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10 Things You Didn't Know About Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes is a businessman and entrepreneur. He has become insanely successful thanks to the rapid growth and popularity of the company he runs. He is the current chief executive officer of a business called Go1. If you're not familiar with Go1, it is a content hub that provides a library of workforce training resources that support digital learning. It is an operation that is timely, now that the recent pandemic has forced most parts of the world to limit social and business in-person contact. People still need training. There currently is no better way than to become educated in an online and safe environment. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about Go1's leader Andrew Barnes.

1. Andrew Barnes is a co-founder of Go1

According to The Org, Andrew Barnes and his partner Vu Tran launched a development company that built a platform for housing a content hub and library that is chock full of resources for companies to access for training their workforce. The company launched in 2015. Barnes assumed the position of chief executive officer and stands at the helm of the startup that has been in operation for six years now.

2. He facilitated a Y Combinator inclusion

New startups vie for acceptance as members of Y Combinator's cohorts. It is one of the most helpful platforms for entrepreneurs looking for investors to help them turn their ideas for a business into reality. Barnes and Tran worked hard to get their company accepted into the group and made the cut. They made their application to the Y-Combinator accelerator at the last minute. The Go1 group became accepted for the 2015 cohort.

3. Barnes is a Rhodes Scholar

Mr. Barnes has a solid education from a prestigious institution of higher learning. Oxford University accepted his application as a student. It was here that where he earned his Masters in Science and Education as a Rhodes Scholar. He continued his academic career at Queensland University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Business Strategy. He believes in the value of having a solid education.

4. Andrew and Vu started their business in a garage

While living in a home in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, Andrew Barns, and Vu Tran launched a small web development company. Their first official office was in the garage of the home. Remarkably, these humble beginnings would take them to dizzying heights of business success within a few short years. It was after the Y Combinator course that the company took off and flourished.

5. He oversees a global business

Barnes' company has grown from a small bootstrapped organization to a successful company with a global reach. It's expanded its reach within the past six years to include offices throughout the world. So far, Go1 has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, and South Africa. The Go1 headquarters are in Brisbane, Australia. His job as the chief executive officer of the startup means that he directly oversees all aspects of the executive leadership. He is the boss over Go1 in all parts of the world.

6. He currently works two jobs at the same time

According to Crunchbase, Andrew Barnes is working two full-time jobs at the same time. In addition to overseeing the executive affairs of Go1, he is also a team member for a company called GoCatalyze. The latter is a Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-based company that works across the web, tablets, and mobiles with an instant to set up a platform that is specific to each organization that subscribes to the software services.

7. Andrew Barnes consistently earned honors in school

According to LinkedIn, Andrew attended the University of Queensland. There he studied economics and econometrics from 2007 through 2009. He earned his BEcon degree with Dean's Honors from the institution. Andrew attended the University of Nottingham in 2009 and was involved in the Economics Society. He continued at the school in 2011, where it took him one year to add on a bachelor's degree in business management. It was there where he received First Class Honors. His academic career remained characterized by a series of high performance and well-earned distinctions for his outstanding efforts and achievements.

8. Andrew Barnes was recognized as a young entrepreneur

Barnes' youth has had no impact on his ability to perform like a seasoned professional in entrepreneurial and business endeavors. In September of 2012, he was the recipient of the Australian Institute of Management's Young Manager of the Year Award in Brisbane. He also received the B&T 30 Under 30 distinction in August of 2012.

9. Barnes continued to receive public acknowledgment

Andrew Barnes is one of the most celebrated businessmen in Australia. On top of all the other awards and honors he has received, the accolades continue to keep piling up. He was named as Associate Fellow by the Australian Institute of Management. He also received recognition in the Commonwealth Government's Australian Student Prize. He was a Brisbane Business News Finalist for the Brisbane Young Entrepreneurs Award for four consecutive years from 2011 through 2014. In addition to being the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship, he also received the UQBS Ph.D. Scholarship from the University of Queensland Business School.

10. He worked a few different jobs before founding Go1

Before trying his hand at entrepreneurship, Mr. Barnes worked for a few different companies. In 2008, he became the director for the Cannon Hill Anglican College Foundation. Andrew is still the director and has been at the post for thirteen years. He served as an economics tutor at the University of Queensland for one year. In 2010 be became a director at Epilepsy Queensland. He is still active in his directorship role with the organization and has been with them for eleven years. Andrew is an energetic and dynamic leader who spreads his time across multiple jobs. He is focused and goal-oriented. He commits to achieving excellence that shows in his proven track record of success.

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