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Five Companies Leading the Way in Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Processing Automation

Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA is becoming an important technology in the business world today. with the current shortage of skilled human workers, this type of technology is being further  developed by companies that offer the services with equipment and technology to help businesses meet hectic and complex production goals. Many of the physical and online processes that we take for granted are accomplished through the use of RPA. This is a technology that is far-reaching and takes many forms. If you're interested in investing in this up and coming technology we have five companies leading the way in RPA that you need to check out.

1. UiPath

UiPath is a robotic process automation company that offers solutions to companies that need automation for the production of their goods. UiPath offers a wide range of products including Platform, Studio, Orchestrator, and Robots for industrial use. The company is based in New York and specializes in serving a broad range of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance Banking, BPO, CPG, and BPA. The products provide automation for contact centers, finance and accounting transactions, Healthcare payer processes, claims to process accounts payable, and more. They specialize in GUI automation, screen scraping, Desktop and web automation, Mainframe, SAP, Excel, Citrix automation, and Macro Recorder. UiPath is a company that is on the move and in the RPA industry, they're one to keep your eye on.

2. Blue Prism

Blue Prism is one of the leading Robotic Process Automaton companies in the world. This entity is the first inventor of the term Robotic Process Automation. The business offers solutions that are customizable in the digital workforce with various types of manual automation for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. Their specialty is in E-commerce, Banking, and Investment solutions. The platform that Blue Prism uses is the .NET framework. The company is a vendor of robotic process automation that provides businesses with a variety of solutions that make it possible for humans to focus on less repetitive tasks because the robots take charge of these tasks through a variety of automated processes that would take up more time for human workers. A few of the features that RPA technology assists with are scalability, resilience, security, and compliance. If you're looking for an investment, Blue Prism stock is one to keep your eye on for inclusion in a diversified investment portfolio.

3. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is another RPA company that is on the move. It's quickly becoming a leader in the industry with its development of robotic process automation software. The company is based in California and offers several products including Bot Insight, IQ Bot, Automation Anywhere Enterprise, Bot Store, and BotFarm. The company uses attended and unattended RPA technology in the development of its products. They serve a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, telecom, BPO, financial services, and more. Automation Anywhere has expanded its presence from the United States into Europe and Asia Pacific to gain international status.

4. Pegasystems

Pegasystems is a top robotic process automation provider in the United States. The logo is the image of a Pegasus. Pegasystems provides a variety of business solutions including robotic automation products for customer relationship management, digital process automation, and business process management. The Pega platform offers capabilities in application development BPM & case management, decision management, workforce intelligence, DevOps & testing, mobility, Chatbots and virtual assistant, sales automation, and more. This company has expanded its reach to a global status with 38 offices distributed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. A few of the most notable Pega platforms are Pega Mobility, Pega Cloud, and Pega Robotic Automation. The scope of Pegasystems' reach is broad and it is quickly becoming one of the leaders in its industry with a sunny outlook for continued expansion and growth throughout global markets in the near future.

5. Softmotive

Softmotive is a robotic process automation company that is another of the top providers of RPA in the United States. Its focus is on Quadrant Knowledge Solutions and it's a leader in this niche market. It achieved status as one of the top-ranked companies in this sphere in 2018. It leads the way in the technology sector offering its Digital Transformation Research Report for shared services. The company has been in operation since 2005, providing RPA, and helping to transform this industry with its technological advances. Softmotive is a contributor to the improvement of these technologies. Softmotive also provides desktop automation and enterprise automation products for web-based activities and desktop functions. The platform integrates data from Excel, MySQL, along with other data storage sources to automate the processes used by businesses and streamline operations. The ProcessRobot product is geared towards finance, banking, BPO, insurance, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, and others to provide robotic automation solutions for streamlining their operations. The broad and diverse product lines that Softmotive offers is just one of the factors leading to its success in the RPA industry. Its continual evolution has helped Softmotive to advance in the development of new products. This is what helps them to maintain their edge as a leader in RPA. They're one of the top-performing companies in this niche of the technology universe.

Final thoughts

Robot Process Automation is the technology that works behind the scenes whenever you use a laptop, business program, or most types of software. Whenever a process is repeated to run a program or perform a series of automated tasks, the technology is in action. The companies that specialize in the improvement of RPA tech are the heroes. They are the ones that make the lives of business owners and individuals run more smoothly, even though most of us are not aware of it. These companies are not likely to go anywhere but upwards. The technology that they provide is the stuff that the world has come to depend on. We look to them for continued solutions to create more efficient systems for our business and personal use.

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Written by Allen Lee

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