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Does Wendy’s Drug Test Its Employees?


Testing job applicants and employees for drug use is a popular initiative that companies like Wendy’s use to protect their employees and ensure customers get the best shopping experience. Duties and responsibilities for various job descriptions at Wendy’s are intense and need 100% concentration. An employee under the influence of illicit drugs is likely to make impaired judgments, putting everyone at risk and tainting the company’s long-built reputation. If you’re looking to get employed or are already an employee at Wendy’s, it’s best to know what to expect to ensure you don’t get in the company’s bad books. So, does Wendy’s drug test its employees? Keep reading.

Wendy’s Background Information

According to Detox Marijuana Fast, Wendy’s is one of the global most giant hamburger fast-food chains after McDonald’s and Burger King. Dave Thomas founded the first startup in Ohio in 1969. Like other chains, Wendy’s is always looking to recruit budding individuals in their company to shape their careers, improving the US economy in the process. Jobs available at this company are similar to any you’d land at any other fast-food chain. You can apply for the position of cashier, cook, baker, drive-thru worker, or order taker. If your skills and experience allow you to be a restaurant manager, Wendy’s will consider you one of the job applications. Of course, managerial or supervisory positions make a fraction of the entire crew member openings. Landing this position is lucrative, but it comes with great dedication and discipline.

Wendy’s drug test policy

According to GreenFleets, the state you live in determines how Wendy’s drug testing policy will be. Some outlets might not use your drug test results to determine your fate of landing a job. Should your local Wendy’s outlet decide to drug test you, get ready to expect results for illicit substances like

  • Methamphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates

Testing positive for these drugs leads to automatic disqualification, thwarting your dreams of ever working at Wendy’s. However, the company might consider you if you’ve tapered the drugs off your system. You might want to keep off the drugs regardless of how tough the tapering was. It’s a necessary pre-condition that determines your employment status.

How Wendy’s hiring process works

Step 1: Fill out the application form online or in person at your local Wendy’s store

Step 2: You will be called for an interview. If you pass it, you will get a job on the spot. In other locations, you may need to attend a second interview before being hired. It may involve drug testing. Usually, the first and second interviews take two and three days in most states. However, don’t be surprised if it goes for more than two weeks.

Step 3: Video training after recruitment takes about two shifts per duration. Once you complete, you can start working at your local Wendy’s.

Does Wendy’s conduct pre-employment drug test

While some Wendy’s outlets don’t conduct pre-employment drug tests to determine if applicants are worth getting employed, it will be in your best interest to keep off drugs. The primary goal of testing applicants for drugs is to separate jokers from serious job applicants. So, if you’re a recreational or serial drug user, you might want to check into a rehab facility to get cleaned before applying for a job at Wendy’s. Bearing this in mind, you might not be so lucky if you’re in a state where the rules surrounding drug usage are strict. For example, North Carolina, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado are considered drug-prominent zones. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, and others are locally available despite the DEA fighting to keep them at bay. According to Detox Marijuana Fast, Wendy’s outlets in New York, New Jersey, and Florida have been reported to test job applicants for illicit substances before getting hired. Some applicants claim they didn’t go for the tests. So, in such places, you can take your chances. But that doesn’t mean you will be lucky not to undergo the tests. Things can change so fast, and you might find yourself getting tested and disqualified if you fail. The easiest way to know if your local Wendy’s tests for drugs is to confirm with the human resource department first. Better still, ask someone who already works there, and you will get instant answers.

Will Wendy’s perform random and pre-promotional drug tests

Accidents due to wrongful machine handling may occur in your line of duty. Consequently, Wendy’s might want to know if you were working under the influence before paying your medical compensation. That’s where random drug testing comes in handy. It’s rare for Wendy’s to do random tests unless your supervisor or manager suspects you’re in possession or using drugs. Should you have an accident, Wendy’s will check your system for drugs to determine if you were in your correct state of mind. It’s typical for fast-food chains like Wendy’s to promote employees to senior positions after working with them for some time. Wendy’s will conduct a pre-promotional drug test before awarding you with the job you want. If you’re getting promoted without batting an eyelid, make sure you keep off drugs and pass the test.

How to pass urine Wendy’s drug urine test

Considering how many people Wendy’s recruits and promotes, it’s imperative to ensure you pass the drug tests first. There are two tricks to passing these tests:

1. Detoxification

If you’ve been on marijuana, it means your THC levels will be in your system. The best way to taper it off your system is to detoxify your body naturally by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. You can do aerobic exercises or eat a healthy diet. Also, avoid smoking it for one month.

2. Join a body detox program

People taper off drugs off their systems differently. To increase your chances of passing the test, join a detox program. They will recommend products to remove the drugs from your system.


Working for Wendy’s is a prestigious experience if you want to develop your career and earn decent pay. Even if your state doesn’t approve of drug testing, it would be best to keep off the illicit substances for your good.

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