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20 Things You Didn't Know About Collibra


Collibra is a technology startup that provides its customers with data intelligence solutions. The products and services offered by Collibra help to unite various aspects of organizations with the integration of information improving accuracy across every source within the organization, for every user. The company provides a data intelligence platform for digital business transformation with an end-to-end scope. Collibra is a successful company with strong leadership and healthy financial posturing as it continues to grow and expand its presence throughout the globe. If you're not yet familiar with the organization, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Collibra to bring you up to speed.

1. Collibra is an established Belgian company

According to Crunchbase, Collibra was founded in 2008. The headquarters is in Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium. The company has been in business for thirteen years as of 2021. The organization's leadership has successfully navigated Collibra through rough economic times to establish a strong and successful infrastructure and solid footing in the European market. It is a trusted resource for data intelligence technology.

2. Collibra is listed across five industries

The technology industry is broad and covers many different sectors within its scope. Collibra focuses upon five main areas within the tech industry. It is classified as an Analytics company, as well as Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Data Integration, and artificial Intelligence. Its main thrust is helping customers to implement systems that provide end-users with the data that they need easily, to work together using the same accurate data, and to organize the data in ways that make sense and are meaningful for all users across entire organizations.

3. Collibra Uses a vast number of technologies

The website for Collibra alone actively uses 135 technologies to ensure that visitors enjoy a smooth and seamless experience while visiting the site. These technologies are distributed across 58 tech products and services. Some of them include Viewport Meta, iPhone Mobile Compatible, jQuery, HTML5, SPF, Google Analytics, and dozens more.

4. The IT costs of Collibra is expensive

We also learned that Collibra has a high IT cost. It uses a huge array of technology products and services that incur large annual fees, as the scale of its operations requires premium services. The estimated amount that Collibra will spend on IT is $851.7 thousand. The annual budget for IT expenses is quickly nearing the million-dollar mark.

5. Collibra stands out from its competitors

Collibra has discovered ways to maintain its uniqueness amidst the sea of data intelligence tech providers. It has accomplished this feat by securing two registered patents in the computing and calculating category. On top of that Collibra has also secured thirteen registered trademarks in the scientific and technological services category. These patents and trademarks guarantee that they have the sole legal rights to the intellectual properties contained therein. None of their rivals can legally copy or imitate these processes or products without infringement and legal consequences.

6. Collibra's web traffic volume is growing fast

The analytics reports that monitor and track web traffic and visitor engagement show that over the past 30 days, there were 189,127 visitors to the Collibra website. This number has resulted in Collibra's website achieving the rank of 217,329 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. Statistics for the site show that over the past thirty days, there has been a monthly visits growth rate of 31.23 percent. It means that interest in Collibra's products and services is increasing.

7. Collibra is the most popular in the United States

The largest percentage of the web traffic to Collibra is generated by people from the United States. Forty-two percent of the visitors are from this country. Sixteen percent of the web traffic is from people in India. The monthly visits growth rate for India is 324.36 percent, showing a rising interest from this country. Eight percent of the visitors are from the Russian Federation with an astronomical growth rate of 1,539.73 percent. The largest monthly growth rate is from Poland, where six percent of the website visitors are from, showing a monthly visits growth rate of 1,981.44 percent. Five percent of the web traffic comes from The Netherlands with a monthly visits growth rate of 256.16 percent.

8. Collibra has an 8 member executive leadership team

The core executive leadership team for Collibra is composed of 8 members, with a total of 24 persons supporting leadership efforts. Felix Van De Maele is the co-founder and chief executive officer. Stijn Christiaens is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Madan Gadde is the chief customer officer. Laura Sellers is the senior vice president of product. Stuart Wilson is the chief revenue officer. Madalina Tanasie is a chief technology officer. Sebastien Giroux is a chief financial officer. Myke Lyons is the CISO.

9. Collibra has 10 board members

There are ten members on the board of directors for Collibra. Two of them are anonymous. Phil Fernandez joined the board on January 8, 2018. He is a director at PTC with two portfolio companies. He currently serves on 2 boards of directors in advisory roles. Felix Van De Maele is a co-founder and CO of Collibra. He has founded one organization and serves on one board of directors. Tony Mary joined the board in June of 2008. He is the board chairman of Collibra and currently serves on one board as an advisor. Rene Bonvanie joined the board in September of 2016. He is the EIR at Battery Ventures with three portfolio companies and one exit. Jan Hammer joined the board in September 2015. He is an investor and partner at Index Ventures with one portfolio company. H currently serves on 25 boards of directors in an advisory role. Norman Fiore is a board observer. He is co-founder and general partner at Dawn Capital. He has founded one organization and currently serves on five boards of directors in advisory roles. Dharmesh Thakker joined the board of directors as an observer in January 2017. He is a general partner at Battery Ventures with one portfolio company. He currently serves on 16 boards of directors in advisory roles. Patrik Polak joined the board in April 2012. He is a managing partner at Newion. He has founded one organization and currently serves on seven boards of directors in advisory roles.

