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The History of and Story Behind the Louis Vuitton Logo

Louis Vuitton

The logo for the designer fashion brand Louis Vuitton is a classic rendering of a monogram. This unique logo has a great deal of meaning behind it. Also, it serves to identify the high-end products as being genuine, as many counterfeits are floating around out there. This is one of the best reasons for becoming familiar with the intricate details of the logo. Your knowledge can help you spot a fake and avoid being shortchanged by being duped into purchasing fake merchandise that is a less valuable knock off. Here is everything you need to know about the Louis Vuitton logo.

The History of the Louis Vuitton logo

According to Go Media, The Louis Vuitton empire had humble beginnings. The founder of the empire was born to a family of farmers who made scarcely enough to survive. Young Louis' mother passed away when he was just ten years old. He lived in Anchal, France, his home town, but he wanted something more. While still young, he walked the distance to the city of Paris, which was just short of 300 miles. At the age of 13, he arrived after a two-year journey that included doing odd jobs along the way to survive being alone in the world. Upon his arrival, he got a job working at a box making company. He designed designer boxes for the very rich as packaging. He learned the fine art of applying delicate details for high-end customers. After spending years doing this, he was hired by the Empress of France. His job was to make boxes for the Spanish countess. He accepted the request and worked hard. By 1854, he had saved enough to open his own shop. He made high-end canvas boxes that would hold up well, yet still, look stylish. He created unique one-of-a-kind designs which became a hallmark of his brand. He made trunks with a flat surface that were waterproof and easy to stack on ships. Louis Vuitton started his empire as a luggage company. His humble beginnings would one day evolve into one of the best-known brands in the world. He passed away in 1892 at the age of 70. At this time, his son Georges assumed leadership of the company. He went global with the company.

The first Louis Vuitton logo

1000 Logos reveals that the first Louis Vuitton logo was created during the middle part of the 19th century. Although the have been a few additions to the original logo in the form of alternative logos, the basic image has remained the same for the high-end fashion house. The logo consists of a full wordmark with a monogram of the letters L and V. There are two versions of the logo in use. The first uses the emblem of a stylized flower in two distinct patterns the first featured four petals that are pointed and elongated within a black rhombus shape. The second is a round flower that is enclosed within a solid circle. These are the two emblems that are frequently seen in the embossed patterns and prints on textile and leather goods. They serve as a lovely background to identify the item as being a genuine Louis Vuitton piece.

The color scheme of the Louis Vuitton logo

Whether the wordmark and monogram are used in conjunction with the flower patterns, or not, they are distinct and intended to help serve as identifiers of authenticity. There are two basic color schemes. The first is a monochrome color palette with a basic black and white. The second is a more rich and colorful version featuring beige colored background that is very close to the color gold. This stands for sophistication and luxury, which are the intended outcomes for the luxury designer products produced by the Louis Vuitton company.

The meaning of the Louis Vuitton logo

The intricate floral patterns with the points and elongations are hard for counterfeiters to produce. The brand had to take measures to curb the number of counterfeit products that were being manufactured and sold to the public. They were being passed off as authentic Louis Vuitton items because of the high value of the brand. Counterfeiting has been an ongoing problem for Louis Vuitton and other high-end brands. This is one of the reasons that the complex floral pattern was created. We further derive the meaning of the black and white color scheme as it stands for classic elegance and simplicity. A few other color schemes for the more complex version of the logo have been rendered in other hues including browns, oranges, golds, or rainbow colors. These alternative logos are noted in the records of the brand for each item as a means of authentication of genuine products. Even slight variations in the colors can be detected by the trained eye. The black-and-white color scheme of the Louis Vuitton emblem is an example of classic simplicity and elegance. We should still point out, that depending on the context, the logo may be given in other colors. Some of the most popular choices include hues of gold, brown, and orange. In some cases, designers opt for a rainbow color scheme, giving the monogram in several different colors within a single visual context.

Other details about the Louis Vuitton Logo

The very first Louis Vuitton monogram logo was created in 1954. The first example was hand-sketched. Since that time, the elongated serif fonts and thick distant lines have remained a constant. The italicized L and the straight V represents luxury, sophistication, and the traditions of one of the most highly respected brands in the world. The logo is sometimes presented in an upside-down manner on some items, especially handbags. This doesn't mean that the article is not genuine. Some of the logos are placed in this format on purpose.

Final thoughts

The Louis Vuitton logo stands for the integrity of the company along with its sophisticated stylishness in classic designs. The logo is intended to help in authenticating each Louis Vuitton item as an original. This is the most important meaning behind the stylish and classy monogram logo.

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