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20 Things You Didn't Know About Yoobic

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Yoobic is a startup that provides businesses with a deskless workforce. The platform is designed to optimize process management, training, and communication for companies in warehousing, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and others, with tools required to be productive and happy. Yoobic's SaaS approach is a disruptor in the salesforce industry that has the potential to become a digital replacement for salesforce training. Here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Yoobic to help you become familiar with this new innovative approach to optimizing frontline worker productivity.

1. Yoobic is a one-stop-shop for frontline workers

Yoobic provides software and services that put information at the fingertips of employees through digital media. The software tracks important information about products and services sold at brick and mortar retailers, that can be accessed quickly via an app by salespersons, managers, and other key decision-makers, according to the official Yoobic website.

2. Yoobic is an app for managing and training frontline teams

Yoobic keeps employees productive, engaged, and informed with an all-in-one digital workplace that streamlines task management, mobile learning, and employee communication processes. It can take the place of training because it provides all of the information about a product or a service in an easy-to-access digital format. The app provides customized information about the duties of a position and helps workers to execute their tasks more efficiently.

3. Yoobic provides full visibility into operational execution

The Yoobic app provides workers with a digital readout of checklists and audits to be used during the execution of any tasks that are assigned. It can instantly answer questions that a worker might have about how to perform a certain task by giving staff the protocols for standard operating procedures, unified health and safety routines, and digital checklists and audits. It's a tool that enhances worker skills and knowledge digitally to lessen the need to send them out for training. Instead of asking co-workers how to complete a task, they can access the information on an app. In this manner, it enhances employee productivity and results in less overhead costs for the company.

4. Yoobic can help businesses move from online to physical locations

Another positive benefit of the Yoobic platform is that it can help stores that are e-commerce based to make the transition to a brick and mortar or physical status. Some businesses start their ventures online, shipping out goods or services. When they grow larger, businesses that decide to open a physical location can do so by using the Yoobic app to track inventory, assess where items are located, and provide a description of the item for sales teams to eliminate the need for product training. Every piece of information about tasks or goods is stored in the apps. Salespeople can access the information quickly to help them answer customer questions.

5. Yoobic unifies training and communication for businesses

Employees frequently need support and help from their superiors. New workers as well as those who have been with a company for a while will have situations arise where they will need to have concrete information available to handle a situation efficiently. For example, a manager may notice that they have an abundance of fans and air conditioners that are not selling. The Yoobic app can provide them with information that goes as far as to predict future heatwaves, to give them an idea about when the items will be in higher demand. Instead of putting them on sale and clearing the inventory, it might be wise to hold off for a week or two in preparation for the heatwave and the rising demand for these items. In this manner, Yoobic is a tool that empowers employees with knowledge and it helps them to do a better job day by day because of the information it provides. It gives every worker in the company access to the same information to offer unified digital training for everyone. The best part about it is that it is comprehensive and gives everyone the information they need.

6. Yoobic is an established company

According to Crunchbase, Yoobic has been in business for seven years. It was founded in 2014 by three co-founders. Fabrice Haiat, Gilles Haiat, and Theirry Hiaiat launched the operation in London, England. This is where the headquarters for the operations are located. The legal name is YOOBIC Ltd, but it is generally referred to simply as Yoobic.

7. Yoobic is a versatile company

Yoobic is listed under for main industry categories. These include computers, mobile, retail technology, and software. Yoobic has a research and development component for the creation of its software tools that help those in the retail business with useful technology that can be easily accessed via an app on computers and mobile devices.

8. Yoobic is led by a team of four executives

Yoobic has four members on its core team of executives who lead the company forward. Fabrice Hait is a co-founder and the chief executive officer. Thierry Haiat is a co-founder and the chief technology officer. Gilles Haiat is a co-founder and the head of research and development. Jean Tardy-Joubert is a non executive director. Although the team is small, they are effective and work together seamlessly to achieve the established goals of Yoobic, and lead it forward to the next phase of development.

9. Yoobic uses a complex array of technologies

The Yoobic platform is powered by 49 active technologies for its website. Although it relies on a complicated array of technologies, users have a smooth and seamless experience while the programs all work together in sync behind the lines. The technologies are distributed across 30 technology products and services including Google Analytics, jQuery, HTML5, Viewport Meta, iPhone Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default.

