Company history

Although it’s still oftentimes referred to as a startup, Nozomi Network was actually founded in 2013 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco is known as one of the tech capitals of the world, and Nozomi Network was borne out of that culture. The company focuses on protecting OT and IoT infrastructures as previously mentioned using security software. It’s currently headquartered in Menlo Park and serves clients both in the United States and in Switzerland.

4. Investors

There’s no undermining the role of investors when it comes to business development. Without its investors, Nozomi Networks couldn’t have progressed the way it has in the last 8 years. The cybersecurity company’s approach to investors is unique in the way it diversifies. Some of Nozomi Networks’ lead investors include Triangle Peak Partners, Telefónica Innovation Ventures, and Lux Capital. Other prominent investors include Porsche Ventures, Honeywell Venture Capital, and In-Q-Tech—the venture capital fund backed by the CIA.

5. Partners and alliances

Perhaps nothing best represents a company if not its partners and clients. Nozomi Networks has developed an alliance with some of the world’s largest tech and security companies in order to achieve their service goals. Some of these partners include GE Power, Schneider Electric, T-Systems, IBM Security, and more. These partners utilize Nozomi Networks’ systems in order to move forward in their respective industries. For instance, Telefónica’s cybersecurity company ElevenPaths partnered up with Nozomi Networks to beef up the security in teleworking situations.

6. Global Footprint

Nozomi Networks is a true global company. They’re headquartered in San Francisco, California, but they also have a European headquarter located in Mendrisio, Switzerland. In addition to those headquarters, Nozomi Networks also has office locations in central cities all over the world including in Sydney, Australia; Dubai, UAE; Munich, Germany; Milan, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; London, England; Calgary, Canada; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and a few others. This kind of global dispersion allows for a more streamlined integration of systems for all of Nozomi Networks’ partners and clients.

7. Founders

The San Francisco startup has two co-founders: Andrea Carcano and Moreno Carullo. Carcano currently serves as Nozomi Networks’ Chief Product Officer, while Carullo serves as the current Chief Technical Officer. Carcano’s expertise is in network security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Università degli Studi dell'Insubria in Italy. Before establishing Nozomi Networks, Carcano worked as a Security Engineer for Eni, an energy company. Moreno Carullo is Nozomi Networks’ tech expert. He has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and a heavy background in software development. He’s done profound work in cybersecurity systems and continues to do so.

8. CEO

It’s never unusual for a company’s founders to bring in someone from the outside that has more experience with managing a business. That’s exactly what Nozomi co-founders Carcano and Carullo did, and it’s probably one of their best decisions yet. The duo brought in Edgard Capdevielle as President and CEO of Nozomi Networks. As current CEO, Capdevielle brings in his expertise in managing tech companies. His focus with Nozomi Networks is expanding its global reach. Capdevielle achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University. He achieved his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Before jumping in as President and CEO for Nozomi Networks, Capdevielle worked as VP of Product Management and Product Marketing for Imperva, another cybersecurity software firm.

9. Devices Monitored

To give you an idea of how impressive Nozomi Networks’ current footprint is, you need to think global. Worldwide, the company has over 3,700 installations. This translates to over 47,737,000 devices monitored concurrently in so many parts of the world. It’s quite difficult to imagine this kind of handling, but it’s the reason why Nozomi Networks establishes global partners. The devices being monitored are a combination of OT, IoT, and IT installments.

10. Customer Retention

It’s quite an achievement for any company to have maintained 5-star reviews for so long. This is something that Nozomi Networks works so hard to achieve: customer satisfaction. In fact, the company has managed to do more than just keep their customers satisfied; they’ve also managed to maintain a 100% customer retention rate. This means that once you’ve become a customer or client of Nozomi Networks, it’s highly unlikely that you will be switching products soon. It speaks volumes to how the company takes care of its clients and how effective their products truly are.

11. Awards

As far as achievements are concerned, Nozomi Networks is claiming them left and right. Officially, the company has been awarded enough accolades to convince people that they’re the real deal. Nozomi Networks’ latest award is the 2021 Global Infosec Award Winner from Cyber Defense Magazine. They’ve actually been winning that recognition every year for the past few years. They’ve won “Product of the Year” awards, “Emerging Vendors” awards, “Best Practices” awards, various pioneering awards, and so many more. It’s incredibly impressive to receive so many awards in its field, but Nozomi Networks’ accolades are the result of the company’s dedication to providing only the best services and products.

