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10 Things You Didn't Know About Tobias Buxhoidt

Tobias Buxhoidt

Tobias Buxhoidt is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the global leader in operations experience management platform ParcelLab. Mr. Buxhoidt is an interesting figure in the business world with international experience. We were fascinated with his profile and wanted to learn more about him and how he came to be so successful in his business endeavors. After looking into his personal and professional history, we made some interesting discoveries that may be useful for other young entrepreneurs who are just starting with their own new companies. Here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about Tobias Buxhoidt.

1. Tobias Buxhoidt is the founder of ParcelLab

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Buxhoidt is not only the CEO of a very successful company (ParcelLab), but he is also the founder. He launched a successful startup in 2014. It has thrived under his leadership for the past six years.

2. He is a native of Germany

Tobias Buxhoidt is of German nationality. This is his home country, but he has gained international experience in his business endeavors. He has led many logistical process teams for companies in Germany before branching out into his business pursuits.

3. He was educated in Germany

Tobias Buxhoid enrolled in classes at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He studied business and engineering at the institute that maintains a focus on research, teaching, and innovation. Tobias began his studies in 2005 and completed them in 2011, graduating with his degrees from the institution, in Business and engineering. He spent six years total working at laying a solid educational foundation before going out into the business world to put his skills and knowledge to use.

4. Buxhoidt built his business on post-sales happiness

According to his Linked-in profile, Tobias Buxhoidt had a vision for helping brands to perform at their peak for delivering happiness for their respective customers that would extend beyond the initial purchase. The platform he developed helps to bring people and brands closer together through post-sales experiences. The system opens up opportunities for companies to create relationships with their customers that will last and encourage brand loyalty. It's a means of helping clients to outperform their competitors in the market by adding extra value for their customers.

5. He went back to school for more education

Tobias understands the value of education as it relates to success in the business world. In addition to attending the Karlsruhe Institute, he also spent time at the University of Newcastle. He attended the school in South Wales, taking courses in electrical engineering and computer science in 2009. This helped Tobias to broaden his perspective in his field of expertise and it gave him exposure to other methods of teaching as well as different theories and perspective in the disciplines. He has an international education.

6. Tobias worked his way through college

We couldn't help but notice that Mr. Buxhoidt was fully employed while he was working on his college degree. The first job he listed on his LinkedIn profile was a position as a freight forwarder. The name of the company was Spedition Buxhoidt. He started the job in 1997 and remained there for 8 years, leaving in 2005. He maintained a work schedule throughout his entire college career, which tells us that he is good at multi-tasking.

7. He worked for Dachser GmbH & Co.KG

In 2008, Mr. Buxhoidt accepted a job with Dachser GmbH & Co. KG. He worked for the company located in Karlsruhe and Umgebung, Germany for less than a year. He listed the position as last-mile fulfillment.

8. Tobias Buxhoidt worked for Porsche and BMW

Tobias was also an employee of the Porsche luxury automating company. He accepted a job with the company in 2010. He was involved with product development and project management at the Weissach, Germany location. He was only with Porsche for less than a year. He left Porsche in 2010 to accept a position with the BMW Group as an automotive engineer. While at BMW he was involved with innovative concept development at its Munich, Germany-based operation. He remained in this position for about one year, leaving in 2011.

9. He worked his way up the career ladder

Tobias Buxhoid has worked at a variety of different positions with various companies throughout his work career. This helped him to become a well-rounded professional. In 2010, he accepted a position with IAVF Antriebstechnik GmbH, in Karlsruhe and Umgebung, Germany. He spent a year as the Warehouse Manager for the company. At the same time, he worked as a project manager for a company called Continental in Hannover and Umgebung, Germany, providing warehouse outbound optimization. In 2011 he accepted a job as SCM and Logistics Consultant for Barskawai Management Consultants, located in Munich, Germany. He was with the company for three years before leaving in 2014 to found his own company, ParcelLab.

10. He founded ParcelLab in Germany

Mr. Buxhoidt launched his venture in Germany. The business has grown and thrived in the country for the past 7 years. According to Medium, he grew up working in his family's logistics company. It was in their family for two generations. While working in logistics operations he noticed that there was a problem with the end-customer experience. He saw this in both big and small companies and this is what led him to develop ParcelLab, to ensure that each customer has the best possible experience. The platform helps companies to do a better job in assuring that consumers have all their needs met after they purchase logistics-related projects and that they are so happy that they become loyal customers to the brands.

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