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20 Things You Didn't Know About parcelLab


parcelLab is a company that provides major brands with a platform that unlocks the full potential of the post-sales experience. It is one of the best retention tools on the market today. It is used to enhance consumer interactions with various brands by transforming operational data into impactful touchpoints, thus opening up new opportunities for companies to provide experiences that are memorable for consumers. To help you become more familiar with this company, here are 20 things you didn't know about parcelLab.

1. parcelLab is a German company

According to Crunchbase, the headquarters for parcelLab is in Munich, Bayern, Germany. It also has locations in London, England, New York, New York, USA, and Paris, France. The company has expanded into international territories fairly early in its existence.

2. parcelLab has three co-founders

The three co-founders of parcelLab are Anton Eder, Julian Krenge, and Tobias Buxhoidt. Each of these entrepreneurs is a first-time business owner. They got together to combine their talents and develop a company of their own in operations experience managment industry. None of the founders of parcelLab had experience in developing or launching a new tech company. The current success of parcelLab makes this feat all the more impressive.

3. parcelLab falls under 4 categories

parcelLab is a versatile company that reaches clients with four beneficial services. It caters to businesses by providing essential logistics services. The parcelLab platform also falls under the E-Commerce, delivery, and shipping categories as well. It is no small wonder why so many major brands subscribe to the platform to help them find ways to improve their interactions with their customers. Shipping and delivery have consistently been areas where companies have failed to impress their customers because of issues that have arisen, as well as the way that customer service teams have handled issues in the past. Improvements in these areas have helped to strengthen brand loyalty throughout the world.

4. parcelLab is backed by venture capital funding

So far, parcelLab has participated in five rounds of venture capital funding. The latest round of Series C funding completed on May 11, 2021, raising a total of $112.1 million in funding since it began. The most recent investors to provide funding include Insight Partners and Endeit Capital. The first funding came in the form of a $50,000 grant on November 1, 2015, followed by a Seed round on August 1, 2016, Series A round on Jan 11, 2018, and a Series B round on October 8, 2019.

5. parcelLab is backed by numerous investors

There have been numerous investors providing funding for parcelLab for operations, growth, and expansion. Four of them are lead investors with 6 others that have joined in. The most notable are Insight Partners, Capnamic Ventures, Coparion, SpeedUP! Europe, TAKKT AG, Florian Huber, and Hyperion Invest. The confidence of these investors is high. They share the belief that parcelLab will continue to flourish and expand, providing them with a high return on their investments.  The current investors are Insight Partners, Endeit Capital, Coparion and Capnamic.

6. parcelLab is led by a small executive team

The executive leadership team for parcelLab is small. It is comprised of the three founders of the company solely. Tobias Buxhoidt is the co-founder and chief executive officer of the business. He is joined by co-founder Anton Eder, who also serves as the chief operations officer, and Julian Krenge, the third co-founder, who also serves as the chief technical officer of the company. Together, these three young professionals are calling the shots for parcelLab and leading the firm forward as it continues to expand its operations throughout the world.  Additional members include:

  • Dora Birna, VP of Global Marketing and Growth
  • Mike Harris, VP of Global Sales
  • Felicitas Schweiker, VP of People, Operations and Culture

7. parcelLab relies on complex technology

We also learned that there is a complicated array of technology products used to make the website and the platform run smoothly. While the end-users enjoy a seamless experience when using the site and the products there are a lot of different technologies working together to make it happen. A total of 68 technologies distributed among 35 technology products keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. These are expensive products that help to create the total user experience, but they also contribute to a high overhead cost of operation.

8. Most of parcelLab's website traffic is from Germany

A considerable amount of the web traffic for parcelLab comes from people who live Germany. Nine percent of unique visits originate from people in the United Kingdom, followed by three percent from the United States, two percent from Sweden, and one percent from people who live in Spain. The international presence is growing for parcelLab, but it is still the most popular with those from Germany.

9. parcelLab is disrupting the customer service industry

According to LinkedIn, parcelLab is a major disruptor in the customer service arena. It leads operations experience management by providing insights into previously missed opportunities to bring happiness to customers after the sale of products is made. This type of outreach after the fact is what gains attention from consumers and makes them feel more deeply pleased with their overall perceptions of the companies that they deal with. The overarching goal of the platform and services that parcelLab provides for its clients is to make consumers fall in love with brands that go the extra mile in making sure that they are happy with the products they receive as well as the attention that the businesses pay to them through extended outreach efforts.

