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20 Things You Didn't Know about JE Cleantech Holdings Limited

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JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is a company that provides cleaning systems for the market in Singapore. The company made business news recently with its successful IPO and entry into the stock market. If you're not yet familiar with this potential investment stock, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about JECleantech Holdings Limited to bring you up to speed.

1. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited has been around for a while

Benzinga confirms that JE Cleantech is an established cleaning company that has been in operation since its inception in 1999. The enterprise has been in business for 23 years as of 2022. It's been around long enough to surpass the make or break point and is quickly rising as a leader in the cleaning systems industry. JE Holdings started as a small company, working on building its foundation and establishing its roots in the cleaning industry. By 2005, it launched the core products and services of its business.

2. JE Cleantech does what its name suggests

JE Cleantech designs and develops cleaning systems. The enterprise also manufactures them and sells them in the Singapore area. It started with a base operation and continued expansion. In 2013, JE Cleantech added a new division in commercial dishwashing service for the food and beverage sector. It provides centralized dishwashing for hawker centers, eldercare homes, inflight catering service providers, restaurants, and food courts.

3. JE Cleantech Holdings has stable customer relations

JE Cleantech has a solid reputation with the communities it serves. The enterprise's consistency provides quality craftsmanship and innovations that help maintain friendly and solid relationships with consumers who use its products and services. The company's consistent customer-focused performance keeps its customers satisfied and coming back for repeat service. Staff realize the importance of customer service, transparency, and working through problems to the customer's satisfaction.

4. The company has opportunities for international expansion

JE Cleantech is a Singapore company that started its operation serving companies within its home country. The business recently established a new office in Malaysia in a move that launches its entry into the international market. It's garnered a sales market share of 27%, which is astronomical. The opportunities for further expansion into the Southeast Asia region look promising. JE Cleantech Holdings Inc is expanding into an international business where the sky is the limit.

5. JE Cleantech earned significant market recognition

A positive indicator for potential investors in JE Cleantech is its market recognition. It's a vetted company with a strong track record of providing precision cleaning in the industry for more than fifteen years. The company achieved the ranking of number five in the Singapore market.

6. JE Cleantech is advancing its technology

JE Cleantech began its company by offering consumers analog cleaning systems, which found a large audience in the Singapore region. It's come a long way in technological advancements with a move to automate its systems. The business is currently in the process of making the transition to robotic floor scrubbers. The addition of the new technology will lessen the necessity of human workers, save money on labor, and increase the bottom line. The robotic floor scrubbers will be used for public and commercial transportation uses.

7. JE Cleantech employs top-notch management

Another characteristic of the company is its rich human asset resource. The management team at JE Cleantech brings years of experience in the cleaning solutions industry. Their combined expertise in the industry supports the core business and helps solve problems quickly as they arise. JE Cleantech puts the right people in charge of management and the company reaps the benefits in productivity and efficiency in its operations and the services provided to consumers.

8. JE Cleantech was willing to take the risk on an IPO

We must recognize the bravery of the executive leadership team behind JE Cleantech. The enterprise is one of the few daring enough to continue with its plans for an initial public offering in the wake of the Russian conflict with Ukraine. The military conflict shook the foundations of the global order with uncertainty and the possibility of a failure at IPO. It's not always in the best interest of a private company to go public as the IPO could enhance the valuation of a company or take it down. After weighing the possibilities for success or failure, it pushed forward to complete the process, facing uncertainty in the market and going for the brass ring.

9. Analysts held back on JE Cleantech pre-IPO

Analysts were hesitant to venture their opinions about the chances of JE Cleantech's IPO succeeding in its goals. A few noted that the company's move toward automated cleaning systems could be profitable as the market for robotic vacuum cleaners is over $10 billion, increasing to more than $50 billion by 2029. Its move to a hands-free solution to clean public tarins autonomously and to clean cars, in the same manner, has a high potential for profitability. Further, its connections with the public transportation system in Singapore hold the promise of a bright financial future and revenue growth. That's as far as analysts were willing to go in issuing recommendations to potential investors. Their reticence neither supported investments in the pending IPO nor discouraged them. The situation was too tenuous to venture a solid opinion bout how to approach the issue given its obvious advantages and disadvantages.

10. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited announced its IPO in January 2022

IPO Scoop confirms that JE Cleantech Holdings Limited announced plans to go public in January 2022. Its initial public offering occurred on April 21, 2022. The enterprise opened selling with stock shares priced at $4. It sold 3.75 million shares with 3 million offered by the company and 750,000 from a stockholder selling shares. The total amount raised was $15 million. The target was $12 million, so JE Cleantech had a positive experience on its first day of trading. It's listed on the exchange under the ticker symbol JECT.

11. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is woman founded

The founder of JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is a woman named Ms. Hong Bee Yin. She serves as the chief executive officer, director, and chairman of the company. She and her business partner Mr. Yeo Hock Huat run the company as the core executive leadership team. The company's headquarters is in Singapore, but the business is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. It took five years of research and development to design the cleaning systems company. After the initial preparatory work, the cleaning systems became available to the public in 2006. It took several years of hard work and investments to get ready for launch day.

12. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited offers a broad range of cleaning systems

JE Cleantech offers a diverse range of cleaning systems for different applications. They serve so many different industries that it became essential to develop industry-specific systems and equipment. For the food and beverage industry, they serve airline catering providers, restaurants, hawker systems, food courts, and eldercare centers with centralized dishwashing services. Precision cleaning involved developing equipment to effectively clean certain things, such as plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, and other equipment for the food industry. The company also provides robotic floor scrubbers with its prototype currently in the trial phase of development. The company aims to serve the public transportation sector with floor scrubbers designed to autonomously clean trains and automobiles with special programming to effectively clean pre-configured areas. A great deal of thought and planning goes into the advanced cleaning technology for different sectors of the market and various industries.

13. JE Cleantech is a technology-based cleaning company

JE Cleantech falls under a few categories including cleaning, automation, dishwashing, and technology. The enterprise does not depend on others to do the work for them. Its research and development program goes to the rounded table to determine the type of technology required, then they go to the drawing board, design the schematics and commence to build the equipment and programs that will run them. JECTH also works with other tech companies to co-create innovative technologies and equipment.

14. JE Cleantech is profitable

Statistics and financial statements for the 12 months ending June 2021 show that JE Cleantech Holdings brought in revenue of $17.5 million in US dollars. Its net income was $1.03 million for the year, showing that after covering operational expenses and overhead, it achieved profitability during the period, which creates a sense of confidence in potential investors.

15. JE Cleantech has a small employee base

JE Cleantech Holdings Limited runs its operation with a lean approach. The company employed seventy staff members in 2021. It keeps the overhead costs at a reasonable level that helps to achieve profitability. The leadership has not disclosed what expansion means in light of its bid to provide greater autonomous services through robots attached to cleaning equipment. It's a small operation, but the recent infusion of cash from its IPO may change its trajectory in the months and years ahead. We noted that its workforce has increased to 92 within the past twelve months.

16. The outlook for verticals is sunny for JE Cleantech Holdings Limited

Seeking Alpha confirms that JE Cleantech has a sunny outlook for customer acquisition. It went from number five in the Singapore cleaning industry market to the number one position. It serves multiple industries including food and beverage and transportation, but there are more directions the company can take. Some of the industry verticals that it could potentially venture into on top of its current client base include aerospace, measurement instruments, semiconductors, and hard disc drives.

17. The financial reports are solid for JE Cleantech Holdings Limited

It's been confirmed that expenses for marketing and selling are falling as a percentage of the revenue, as its revenues are increasing. The company secured support from the founder and Triple Business Limited to launch its operation. The fair market value booked for JE Cleantech was $2.7 million on June 30, 2021. The financials of the enterprise, for now, are solid, suggesting that it is a stable company.

18. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is too new to predict

Stock Analysis confirms that JE Cleantech Holdings just entered the public trading arena. Some analysts were brave enough to issue a hold recommendation for the stock, while others remain noncommittal. It's too early in its history as a publicly-traded company for analysts to make many predictions. It's been less than a month since the IPO closed on April 27, 2022. There is no performance history to chart yet. After six months, analysts may have more to say about their views on the stock.

19. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited's valuation increased post-IPO

The valuation of the JE Cleantech Holdings Limited enterprise has increased since its IPO. The current valuation as of May 2022 is $99.43 million. JSCE has 15.02 million shares outstanding. The 50 Day Moving average of stocks is 9.17 with an average volume for 20 days at 1,294,660. The total price change since its initial public offering is +65.50%.

20. JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is a company to keep your eye on

JE Cleantech Holdings Limited is an established business that has operated since 2006 after five years of research and development of its uniquely designed cleaning systems and equipment. The founder and partner took their time to build the company's assets over time with the help of investors. Upon launching its products and services, JECHL built a solid business, carving out a niche in the cleaning services industry. It has the potential to become a disruptor in the cleaning services industry. It has plans in motion to automate cleaning services. It is a financially stable business with reasonable plans for expansion into other markets. It's moving ahead with growth into international territories. If you're a potential investor, it's too early to predict how stocks will perform, but it's a company to watch.

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