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20 Things You Didn't Know About Andela


Andela is an American company that identifies and develops software developers. It is a key player in the technology industry that seeks out software developers on a global scale to identify talent and add them to their network that connects companies with engineering professionals, to enhance the supply in emerging markets. If you're not yet familiar with this company, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Andela that you might find interesting.

1. Andela has been around for 7 years

According to Wikipedia, Andela is still a fairly young startup that has only been in operation for seven years. The company was founded in 2014 by four original entrepreneurs who were involved in the business of online education and recruitment. They were joined by two additional co-founders before the launch of the business. They were familiar with how technology hubs work to help North American companies find the talent they need to grow their tech operations.

2. Andela is a global company

Although Andela is based in the United States, it is a global company that also has offices throughout Africa. The founders of the company became aware of shortages of software developers in African countries, which led to establishing companies in Nigeria in 2014, shortly after the company was founded. since that time, Andela has also opened campuses in other African countries including Kenya and Ghana. In November of 2018, the first office in Rwanda was officially opened.

3. Andela is a versatile company

According to Crunchbase, Andela is listed across five industries on the internet. It is a consulting company that provides direction for companies in search of tech and engineering professionals. This also qualifies it as a Human Resources business. It is also classified as a Business-to-Business Information Technology Software provider, which neatly covers its classification among five various industry sectors. The American headquarters for Andela is in New York, New York.

4. Andela is diversity spotlighted

Andela is a diversity spotlight company in the USA only. It falls under the category of Women Founded, as well as Black/African American Founded categories. The founders of Andela are Brice Steven Nkengsa, Christina Sass, Ian Carnevale, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Jeremy Johnson, and Nadayar Enegesi. These six dynamic individuals helped to identify the problem of a shortage of software developers and engineers in key areas of the globe. The plan that they developed to solve the problem resulted in the launch of Andela.

5. Andela uses a complex array of technology for its website

The Andela website is powered by a complicated orchestration of technologies. It actively uses 105 technologies that are distributed across 84 technology products and services. Some of these include iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Meta, jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, and dozens of others. Although the company has not disclosed the annual cost for IT we estimate that it is either close to a million dollars per year or more because of the vast number of technology products and services required to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience when visiting the website.

6. Andela maintains an edge over its competitors

Andela is a unique company that offers services that are not like any of its rivals. It has secured one registered trademark in the advertising business category. This gives it the sole legal right to use intellectual property. None of its rivals can legally use this trademarked property which makes Andela stand out from the rest.

7. Interest in Andela is high

The analytics report for Andela over the past 30 days shows that there is a high volume of traffic to the website. The average number of monthly visits to the website is 256,621. This number has resulted in Andela receiving the ranking of number 178,757 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

8. Andela is the most popular in Nigeria

Even though Andela is an American company, the statistics for the website show that it is the most often visited by people who live in the country of Nigeria. Thirty-five percent of all the web traffic over the past thirty days has been from visitors from this country. Nineteen percent of the web traffic is from Keny, with a 49.62 percent increase in monthly visits. Eleven percent of the web traffic is from Argentina. Nine percent of the visitors to the Andela website are from the United States with a monthly visits growth of 41,96 percent. Six percent of the visitors are from Egypt.

9. Andela has a core executive leadership team of 8 members

The core executive leadership team at Andela is comprised of eight members. Jeremy Johnson is co-founder and chief executive officer. Isaac Itenberg is the chief financial officer Wambui Kinya is the vice president, partner engineering. Sabba Nazhand is the director of sales. Kirsten Canton is the vice president and deputy general counsel. Melissa Feldman is the head of people. Faith Ng'etich is a software developer. Adegbenga Adeye is the technical account manager.

10. Andela has a 12-member board of directors

The board of directors at Andela is made up of twelve members. Four of them have chosen to remain anonymous. Blair Miller joined the board of directors in 2014. She founded one organization snd currently serves on one board of directors in an advisory role. Nancy Pfund is a board observer. She is a founder and managing partner at DBL Partners. She founded one organization and currently serves on eleven boards of directors in advisory roles. Lydia Jett is a partner at SoftBank Vision Fund with five portfolio companies. She currently serves on seven boards of directors in advisory roles. Hakeem Belo-Osagie is chairman of Metis Capital Partners. He currently serves on one board of directors as an advisor. Vivian Wu joined the board in May of 2015. She is a managing partner of Ventures for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. She currently serves on nine boards of directors in advisory roles. Amy Klement joined the board as an observer in September of 2014. She is a managing partner at Imaginable Futures. She currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles. Pule Taukobong is a founding partner at CRE Venture Capital. He founded one organization and currently serves on three boards of directors in advisory roles. Jeremy Johnson is a member of the board. He is a co-founder and CEO t Andela. He has founded four organizations and currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles.

