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10 Things You Didn't Know About Teeling Whiskey


Teeling Whiskey is a label that is produced by the Teeling Distillery, or Dublin, Ireland. It's a brand that is set apart from others for numerous reasons. The brand may be relatively new but it has a rich and storied past that is well worth retelling. It makes the spirits within the bottles even more interesting. For your entertainment, information, and enjoyment, here are 10 things about Teeling Whiskey you probably didn't know, by might find fascinating.

1. The Teeling Whiskey distillery is a new establishment from an old tradition

According to the Huffington Post, The Teeling Whiskey Company opened its doors for business in 2013. In its current iteration, the company has only been around for less than two decades. While it's a new business, there is a lot more to the story that makes it so interesting.

2. Teeling Whiskey is a Phoenix

The Teeling Whiskey logo sums up the history of the company. It is a phoenix that is known for rising from the ashes. The original Teeling Whiskey distillery has a history that dates back to the year 1782. That is the year that the first distillery was set up near the premises, not far from ti current location. The company is a resurrection of the company that goes back more than two hundred years.

3. Teeling Whiskey made history

When Teeling distillery opened a new distillery near the location of the company from the 1700s era, it made history in the city of Dublin, Ireland. There had not been a single new distillery established in a long time. Teeling is the first in a long stretch of 125 to open its doors as a new whiskey-producing establishment. This gives the company a unique place in the history of Dublin whiskey production. It is a resurrection of the former whiskey producers, adhering to the traditions for whiskey distilling that began production of whiskey in 1976, breaking the long gap in the emergence of new distilleries.

4. Jack and Stephen Teeling founded the company

The Teeling Whiskey Company was established by Jack and Stephen Teeling. The two are brothers. John Teeling is the former owner of the Cooley Whiskey Company. He sold it to Beam in 2011 and was out of the whiskey business. Just when he thought he ws done with whiskey distilling, his sons Jack and John, along with other investors decided it would be a good idea to open the Teeling Distillery and keep the tradition going, according to Whisky Cast. They're keeping the whiskey-making business all in the family.

5. The original Teeling Distilling Company is ancestral

Here is another interesting at that few people know about Teeling Whiskey. They founded the label on ancestral traditions that have been in the family for centuries. Walter Teeling found the original Teeling distillery in 1782. The resurrection of a company started by this distant relative lends more meaning to the company's logo. A phoenix is a logo that symbols rebirth. The Teeling brothers bear the same surname as their founding relative. There is something magical about the rebirth of their family tradition. It has strengthened over the centuries, carried on by their father, and now through them. They're but a stone's throw from the original locale of the first distillery, according to Wikipedia.

6. Teeling Distillery was the subject of a documentary

The story of the new Teeling Whiskey Company, aka the Teeling Distillery, was big news in Dublin, Ireland, and in other parts of the world. They started building the new site, just a few roads over from its origins. Filming crews were present. The name of the documentary was "Whiskey Business." They aired it in four parts as a documentary mini-series aired in 2015, telling the story of the Teeling family and their role in the whiskey industry in Dublin, Ireland.

7. Teeling Whiskeys have a unique distilling process

Some secrets of the Teeling Whiskey distilling processes remain a secret, while they publicly disclosed others. They produce all with a 46% ABV. They are non-chill filtered and made in various styles. The specifications of the processes contribute to the uniqueness of each label produced by the brand.

8. Teeling produces eight variations of whiskey

The Teeling Whiskey Company produces eight different whiskeys, all unique and discernable one from the other. The Small Batch whiskey gets its finishing in barrels previously used for rum distillation. Teeling Single Grain matures in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from California. They made Teeling Single Pot Still of mash with half and half malted and unmalted barley. It ages over three years in barrels previously used for Muscat. Teeling Single Malt has maturations shifting among five different wine cask types, including Cabernet Sauvignon, White Burgundy, Madeira, Sherry, and Port.

9. Teeling offers aged whiskeys

Some whiskeys under the Teeling label age for decades. Teeling The Revival is a 13-year-old whiskey that spends 12 years in casks previously used for bourbon, then spends a year in containers formerly used for Calvados. It's a complex process. They age the Teeling Vintage Reserve 24 years as a single malt. The oldest is the Teeling Vintage Reserve 33-Year-old Single Malt. Teeling also has a new clear spirit following the Irish distilling tradition called Teeling Spirit of Dublin Poitin with an ABV between 50 to 50.2%.

10. Teeling is an award-winning distillery

Although the new iteration of the Teeling distillery has not been around for long, it has enjoyed its fair share of recognition for a job well done. The whiskeys produced by the brand have won several notable awards. It's no surprise with such a longstanding family tradition. It won Best Irish Single Malt for its Teeling Single Malt and its 24-Year-Old Single Malt. The Teeling Single Grain also won an award for Best Irish Single Grain. The family carries on a unique centuries-old tradition of producing whiskey, and that heritage helps to promote the quality and confidence in the Teeling brand.

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