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Does Frito Lay Drug Test Its Employees?

Frito Lay

Everyone wants to work in a big company with plenty of professional opportunities. Frito-Lay, a snack food company owned by PepsiCo, Inc., has been around for more than 75 years and is one of the most popular companies in the United States. The company has many job openings available. However, every company has its own set of rules that provides guidelines for employees on some particular topics. The most common question on many people’s minds is: does Frito-Lay drug test its employees? Find out what Frito-Lay entails, why many want to work here, and whether they drug test their employees in this.

Frito Lay Overview

Frito-Lay, the company that manufactures and packages food, has its head office in Plano, Texas. It has 1,300 establishments across the United States, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, delivery routes, and retail stores. The American snack company is primarily known for its Fritos chips, Doritos chips, and Cheetos snacks, sold worldwide. Frito-Lay makes plenty of other products, such as non-potato chips and breakfast cereals. Besides snacks, they also produce oil and vinegar dressings that consumers typically use in salads (french fries). Additionally, it has a website that gives selected individuals an opportunity to order customized snack allocations with personalized labels.

Why do people want to work for Frito Lay?

Frito-Lay’s corporate headquarters opened in 1961 with eight people on staff. Currently, the company has more than 55,000 employees. Understandably, people want to work for Frito Lay. According to their website, the organization offers many benefits for its employees, including competitive wages, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement. Working with Frito-Lay also comes with many other privileges like; medical and dental insurance, flexible work hours, stocks in the company, and reputation. These perks are tempting to any job hunter. However, Drug testing is a concern for prospective Frito-Lay employees. Drug testing is a hotly debated subject. Some people think it is necessary to keep workplaces safe, while others believe it infringes on an individual’s right to privacy. The best companies in the world take drug testing seriously. So, does Frito-Lay drug test its employees? The short answer is yes. According to Frito-Lay, all recruits have to go through pre-employment drug testing. Every company would love to have a staff committed to the company, loyal, and willing to put in the extra effort. That is why Frito-Lay drug tests their employees. Companies use different strategies to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the position or not. To ensure safety within their workplace, Frito-Lay needs to know if the person they are hiring has used drugs in the past before bringing them on as an employee. Any applicant who tests positive for drug use is considered ineligible for employment by the company.

Why is drug testing necessary?

Drug testing is a necessary step in the hiring process at any company, as it offers a different way of screening job applicants outside of a résumé or interview. Millions of employers conduct drug screenings on potential new hires before they are offered a position. Most of these companies do not want to burden themselves with hiring employees who are not qualified for the job or individuals who might be high while working, so they use drug testing as the first line of defense.

What is Frito-Lay’s pre-employment drug testing policy?

It is natural to be curious about the drug testing policies of potential employers. According to FelonyFriendly Jobs, Frito-Lay uses pre-employment drug testing to ensure that employees do not have any coming into work with a high level of THC. There are various issues employers consider on the legality of marijuana. However, the use of cannabis is illegal in some places, which makes the drug not okay for use just because it is off-site.

What is tested?

Urinalysis is one of the most preferred drug tests due to its convenience. The concentration of drugs and metabolites in urine is high, providing a better detection rate. A urinalysis test can detect a broad range of drugs including; marijuana, alcohol, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine (PCP), Benzodiazepines, cocaine, Opioids, Methamphetamine

How long does the test take?

Once the drug test is conducted, it may take 24 hours to a week to get your results. Employers, then, decide what actions to take based on the outcome of the drug test. If your results are positive, you will likely move on to the next phase in the hiring process and receive your offer letter soon. But if they are negative, you will not get the employment letter.

How often do employees take drug tests, and what happens if you fail them?

Frito-Lay company suggests that the duration varies depending on the job description. It is also determined by where you live and the workplace you are entrusted with. However, they never mention that employees are regularly drug tested. The only information one can get about this procedure is about what happens when an employee fails a drug test and whether they will get any necessary referrals for further assistance.

Does Frito-Lay drug test existing employees?

It is unclear if Frito-Lay drug tests its existing employees, but it does conduct some post-incident testing. It may not name the substances it screens for (or if any exist), but the company proudly reports that it has a Zero Tolerance Drug Testing Policy.

Wrap up

Frito-Lay does pre-employment drug testing. But once you are hired, the chances of having a random drug test conducted are minimal. Drug screening programs performed by big companies are meant to detect illegal substances, alcohol, and certain prescribed medicines in job applicants. Testing employees is necessary as it prevents severe consequences that drugs may have on their productivity. Drug-induced hangovers are not uncommon, which is one reason why many may feel they are too impaired to be doing their job correctly. If people are using drugs and substances, they may most likely sell them illegally. This is dangerous if the drug is toxic or fatal to other people. It can also cause shoddy work, injuries, disciplinary problems, high absenteeism, internal theft, and other vices.

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