11. Andela is a late-stage venture capital-funded organization

Andela has participated in ten rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series E funding closed on September 29, 2021. The total amount raised over the ten rounds is $381 million. The most recent investors to join in the efforts are Spark Capital and Generation Investment Management.

12. Investor confidence in Andela is high

Anela is supported financially by a total of 45 investors. Five of them are lead investors. In addition to Spark Captial and Generation Investment Management, the investors include Whale Rock Capital Management, SoftBank Vision Fund, also a lead investor, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Social Impact Capital, TLcom Capital Partners, GV, Aera Venture Capital, and dozens of others.

13. Andela is a privately held organization

Andela is a privately owned and operated company. This is why you won't find shares of Andela stock offered on any of the public stock exchanges. The owners decided not to take the company public at this time, but rather, to opt for funding for growth and expansion through private investors. Their choice has been suitable for the needs of the company as it has grown and thrived under the current conditions. The nature of its agreements with investors has not been publicly disclosed.

14. Andela is a unicorn company

According to TechCrunch, Andela has surpassed the magic number that allows it to join an elite group of companies. After the most recent round of fundraising, the company now has a valuation of $1.5 billion. This is half a billion more than the required amount to join the exclusive group of businesses worth at least $1 billion, called unicorns. The September 29, 2021 round of series E funding brought in an additional $200 million from investor SoftBank.

15. Andela is good for local communities

According to LinkedIn, Andela is a major employer in the communities where it is present. The company employs 1,318 workers throughout its various locations. It is a major employer. The company is currently advertising for more workers to build its infrastructure and expand its operations yet further. the global company has multiple openings throughout the world.

16. Andela has 130 job openings

While we were researching to learn more about Andela, we noticed that the company has listed 130 new job opportunities. Several of the positions are for senior-level positions in the United States. Some are in at the New York headquarters, and others are for remote positions that only require residency within the United States. This is how Andela has responded to the current Covid-19 pandemic. They offer a large number of remote jobs that allow their employees to work from their homes instead of coming into the office.

17. Andela is expanding its operations in Africa

Andela has several jobs open for Nigeria, and in various locations throughout South Africa. From the number of new positions being offered, it appears that the company is expanding its presence within the United States as well as through Africa. We observed several remote positions open in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and other places throughout the world. There are also jobs open in London, England, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. We were impressed to learn that the company is hiring in Central and South America, as well as in the United Kingdom. Andela is moving its operations into a broader global strategy to penetrate the markets in Europe as well as other parts of the world.

18. Jeremy Johnson is a Princeton alumnus and serial entrepreneur

Jeremy Johnson is a founder of Andela. He is a graduate of the prestigious Princeton University. He attended the school for three years, winning the undergraduate and alumni business plan competitions. He was awarded funding for his startup which was a social network that required him to take the offer and build the business. While at Princeton he was a member of the Ivy Club. Mr. Johnson has founded four companies which qualifies him as a serial entrepreneur. He has built each of the companies into thriving businesses. The most recent company he co-founded is Andela with his partners.

19. Christina Sass is a Tufts graduate

Christina Sass is a co-founder of Adela. She attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. She studied international law and diplomacy. She earned her master's degree in the discipline in 2009. Previously, she attended the University of Georgia where she earned her bachelors' degree. She studied philosophy, English literature, and the German language at the institution, graduating in 2002. She served as an advisor to the president and chief executive officer of The Mastercard Foundation for just over two years. She is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is a non-partisan think tank and publisher. She also serves on multiple boards in advisory roles.

20. Nadayar Enegesi is a serial entrepreneur

Nadayar Enegesi is a co-founder of Andela. He is also the co-founder and chief executive officer of Eden Life, Inc, a tech company he launched in April of 2019, after founding Andela. He also co0funded and served as the director for Launchpad, as well as Learning and Development, and Engineering and Training, all arms of Andela, for which he is credited. These branches are located in various parts of Africa. Nadayar brings years of technical and business experience with him to Andela.

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