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20 Things You Did Not Know About Getir


Getir is a rising retail technology firm that is based in Turkey. Recently, it was valued at 2.6 billion dollars, which rendered it one of the earliest unicorns in Turkey. This term refers to startups that have a net worth of more than one billion. The company started operating in London in February 2021. According to Tuncay Tutek, Getir’s co-founder, this world means bring/get in Turkish, and the reason is that it should become a company that operates on a 24-hour basis. One major function of the app is delivering groceries to the doorsteps of its customers within ten minutes. This is a unique service provided across Turkey. In an interview that TRT World held with one of the company’s founders Tuncay Tutek, they discussed its story, the Turkish startup ecosystems, and aspirations. The following are 20 things you need to know about Getir.

1. It started with 5 co-founders

The company's co-founders are Serkan Borancili and Nazim Salur, who worked at Bitaksi, a ride-hailing application founded by Salur and Borancili. The other cofounder Dogancan Dalyan who also worked with Bitaksi. The other ones include Mert Salur, who is Nazim Salur’s son, who joined the company once he completed his studies in the United States. When Nazim thought of his idea, he informed Borancili about it. They deliver cabs in three minutes anywhere in the city. They thought about delivering groceries in ten minutes. Borancili took the idea. The co-founders are still together because they are united by purpose, which was to be a Turkish global firm that introduces innovations ahead of time. They trust and love their nation. They have great respect for the people of their country. They find it essential to take the platform that Turkish software engineers built global, beginning in the UK.

2. They are knowledgeable concerning problem-solving

The founders get into problems sometimes. Their opinions differ among themselves at times. In such situations, the main aim is to make Getir a global brand. Since our north star did not change, they pursued what was in the best interest of their business. The other reason they started was not to make money. If that was their goal, they would have accepted many offers to sell the firm. They began the business to succeed. Money usually follows sound business practices. They have aimed for success, and that is what kept them together for many years.

3. The founders still own sixty percent of the firm

It was not easy for the founders to own sixty percent of the firm. However, they have the willpower to face challenges. They had some undervalued offers and challenges. Thankfully, their families always supported them. Their partners and suppliers have been understanding. In return, they did not delay any of their payments, even during the day. They continued the business with integrity until now. When a company stands strong for many years, people comprehend that they cannot purchase the property cheaply.

4. They started Getir ahead of time

In their interviews, the founders state that it is essential to work on the right ideas to succeed. In terms of ideas, they began the firm at a time when people were not ready. Customers in Turkey had not had the opportunity to order groceries online in 2014. In a way, they created a market as first movers. They did not want latecomers to capture their market share. When the company began, the first question they got was why it was necessary to deliver in ten minutes. The average time for delivering groceries was between one day and a week. They reduced that into hours, not minutes. They then said that they would deliver in thirty minutes instead of ten. Delivering the products within 10 minutes was significant for customers because it means right away. Fast delivery is a competitive advantage, and they could retain it even when competitors established their business.

The first years were difficult because the penetration of smartphones in Turkey was between sixty and seventy percent in 2015. Currently, the market is flooded with smartphones. It wasn't easy to get people to pay through credit cards. They did not want o pay upfront with their credit cards. Credit card penetration was not also that high. These were the winds they needed to sail against it.  They saw that the early adopters they follow closely and adapt easily to technological trends appreciated their product. It was a vital indicator for them. They believed that the people who appreciated and utilized the service would increase it in the future. When Apple produced smartphones for the first time, they were the first in their category. Yet, due to the study loyalty of early adopters, they dominate the market today. Similarly, Getir was established at a time when no other such company was around. However, the founders invested heavily in marketing. All it took was to let customers experience fast delivery for the first time. They changed that customer habit by creating aggressive advertisement campaigns.

5. They created the market end to end with their customer base

They invented the 10-minute delivery concept in the world. At times, they get the question of how delivering within ten minutes is an invention. It was a different concept compared to digital supermarkets, which deliver during particular times of the day or after. Their goal was to provide the services to the customers within ten minutes, working backward to architect their software infrastructure and operations.

6. They are confident that their competitive advantage is sufficient

Delivering groceries in ten minutes was a great value proposition, and they had highly-established competitors in London. Operational expenses in Europe are much higher due to the higher salaries of employees and operational staff. The company’s competitive edge is that they have originated the concept and they had several years of experience. Some firms are attempting to position themselves around ten-minute delivery. The company has about four hundred warehouses in Turkey and twenty in London, and for now, they have a few million customers. This is different from managing thousands of customers and several warehouses. Getir was established as a technology company, and they have accumulated a lot of data which automates several processes in the firm. This includes customer segmentation, where to open warehouses, and predicting demand. Combining their learning in Turkey and the UK, they are expanding into Netherlands, Germany, and France.