10. Yoobic maintains an edge over its competition

Few companies offer the full range of tools and services that are found with Yoobic. It maintains a distinction over its closest competitors through its uniqueness in the industry. This is accomplished in part by the two registered trademarks that Yoobic has secured in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments category. The trademarks make it illegal for other companies to copy the intellectual property and technologies used or to imitate them. It helps Yoobic to maintain its uniqueness in the retail software industry and others.

11. Yoobic has a moderate IT budget

We also learned that Yoobic has a moderate IT budget when compared to many other similar companies. It costs a lot to obtain the technology products to power a dynamic website. The estimated cost for Yoobic's IT budget this year is $25.2 thousand. They're making efficient use of the technology products because of the small size of the company. As it begins to grow, the overhead costs of these technologies will also rise.

12. Yoobic has seen a decline in the monthly website visitors

There has been a significant decline in the number of people who have visited the Yoobic website in the past 30 days. The analytics for the Yoobic website show that the number of monthly visits has declined by 44.53 percent, which is a significant drop that is likely accounted for by a large number of people on vacation for the summer months. There is still a decent number recorded for the past month with 10,650 unique visitors. This gives Yoobic a ranking of number 1,10789 among the millions of registered websites on the world wide web.

13. Yoobic is the most popular in France

Although Yoobic's headquarters is located in London, England in the United Kingdom, the website is the most visited by people who live in the country of France. The founders of the company are from France, which makes up 33 percent of the web traffic. This represents a 60.96 percent decline in web traffic. Fourteen percent of the monthly visitors come from Brazil. Thirteen percent of the website visitors come from the United States with a 75.68 percent drop in monthly visits. Seven percent of the website visitors are from Bolivia.

14. Yoobic is a venture capital-backed enterprise

Yoobic has participated in four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round was completed on July 22, 2021, in a Series C round. The total amount raised by the efforts is $80.3 million. This tells us that investor confidence is high in the startup's potential for delivering a good return on the investments made. The funds are intended to help finance the growth and expansion of the Yoobic platform to add more useful features and to expand into other parts of the world.

15. Yoobic has four lead investors and five total investors

One of the most difficult tasks for startups is to secure the interest of venture capital investors. Yoobic has overcome this hurdle and has attracted the attention and interest of five wealthy investors. The most recent investors to join in the fundraising efforts are Insight Partners and BNF Capital. These investors are joined by previous investors including Felix Capital, a lead investor, Highland Europe, which is also a lead investor, Insight Partners is a lead investor for the Series B round, and Petribox, which is also a lead investor for Yoobic.

16. Yoobic has a workforce of 127 employees

Yoobic is a company that has a firm handle on how to use a small yet effective workforce through streamlined and efficient training and communication strategies. The executive leadership team practices what it preaches when it comes to its workforce. There are currently 127 employees working at Yoobic, according to LinkedIn.

17. Yoobic is growing and expanding right now

We also noticed that Yoobic is currently hiring. It is expanding its workforce by more than 20 percent. There are 29 jobs listed as open on its LinkedIn profile page. This represents a significant growth of its infrastructure. This suggests that Yoobic is already putting its most recent round of VC funding proceeds to work to grow and expand the operation.

18. Yoobic is a multinational operation

Yoobic is based in London, England, but it has offices located at various locations throughout the world. It is active with a strong physical presence in England, France, Israel, and Italy. There are currently job openings for people to work in London, Tel Aviv, New York, New York, Milan, Lombardy, and Paris, IIe de France. These are the cities where Yoobic has posted new position openings which tells us that they're gearing up for another growth and expansion spurt. This is good news for investors who are placing their bets on Yoobic.

19. Yoobic is experiencing revenue growth

According to Techcrunch, There may have been a drop in the numbers visiting the Yoobic website recently, but revenues are up by a wide margin. From 2016 to 2017, Yoobic experienced a 143 percent growth in its revenue. The company provides Software as a Service product that is currently used by more than 100 various retailers throughout the world. The app is used in more than 200,000 physical stores throughout 44 different countries across the planet. Some of the larger customers of Yoobic include the Casino Group, Lacoste, Aldi UK, Aldi Nord, Trader Joe's, Citroen, Peugeot, and many others.

20. Yoobic is a privately held business

You won't be able to find shares of Yoobic stock for purchase, trade, or sale on any of the world's stock markets. This is because the owners have opted to keep the company as a privately owned enterprise. They have not filed for an IPO because they have solid backing and financial support from their venture capital investors. Although the company is open to private investors currently, it bears watching. We've not yet seen any indication of any plans to take the company public, but you never know what could happen. We expect to hear a lot more about Yoobic in the months and years to come.

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