10. Collibra is a venture capital-supported organization

Collibra has participated in 8 rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series G funding closed on November 9, 2021. The total amount raised so fr is $596.5 million

11. Collibra has secured high investor confidence.

Collibra has performed so well that its investors have a high level of confidence that the business will continue to grow and expand. They have put hundreds of millions of dollars in investments into the business, expecting a comfortable return on their investments. A total of 12 investors support fundraising events for Collibra. The most recent investors to join Collibra are Index Ventures, a lead investor, and CapitalG. Other investors include IconiQ Capital, Durable Capital Partners, Sofina, also a lead investor, Tiger Global Management, Dawn Capital, Sequoia Capital Global Equities, a lea investor, and Battery Ventures.

12. Collibra acquired SQLdep

SQLdep was acquired by Collibra on July 10, 2019. This was the first acquisition made by Collibra. SQLdep is a technology company that is a leading developer of data lineage lifecycle products. The company is headquartered in Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic. The cost of the acquisition has not yet been disclosed. The company will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Collibra.

13. Collibra acquired OwlDQ

Collibra made its second acquisition on February 3, 2021. it acquired OwlDQ, a predictive data quality software provider. The headquarters of this company is in Glen, Maryland, United States. The total funding amount of the company before the acquisition was $2.5 million. Costs for the deal are unknown, but they completed the transaction. OwlDQ will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Collibra.

14. Collibra is a global company

The two acquisitions made by Collibra grow its presence in the United States and the Czech Republic. This movement makes Collibra a global company. Collibra possesses holdings in various parts of the world, giving it the status of an international organization.

15. Collibra is a privately held organization

Collibra is a privately owned company. The owners and advisors have not yet filed for an initial public offering. Therefore, you won't find shares of stock in Collibra offered on any of the public stock exchanges. The stakeholders in Collibra are doing well by opting for private investor fundraising instead of selling off shares to the general public. We've not seen any sign that this will change in the foreseeable future.

16. Collibra is hiring

According to its LinkedIn page, Collibra is currently advertising over 1,100 new job openings with its organization. We reviewed the listings and saw multiple position openings across the United States. The company is planning a massive expansion of its operations in the United States with new jobs in Seattle, Washington, Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, New York, Chicago, Illinois, and more. There are jobs available in most of the larger metropolitan cities within the nation. News of the hiring frenzy tells us that Collibra is undergoing a growth spurt with rapid expansion. Most of the new positions are for remote work.

17. Collibra is expanding into other parts of the world

There are hundreds of new jobs open for Collibra in the United States, but we also saw open positions in other parts of the world. They're hiring in Warsaw, Poland, Melbourne, Australia, Liege, Belgium, London, England in the United Kingdom, Prague, Czechia, Gillingham, England, Brno, South Moravia, Czechia, Wroclaw, Poland, Surrey, England, Manchester, England, Antwerp, Belgium, Paris, France, and many other cities throughout the world. We see a monumental move taking place to grow and expand its operations globally.

18. Be careful when applying for work at Collibra

Collibra is yet another company that has become the target of cybercriminals. There are over 1,100 legitimate job openings with the company, but Collibra warns that there have been reports of employment scams associated with its job openings. Collibra does not charge anyone for applying for work with the company. You should contact Collibra directly if you're interested in working with the organization. A few fraudulent websites pretend to represent Collibra, so be on the lookout for them and don't disclose any of your private information to them. Collibra will never ask you to provide a security deposit for any reason.

19. Collibra is a unicorn organization

Collibra has surpassed the $1 billion valuations required to join the elite corporations referred to as unicorns. According to CNBC, The most recent round of venture capital fundraising has elevated the valuation of Collibra to an incredible $5.25 billion. This figure is five times over the $1 billion requirements. The latest funding round brought in an additional $250 million, and it more than doubled the valuation of the company.

20. Collibra is a company to keep your eye on

Collibra is rapidly advancing and expanding its operations throughout the world. We see this with its massive list of job openings. The previous workforce before the hiring blitz began was around 950 employees. The company is more than doubling its workforce and setting up new operations through large cities around the globe. Collibra has the potential to become a significant disruptor in the data intelligence sector of the tech industry. Currently, most of its new job openings are for remote workers, but we foresee new satellite offices popping up in cities throughout the world soon. Collibra is helping to transform companies and businesses and bring them into the digital age.

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