12. Post-Breach Mindset

According to CEO Edgard Capdevielle, the company adopts what they call a post-breach mindset. The idea presents a completely different approach from traditional practices in the cybersecurity industry sector. Traditionally, tech companies allocate more security budget towards correcting and recovering from data breach incidences. Nozomi Networks is shifting perspective for companies to begin allocating more security budget into preventative measures instead. A post-breach mindset means getting ahead security situations before they even happen.

13. ServiceNow

One of Nozomi Networks’ latest integration is with tech company ServiceNow. This useful and smart integration will help companies automate, optimize, and synchronize network assets globally. ServiceNow, as Nozomi Networks’ Service Graph Connector, is useful in maximizing operational efficiencies and promoting resilience for many industries.

14. Board Members

Currently, Nozomi Networks has a total of 5 board members. The first to become managing partner is Giovanni Canetta Roeder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Planven Investments. Roeder jumped in right when the company was founded in 2013. In 2016, two other board members were added: Glenn Solomon and Bilal Zuberi. Solomon is a venture capitalist and is currently a partner at GGV Capital. As an individual investor, he currently serves on 25 boards. Zuberi, on the other hand, is an investment partner, who sits as a member on 20 different boards. In 2017, John Tough joined the board as an investment partner. He is currently Managing Partner of Energize Ventures. The latest to join the board is Barmak Meftah, former President and CEO of AT&T Cybersecurity. He currently holds 3 board memberships including Nozomi Networks.

15. Products used

Nozomi Networks couldn’t be what it is now and be where it’s at now without the products they’ve used. Each product in the company’s arsenal has been successful on its own, and thus have been useful in propelling Nozomi Networks towards effectiveness and success as well. Currently, Nozomi Networks uses a total of 24 technology products and services, which include HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery. In addition to these products, Nozomi Networks also uses approximately 80 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta and SPF.

16. Competition

Just as in true capitalistic fashion, Nozomi Networks couldn’t be at the top if it didn’t have any competition. Even when it was first founded in 2013, Nozomi had peers in the cybersecurity sector including CyberX and Claroty. Claroty is a bigger competition for Nozomi Networks, as it has also seen just as much growth as Nozomi in its lifetime thus far. Claroty is based in New York and also operates on a global scale. Another popular competition for Nozomi Networks is Tenable, a cybersecurity exposure company that’s been around since 2002. Tenable is much more established in comparison to Nozomi Networks, with an employee count of over 1,300.

17. Partner program

To even further express how much alliances mean to Nozomi Networks, the tech company recently established a partner program. The Advantage partner program is basically a rewards proram established by Nozomi Networks to promote commitment to building success. With the skyrocketing demand for Nozomi Networks’ software and solutions, the company needs partners that will move alongside it. The rewards will provide partners with even more resources and incentives. With this kind of program, Nozomi Networks is hoping to promote success all-around—for their customers, clients, partners, and themselves as well.

18. Digitalization

The idea of digitalization is central to Nozomi Networks’ operation and drive. With emerging technologies on the rise and society becoming more tech-centric and tech-driven, digitalization is inevitable. With digitalization also comes the risks of security threats and attacks. This applies to any and all industries that rely on tech to operate. Nozomi Networks’ goal is to allow businesses and industries to operate freely armed with confidence in security against cyber threats. Nozomi Networks help companies accelerate their digitalization in a streamlined and positive way.

19. COVID-19

As with the many things that happened in the last year and a half, Nozomi Networks was also affected by the pandemic. Because of COVID-19, businesses and industries realized the importance of cybersecurity and digitalization in the workplace and at home. Many companies had to resort to teleworking in order to continue business. Many others had to beef up their online security systems in order to accommodate for the higher online footprint, since everything basically went online when the pandemic hit. In response to COVID-19, Nozomi Networks has provided free resources available through their website for companies looking for online defense training and education tools. It’s the company’s way to help as much as they can during this time.

20. Employees

Nozomi Networks is seeing an unpredictable growth over the last few months, and having under 200 employees is something that they’re looking to fix. Yes, Nozomi Networks indeed is in a massive hiring phase, which could go on as long as the demand is as high as it is. With such demand for their products globally, Nozomi Networks could see that employee number expand exponentially in the coming months.

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