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20 Things You Didn't Know about Ultrahuman


Ultrahuman is a metabolic fitness platform that is committed to help users improve their metabolism and achieve their fitness goals. They also specialize in mindfulness and self-growth. Here are 20 things about the company that you do not know.

1. They Were Founded In 2020

Ultrahuman was founded in 2020, and the company has achieved a lot since this time. It is the largest fitness technology firm in India and its products are used all over the world. There is a real feeling at the company that they are just getting started and that there is a lot more for them to achieve. They are still a relatively small company in terms of employees because they have an ethos of small teams working together to get the best results.

2. Mohit Kumar Is The CEO Of The Company

Mohit Kumar is the co-founder of Ultrahuman, and he also serves as the CEO. He wanted to create a company that focused on healthcare, but did not have any of the negative associations that sometimes come with this term, such as illness and hospitals. He also told Blume that he wants the ethos of the way the company worked to be different. Rather than having a structure that felt corporate, he compared it to that of a sports team. There is no real hierarchy as such and everyone has a role that is fundamental to the overall success of the team.

3. Mohit Kumar And Vatsal Singhal Had Worked Together At Runnr

Kumar had previously worked with the other founder, Vatsal Singhal, at Runnr. They developed a good working relationship here, which they both felt they could put to good use with their own company. Runnr was a logistics firm that used technology to improve all sections of the supply chain. It was acquired by food delivery firm Zomato in 2018 but the two men continued to work there for over 12 months before leaving to found Ultrahuman. Founding Ultrahuman was a complete change of direction for the pair, but ultimately it was a gamble that paid off.

4. They Are Based In Bangalore

The headquarters of the company are in Bangalore. This is seen as an up and coming city as technology becomes a growing industry in the country, and is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. It is the second fastest growing metropolis in India, and is the ideal location for a company that wants to keep expanding. Although they sell their products in countries all over the world, if a waiting list needs to be created because of the demand for these products, then people living in India will be given priority.

5. Luke Coutinho Has Devised A Program For The Company

The company have worked closely with Luke Coutinho. He is a life coach who believes that changes in lifestyle can be just as effective as medications when you are ill. He collaborated with Ultrahuman to create the Lifestyle Flow Program. This is a set of practices that should be completed in the morning, during meals, before meals and in the evening. The program can be followed for 14 days and helps people make small lifestyle changes to improve their overall health.

6. They Run Q&A Sessions On Their Facebook Page

It is very important to Ultrahuman that they interact with the people who are using their products. A quick scan of their Facebook page shows that they post on a regular basis. One of the most popular features on the page is the Q and A sessions that they hold. People can ask questions by sending a direct message and then these questions are answered during the sessions. The topics covered are not just fitness related, but can be about improving all aspects of your well-being, such as how to get enough good quality sleep.

7. The Ultrahuman M1 Patch Was One Of The First Products Launched By The Company

One of the first products that the company launched was the wearable Ultrahuman M1 Patch. This is a small device that is placed directly on the skin, usually on the upper arm. It has a needle that will need to be inserted into your harm, but this should not cause any pain. This enables the sensor to monitor your glucose levels in real time. Users can then scan the sensor with their smart phone after each meal to get a better understanding of the foods that cause their blood sugar to rise, enabling them to make changes to their diet if needed.

8. They Work Closely With Lauren Ziegler

Lauren Ziegler is another fitness personality that does a lot of work with Ultrahuman. She is a meditation specialist that focuses on helping people create a sense of well-being. Many of the people she works with engage her services because they want to improve the quality of their sleep. This is also something that Ultrahuman believe is essential to overall well-being. She has created a guide for Ultrahuman users to falling asleep easily that is based on Yoga Nidra practices.

9. They Launched The Metabolic Ring In 2022

The second piece of wearable tech that the company launched was the Metabolic Ring. Tech Crunch explain that the ring can help users find out more information about their metabolic health. It is less invasive than the M1 Patch because there is no needle, you just wear it like you would a normal ring. There are sensors that measure heart rate, movement and temperature. It can also monitor stress levels and quality of sleep. The purpose of the ring is to help you optimise your metabolism.

10. Vatsal Singhal Owns The Patent For The Metabolic Ring

The patent for the Metabolic Ring is held by Vatsal Singhal. This is another example of how Singhal and Kumar have skills that complement each other. Kumar already had a reputation as being something of an entrepreneur before Ultrahuman was founded because of the achievements he had made throughout his career. Kumar has the business brain of the relationship and Singhal has the technical knowledge which is needed to keep developing new products so that the company can continue to grow.

