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20 Things You Didn't Know about Doctolib

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Doctolib is a company which offers what it calls, "software-as-a-service" assistance to healthcare providers in France, Germany and Italy. Originally a French startup, it has already planted seeds in both Germany and Italy with ambitions of connecting all of Europe. Doctolib is extremely successful in the medical community and as of March 2022, has a valuation of approximately $6.4 billion in U.S. dollars. What makes this software so useful, is that it serves to relieve medical personnel of administrative duties. It might not seem like a lot, but when one adds it up, healthcare providers spend much time dealing with administrative tasks when they should be devoting themselves to their patients. All tolled, over 60 million people have used Doctolib, with more signing up every day. Not only does Doctolib see itself expanding throughout Europe in the near future, but it also intends to use the money raised via funding to develop more products all designed to make the life of both patient and healthcare professional easier.

1. In 2016 French President Macron Recognized Doctolib as One of the Foremost Businesses in France

In 2016, Macron mentioned Doctolib as one of the more successful startups. He considered this as a turning point in France, where people were feeling proud of their business startups. as he stated in his speech that for the first time, ambition is starting to sound good in France. In other words, their culture is beginning to look at those who hold ambitions, such as the co-founders of Doctolib, as helping to turn France into a world-class competitor in the world of startups.

2. Doctolib Serves over 300,000 Medical Service Providers

Currently, this young startup is being used by well over 300,000 medical service providers. These service providers include psychologists, doctors, pharmacies, dentists and more who find Doctolib's "software as a service" philosophy spot on then it comes to sharing private medical data in a safe and secure manner.

3. People In France Utilize Doctolib's Platform During Covid-19

It seems that Doctolib's platform received a boost during the pandemic. When it came to find locations which offered vaccinations, most people in France chose to use Doctolib. The same was said of citizens searching or pharmacies or doctors. In other words, Doctolib assisted in helping people make appointments with the health care professionals they needed in an efficient and friendly manner.

4. Doctolib Releases Doctolib Medecin

Before Doctolib released Doctolib Medecin, health care professionals had to perform administrative tasks the old fashioned way. However, once the application was launched and made available to the public, Doctolib Medecin took over and organized documents or each patient. This meant to health care professionals could examine a persons health history as well as send out invoices all from one place. According to the companies Managing Director, Arthur Tirion, “We started working on it three years ago. We thought we would start from scratch compared to what’s available. It is being used by a bit more than 2,000 doctors right now.”

5. Doctolib Does Not Monetize Patient Data

If you're concerned as to whether your private health care records will be used to generate income for Doctolib, don't be. Doctolib does not use patient's health care records as a source of income. Instead, Doctolib exists solely on the income generated from the money received from health care professionals subscription dollars.

6. In March 2022, Doctolib Announced a New Funding Round

Doctolib proclaimed that it's entering a funding round. Because of this funding round, Doctolib is now worth approximately $6.4 billion dollars. What does this mean for the company? It means that it's now the most valuable startup in France. Not bad for a new startup. The companies involved in this funding round are Bpiffrance, Eurazeo and General Atlantic.

7. Doctolib Plans for its Future

As stated in the introduction, Doctolib is currently being used by over 60 million people in France, Italy and Germany. In order to handle its growth, Doctolib is considering hiring more staff, going from 2,500 to 6,000 workers over the next span of 5 years. It also has it's eye on adding more cities, taking the total to 30 very soon. Because of their success, Doctolib's vision now includes bursting forth from its administrative task duties and adding new SaaS products which includes telehealth.

8. In 2018 Doctolib Added Telemedicine to its Roster

Telemedicine had always been illegal in France. However, once the rules changed, Doctolib jumped at the opportunity to add telemedicine to its rapidly growing roster of services. Telemedicine refers to the act of visiting your physician remotely, rather than in person. Before, patients using Doctolib to locate doctors in their area and schedule a face-to-face appointment with them were not able to schedule a remote visit, after all, sometimes that's all you need. But now, they can schedule remote visits, which saves each party much in the way of time and energy expended.

9. Doctolib Refuses to Use Marketing Cookies

Healthcare data is very personal to most people. No one wants people to know their healthcare history, and Doctolib wants to let people know that they understand this and do whatever they can to keep your data confidential. Doctolib will never use cookies to collect user data. They believe that the healthcare data of their users should be secure, private and never used for profit.

10. Doctolib's Instant Messaging Service, Doctolib Team is Launched

In today's fast-paced world, getting information from point A to point B is crucial when dealing with patients and other health related issues. As such, Doctolib developed its very own instant messaging service with the purpose of assisting healthcare professionals coordinate information. Doctolib Team helps healthcare workers not only to message one another, but also share documents, contact patients and have real-time meetings which revolve around specific healthcare cases, and more.

11. In 2021, The Council of State Reinforces That Doctolib Protects Patient Privacy

We've already discussed that with Doctolib, your patient information is not for sale. But for those of you still on the fence, know that the Council of State has confirmed that Doctolib does live up to their claim of protecting client information. As a result, they've certified Doctolib as a "Health Data Host" or HDS host. They are now on the Ministry of Solidarity and Health's list of certified medical information hosts.