7. The company has competitors in Europe

Companies such as Gorillas and Dija offer to deliver products within ten minutes. When it comes to their competition, customers continue using delivery services. They use Getir’s services for their top-up shopping, and once they experience delivery within 10 minutes, they become their recurring customers. The company now has tens of thousands of customers in London, and at times, the same customers will order deliveries ten to twenty times with the firm. People living in London got used to them and are ready to compete with other companies.

8. The company has expertise in the retail

Experts advise companies to invest in areas where they have a competitive advantage. Getir has expertise in retail because Nazim Salur had worked from Bitaksi within the three minutes ride-hailing application. Furthermore, Serkan Borancili founded gittigidiyor an investor in Bitaksi, a leading ecommerce platform in Turkey, bought eBay. He joined the firm both as an investor and founder. He was one of the largest investors in the company. They invested all they had in the company, but they did not have much to invest. Dogan brought his advanced software while Mert brought his extrovert personality and dynamism, which they used to build their system architecture. They also continued to build themselves along with the firm. They continuously learned and read new things and took risks. That’s how they developed their competitive edge as they managed the firm.

9. The investors motivate themselves

Many people who invest in companies are in their 20s and 30s, but research has revealed that most people who succeed in establishing startups are in their forties. There is a tradeoff between energy and experience. As experienced entrepreneurs, they motivate themselves and stay energized by working day and night. Since the company has started a global expansion, they manage operations across many time zones.

10. They advise startup founders to be more efficient

Everyone has ideas for starting a business. What matters most is executing it. The capability to execute, patience, and financial strength are essential. They require more individuals in the technology space. They recommend that startup founders will go after inefficiencies and use technology to solve them. This is a great way to create value. According to Yahoo Finance, Getir has reached an agreement to secure over $100 million in investment to finance growth in Britain. In a funding round, the company was valued at over $800 million.

11. It works easily

To use Getir, you need to select the things you want and place an order. After that, you can relax and track your order. The company delivers to certain areas in London zones one and two. We’ll soon be expanding all over London and then to major cities in the UK.

12. When to place orders

You can place your order anytime between 8 am and midnight. This includes all meals in addition to pre-workout snacks or late-night feasts. Basically, you can order groceries anytime you want. The company also delivers alcohol, but the hours can be more restrictive based on the location from where you are ordering.

13. Getir sells more than 1,000 products

The company sells dog food, detergent, phone chargers, condoms, crisps, phone chargers, and formula milk. Categories include alcohol, dairy, meat, baby, pets, bakeries, soft drinks, ice cream, and snacks.

14. Ordering is efficient

You can order as many items as possible, as long as the volume/weight is safe for couriers to deliver. If you want to cancel your order, you should reach out to the firm’s customer-friendly team whether your order is delivered or not, and they will provide you with all the options.

15. Getir accepts different payment methods

The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Diners, China UnionPay, Bancontact, Hipercard, Elo, Discover, Cartes BAncaires, Bancontact, and Korean cards. Unfortunately, the company does not accept bitcoin because it is too volatile.

16. The company accepts feedback

After using the company’s services, you can rate their courier application after your order is delivered. Feel free to add some comments. The company is always ready to know what it can do better. Their couriers love to hear if they have made the customer happy.

17. It can deliver to self-isolating people

Getir delivers food even to ill people. Its delivery system is contact-free. Therefore, their couriers can drop off your order at the doorstep during delivery. Just inform them where you are located, and you will receive your order. The company’s couriers ring the doorbell and wait for customers to pick up their order.

18. It has put measures in place to protect customers from the coronavirus

The company is strict when it comes to the health of its customers and couriers. They place people first at Getir. They are required to put on masks while making deliveries. They clean warehouses routinely. Warehouse operators and couriers will self-isolate if they test positive for the coronavirus. They also pay their workers as they are isolating.

19. The company has an excellent support team

Getir usually lists products that are out of stock. If a product gets out of stock, the speedy support team gets in touch immediately. If you ordered a product and it gets substituted, it is not an issue since they have a time inventory. If you have a problem with your order, call the brilliant support team, and they will endeavor to place a smile on your face.

20. The company does not offer delivery slots

The firm offers super-fast delivery and does not create delivery slots. To check if the company delivers to your area or not, add your address to the Getir application. It makes safe deliveries through a network of couriers using e-scooters and e-bikes.

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