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Five Companies Leading The Way in Data Migration

Data Migration

This is an era when mobile and web applications are used every day for the necessities of life. We use them to communicate, to work, for educational and entertainment purposes, for financial transactions, shopping, and more. New and improved applications are coming out in a constant stream. Organizations can run into problems during upgrades and changeovers. This makes the migration of data companies essential for helping to preserve the integrity of large amounts of vital and sensitive data. Data migration is a big business in the technology industry and companies that provide these services are making a killing. If you're considering an investment in this sector, here are five companies that are leading the way in data migration technology for your consideration.

1. Blue Copper Technologies

Blue Copper Technologies is a company that works with organizations to offer secured legacy migration services that include a comprehensive analysis process as a safeguard. The company maintains a staff of certified technology migration experts to ensure that no data is lost in the transfer and that the process is entirely secure. Blue Copper Technologies is known for working with the best technology stack that involves re-architecting and re-engineering legacy systems for clients. Systems are also modernized by applying the latest framework of the client's choice as stakeholders are brought into the initial planning phase to anticipate any unusual circumstances. During the data migration process, Blue Copper services help in the adaptation to a new system with considerations for the volume of data before taking any actions. They work with a variety of database platforms to implement applications that are both agile and scalable to meet individual organizational needs. Migration services are rendered in a manner that allows for full intact business continuity and a quick and soft switch over. Complete detailed documentation is compiled for future reference.

2. Algo Works

Algo Works performs a variety of data migration and related services. They specialize in application upgrades within the same operating environment including cloud migration and transition services, migration from a legacy system, real-time integration between multiple data sources, and more while preserving the integrity of the at throughout the entire process. Algo Works uses experienced software professionals to assist clients with a full range of services involved with data migration and related services including migration of large volumes of application from one platform to another. Algoworks us an approach that relies on an automated tool-based data migration strategy with minimal code changes that leave the business logic intact. They provide end-to-end consulting with clients that start with the identification of the end goal or problem through the architecture creation process to data warehousing with assistance during every step.

3. Sify Technologies

Sify Technologies is a data migration company that was established in 1998 and earned the distinction of becoming the first Indian private ISP. The network pioneered the Internet cafe with data and voice services provided for international call centers. The company shifted its business focus to digital transformation. Since that time it has become the largest digital transformation company in the country of India. The now mature company maintains the largest MPLS Network in all of India with data centers and cloud manga services that are ranked as being the top of the line in data migration services. Sify Technologies is a Fortune 500 India company maintaining the most comprehensive solutions and services in ICT that are based on cloud technologies. It serves all sized businesses from small to large with a focus on the changing requirements of ICT in the digital economy and the resulting demands that clients place upon data migration assistance. The company serves more than ten thousand businesses globally and also has a presence in North America.

4. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology is a data migration provider that has matured during the time since it was first founded as a provider of Chillcam, a webcam solution for clients based in the United States. The first client requested Bacancy to develop a security system to monitor a residence complete with the capacity to take pictures and record videos. Bacancy created the solution that was customized to meet specific customer requirements and from the first experience learned that tailored services are what consumers truly want. This gives them the cutting edge in their data migration assistance that now covers client needs across all of the known industries. Bacancy is active in 6 countries throughout the world and has expanded its operations to 9 offices in the 8 years that it has been in business.

5. Softo Magic Technologies

Softo Magic Technologies is a software and data migration services provider that helps companies of all sizes from initial consultation to full implementation of data migration. The most common service provided is migration to the latest storage infrastructure technology and Softo Magic assists in making the transition faster with more efficient access to enabled data. Softo Magic Technologies assists in developing a coherent strategy using a robust toolset, specialist expertise, and structured methodology to ensure that the migration and transition periods go smoothly without interruption of daily business transactions. This company is based in the country of India but is an international provider of services include virtual data migrations, migrations to mainframes, helping them to move to a new system or update their current existing technology in as seamless a manner as possible during the process. The expert team is well-versed in a variety of migration-related scenarios and provides systematic services including data cleansing, extraction, loading, sting verification, strategy planning, and implementation. Special writing and scripting of automated migration and manual migration of data are offered.

Final thoughts

Data migration services help businesses to make the inevitable necessary transition to new or updated systems without compromising or losing important and sensitive data. This is becoming a service that is not only helpful but essential. If you're looking for a company that provides essential business services with a demand for products and services that will only increase in time, it's worth considering data migration startups for possible investment.

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Written by Allen Lee

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