10. parcelLab provides shipment monitoring services

One of the functions of parcelLab's platform is to monitor shipments as they leave a company and while they are en-route to the customer that placed the order. parcelLab monitors more than three million shipments each day, and it actively manages the operations experiences that take place between client companies and their customers in 153 countries throughout the world. It tracks the shipping data for over 150 carriers worldwide including FedEx, DHL, DPD, and others.

11. parcelLab uses email technology to forge relationships

Another means of establishing good relationships between brands and their customers is through a personalized email system. The inventors of parcelLab have thought of everything. The platform also includes a service that helps its clients to create and send around seven million event-driven, personalized, and proactive emails to customers throughout the world. Through constant monitoring and keeping consumers updated, parcelLabs is helping companies to create a stronger environment for fostering deeper relationships with their customer base.

12. parcelLab is hiring

It appears that parcelLab is expanding its workforce and growing in size. We checked out its job postings. As of May 17, 2021, the company has advertised 20 new job positions that are yet to be filled. A variety of upper management jobs are open with many of them located in New York City. There are also jobs open in Munich, Germany, in London, England, Paris France, and in Madrid, Spain. It also appears that parcelLab is expanding the size of its upper management team with new jobs in management and employee benefits areas.

13. parcelLab is hiring a full-time Growth Manager

More evidence of parcelLab's recent push for growth is that they are adding full-time workers to get out in the field and market in the Northeast part of the United States. This person will lead a team and help to shape the growth strategy, acquire new customers and find ways to optimize opportunities for developing better customer relationships. parcelLab is looking for qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals to fill the open positions with strong and proven track records for success.

14. parcelLab is good to its workforce

parcelLab goes the extra mile in ensuring that its workers are well compensated for their efforts. They offer team members the use of a home office setup budget to set up their homes with all of the necessity for working remotely. Employees have the option to choose whether to work completely from home, from a parcelLab office or to combine these two environments and work from the office and remotely. They offer room for employees to generate their unique ideas as well as tolerance for failing when trying something new. The company welcomes innovations and new thinking and it provides support and a learning environment for staff.

15. parcelLab offers online language courses

The firm also provides workers with online language courses to become proficient or been fluent in second and third languages. It also provides an online company training program with access to a program called LinkedIn Learning, professional development budgets, and more.

16. parcelLab encourages self-care

parcelLab is an employer that realizes self-care is essential in growing a highly competent and motivated workforce. One of the additional perks that employees are offered is a free weekly yoga and meditation class. This class is intended to help workers stay grounded and relaxed. They also provide medical, vision, and dental insurance, a 401k with employer matching, flexible working arrangements, generous PTO allowances, and a welcoming work environment, even for those who choose to work remotely. This encourages the staff of parcelLab to perform at the top of their game, as well as to have a strong desire to stay with the company. parcelLab is looking for workers who want to make a career out of their jobs and to stay for a long time as the company continues to grow and expand. These days it's hard to find an employer that offers so many valued benefits.

17. parcelLab plans to use the funding for expansion and new product development

According to Techcrunch, the funding that parcelLab gained through its venture capital rounds is already earmarked. The leaders plan to put much of the proceeds into the expansion of the operation. We've already seen evidence of this in action through the 20 new job positions it's offering throughout various parts of the world. Additionally, part of parcelLab's strategic plan is to develop new products for helping its clients achieve even greater customer satisfaction, although no indication of what these products will be has been made yet.

18. The platform is customizable

The parcelLab platform can be used in different ways to target strategic improvement areas for its clients. for example, Lidl uses automated personalized shipping methods to enhance customer satisfaction. This has resulted in an 85 percent return of customers for the company. Farfetch and Ikea are other parcelLab customers that use the platform to increase basket sizes and to send informational emails that help to reduce the questions on the minds of their customers. These services have resulted in a 25 percent reduction in questions about orders, it has also resulted in a more than 90 percent increase in satisfied customer reviews. This is evidence that the system is working to enhance consumer satisfaction and increase the percentage of returning customers. It's a great tool for building loyalty and strengthening customer relationships. It's transforming how people and brands connect.

19. You won't find parcelLab on the stock market

parcelLab is a privately held company. The co-founders have not made any indications for plans to take the company public. This means that you won't find any shares listed on any of the public stock exchanges of the world. It's all funded through private investors.

20. parcelLab is changing the way brands treat their customers

Competition is stiff among the various brands. In today's marketplace, consumers are going to give their business to the enterprises that give them the most positive experiences. They are more likely to return to a company that provides them with quality products, shipping information, and updates about their orders. parcelLab provides brands with insights into how they can turn everyday moments into happy experiences for their customers and it is showing proof that relationships are getting stronger with the increase in return shoppers that clients are experiencing. It's a disruptor in the industry that makes shopping a more pleasant experience for consumers.

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