12. In 2020 Doctolib Stopped Malicious Malware From Attacking Its System

In 2020, on July 21, Doctolibs cyber security specialists prevented an attack against Doctolib. The attack was directed solely regarding appointments. Since the appointment data included the patients full name and contact information, it was critical that it be stopped before it did any damage, which it was. As a result no health care data, patient data was stolen. Doctolib notified any companies which might have been affected by this, as well as law enforcement.

13. Doctolib Sits Amid the Best Three Healthcare Providers Regarding Medical Consultations in the World

Now that's an accomplishment! This means that during the pandemic, Doctolib's video medical consultation numbers increased substantially. The result was Doctolib becoming one of the 3 top consultation companies in the world. The boost in numbers was the results of Doctolib offering their service for free to German and French physicians, which encouraged the service surpassing 2.5 million online appointments.

14. Doctolib Acquired Tanker in January of 2022

Tanker is responsible for the creation of software that allows tech companies who deal in healthcarel to ensure the privacy of medical data. Tanker specializes in end-to-end encryption of data, thereby providing all involved with a secure environment when it comes to sharing data. Tanker's name will change, but by teaming up with Doctolib, they will be able to expand their services at a greater pace and scope.

15. Doctolib CEO Stanislas Niox-Chateau is Driven by the Desire to Make the World a Better Place

Doctolib CEO and co-founder Stanislas Niox-Chateau began Doctolib with the vision of making the world a little better for people. Indeed, assisting people in need with regards to their health care concerns is at the top of the list for most. For all intents and purposes, Stanislas succeeded in his initial vision. Today, Doctolib has assisted millions of people find health care professionals and make appointments with those professionals, not to mention making video consultations a reality. In 2021, gave praise to his school, HEC Paris, as giving him the education he needed to achieve his dreams.

16. In 2018 Doctolib Acquired MonDocteur

On July 12, 2018 Doctolib expanded its reach by acquiring MonDocteur. According to Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Doctolib cofounder and CEO, Joining our forces with MonDocteur will enable us to invest more in our products and services and, above all, in our teams. This is the very beginning of the adventure. With the two most recent such acquisitions, Dottori and Tanker, Doctolib is that much closer to realizing its dream of becoming a European e-medical powerhouse while making life easier for health professionals and their patients.

17. Germany was Selected as the Second Country to Add to Doctolib's Services

Doctolib's mission is to change the face of healthcare in the whole of Europe. The second country to be added to Doctolib was Germany. This was a logistcal choice as Germany holds the biggest market in Europe for Doctorlib's services. For instance, in 2017 Germany had over 400,000 doctors. As a result, when funding was received, Docotolib chose Germany. In Germany Doctolib is viewed as a 100 percent German company with offices in Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne.

18. The Pandemic Caused A Surge in Teleconsultations in Just a Matter of Days

In March of 2020, the face of medical consultation in France, Germany and Italy changed forever. On March 14, 2020 Doctolib had 4 percent of the medical teleconsultation business. However, by March 18, 2020 their share increased to a whopping 18 percent. According to Doctolib CEO and co-founder, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, “Thousands of requests have been pouring in since last week. And we've been equipping between a thousand and two thousand new doctors every hour since Monday. In an emergency and since the start of confinement, the tool is being taken over by general practitioners, in particular to quickly assess the seriousness of the cases they are facing."

19. In 2019 Doctolib Became a Unicorn

In the business world, the term "unicorn" refers to any private startup which obtains a value of $1 billion dollars. The term was coined by venture capitalist Aileen Lee who noticed that startups accruing a value of $1 billion were few and far between, so were akin to the mythical unicorn. In 2019, Doctolib raised 150 million in Euros, which meant that the company had a valuation of over 1 billion Euros. Hence, Doctolib had become one of those few and far between private startups to attain the mythical status of the Unicorn. Funding was lead by the General Atlantic Investment Fund, Bpifrance, Kernel, Accel and Eurazeo.

20. Doctolib is the First e-Health Service in Europe

Doctolib's mission is to team up with health care professionals, clinics and hospitals to improve patient care and communication. To do this, they've partnered software and service which work in tandem to accomplish this. Patients can also find physicians, make appointments and engage in teleconsultations via video. According to CEO and co-founder, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, “Our missions have been the same since day one: making our healthcare system more human, efficient, and connected and building a company of several thousand people sharing the same humanist values".

Final Thoughts

When it comes right down to it, Doctolib's success can be attributed to CEO and co-founder Stanislas Niox-Chateau's vision of creating an improved patient/healthcare provider experience, along with the drive and ambition to unite such services throughout all of Europe. Celebrated by medical professionals, patients and President of France, Macron, Doctolib continues to strive to develop additional products with which to enhance the healthcare experience in Europe. Everything from telemedicine, teleconsultation, instant messaging, and administrative tasks has made life much easier for those who engage in medical professional/patient relationships. It remains to be seen how far this French startup will go, but for now it looks as if the sky's the limit for Doctolib.

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