11. The Ring And The M1 Patch Can Be Used Together

The Metabolic Ring has been designed to work alongside the M1 Patch and the two devices together can give a complete overview of metabolic health. The ring has been designed to give information that builds on the data you get from the M1 Patch. You are able to use the two devices together to get a better understanding of what factors other than food can be behind changes in your blood sugar, such as poor sleep or high levels of stress. However, if you do not have an M1 Patch, then the Metabolic Ring can still be used as a standalone tracker.

12. They Have A Health And Fitness Blog

The company run a health and fitness blog which can be found on their website. This is updated regularly and is a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve their health, whether they are using Ultrahuman devices or not. When you are on the home page of the blog, you can see that the posts are all organized into different topics. Some of the topics covered include nutrition, holistic health and metabolic health. There are also sections that tell the stories of how Ultrahuman tech has helped ordinary people and pro-athletes.

13 They Offer A Wellness And Fitness Subscription

They offer a subscription service which is based around fitness and wellness. This is most useful for people who have the wearable tech, but it can be used by anyone. The subscription gives access to content from some of the professionals that they work with. There is over 1000 hours of fitness content available to subscribers. Users with a subscription also get additional features from their wearable tech, such as metabolic fitness insights which are automatically delivered to your phone on a daily basis.

14. An App Is Available On iOS And Android

In order to get the most out of the tech and the subscription that Ultrahuman offers, it is recommended that people download the app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app makes it easy to access the data from the Ultrahuman devices because it means you have it at your fingertips on your phone. Those who are have subscriptions can access all the expert content that the subscription provides directly from the app. There are even bedtime stories which can help you fall into a deep sleep.

15. The M1 Patch Is More Commonly Called A Cyborg By Users

Users of the M1 Patch tend to refer to is as a cyborg. This is particularly the case when they are taking about it on social media. In some cases, they also refer to themselves as cyborgs as well. The term cyborg refers to humans who have extraordinary power or skill because of mechanical intervention. While this may sound ominous, News 18 explain that the device is a biosensor but it does not actually implant anything into your body.

16. They Have A Wall Of Love On Their Website

One of the most unique features on their website is the Wall Of Love. This is where they collect testimonials from happy customers and display them for visitors to the site to see. The majority of the testimonials talk about how people are able to use the information they get from their M1 Patch to make better decisions about what they eat and the exercise that they do. They also mention how the patch makes them more determined to keep working to improve their health even further.

17. They Have Their Own Podcast

They also produce and broadcast their own podcast. It is available on all of the most popular streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. On each episode of the podcast, they have a different guest who is an expert in their field. Examples include mindfulness coach Jana Mustad talking about anger management and personal trainer Marco Altini discussing how the Metabolic Ring can help you to regulate your heart rate variability. New episodes are released weekly on a Friday.

18. They Have Raised $25 Million In Funding

According to Crunchbase, the company took part in three rounds of funding. They raised $25 million through the first two rounds of funding. They have also undergone another round of funding since then, but the total raised is yet to be disclosed. It is likely that the majority of this money has been used to fund the development of their wearable products. There are 27 investors in the firm in total including Harsh Jain and Ishan Bansal Dean. Ishan Bansal Dean is the co-founder of investment firm Groww who has plenty of experience in investing in Indian tech firms, and so investing in Ultrahuman seemed like a natural choice.

19. They Completed The Acquisition Of Lazy Co In April 2022

In April 2022 Ultrahuman acquired the Indian tech company Lazy Co. From the name it may seem as if the company is at odds with everything Ultrahuman stands for. However, this is not the case. Lazy Co had developed a smart ring called Aina which automates everyday tasks such as booking taxis and sending messages and alerts. Ultrahuman have been able to build on this technology for their own Metabolic Ring, and give it more of a focus on health.

20. Anwar Shaikh Is The General Manager

Anwar Shaikh holds the position of general manager at the company. He is based in the United Arab Emirates and his appointment is part of an overall strategy to expand the company in the UAE markets. The Metabolic Ring will be launching in the country in 2023 and part of his role is to oversee all the marketing that is in place for this launch. Before this role he was the Chief Commercial Officer for RCS Sports and Events.

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