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20 Things You Didn't Know about Semios


Have you ever heard of a company called Semios? You might know that it’s an agricultural company, but what else? As it turns out, there are quite a few things about this company that make it different. Here are 20 of them.

1. They specialize in three main types of crops

Currently, they specialize in crops that grow on trees, as well as those that are grown on vines. As such, they routinely work with farmers who grow various types of nuts and fruit. While they plan to monitor even more types of crops in the future, this provides a solid starting point. In addition, it provides them with an opportunity to help countless numbers of farmers so that they can maximize their crops, which in turn helps them maximize their profits.

2. They measure four critical elements in real time

There is a lot that goes into creating the right crop. They help farmers monitor four key elements such as weather, pests, disease and plant stress. They also help farmers make solid decisions concerning water management so that they can maximize their own resources. The end result is a better crop, consistently. In addition, they provide the kind of information that helps farmers minimize costs so they can stay in the game, season after season.

3. They provide a comprehensive service from start to finish

One of the things that makes them unique is the fact that they handle practically everything. They understand that farmers have more than enough to do, so the last thing they want to do is put them under even more stress by adding more work for them. When a farmer teams up with Semios, they don't have to worry about handling anything. The experts at Semios take care of all the tech and let the farmers do what they do best, take care of the crops.

4. Their customers don’t need to be tech savvy

As previously stated, the experts at Semios handle everything. It's not necessary for their customers to be tech savvy in order to benefit from the services they have to offer. This is a huge asset. So much of the time, companies offer high tech services that can genuinely make a difference, yet they expect the customer to be able to understand how to operate all of that tech. As a direct result, most customers don't get the maximum benefit from various types of things because unless they're incredibly tech savvy, they often don't know how to utilize those types of services to the highest extent possible. With Semios, none of this is ever a problem because they handle everything on behalf of their customers and allow them to focus on the things that they specialize in doing.

5. They have associates at the ready to help you

Even though they handle everything from start to finish, they also have associates that are ready around the clock to answer any questions that you might have. If you're curious as to whether or not they can help you sort something out, you don't have to sit and wonder. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give him a call. Before you know it, you'll have the answers to your questions and you can move on to the next task that you have on your list.

6. They provide innovative pest management

They have one of the most unique pest management systems in existence. They actually use high-tech monitoring devices to help them better understand the mating cycles of the pests in a particular area and then they use that information to actively disrupt these cycles so that there are fewer pests that have to be dealt with. The technique is far superior to simply spraying a ton of chemicals all over everything. It’s also much healthier for the crops, not to mention the people who are consuming them.

7. They recently acquired a company that can help them perform even better

Recently, they acquired a company responsible for creating digital platforms that help farmers automate their operation, Altrac. This is their third acquisition so far. By all accounts, it may also be one of the most important business decisions the company has ever made. It allows Semios to completely digitize everything from start to finish. The end result is a near-seamless process that allows each customer to make the best use of their services.

8. They want to become a global company

The company wants to do business on a global scale. In fact, they are actively pursuing these goals. Founded in 2010, they have largely been doing the same kind of business for the last 11 years. Currently, they are looking to expand into different types of crops. In addition, they also want to start working with farmers all over the world, not just in their own backyard.

9. They just raised a great deal of money

As part of their expansion program, they just raised $100 million in capital. The money was put up by a hedge fund company called Morningside Group. Obviously, they had to raise a great deal of capital in order to expand their operations so that they can become a global company. This is just part of their day-to-day operations as they grow and expand.

10. They believe they are the company to tackle global food shortages

This company believes that they are capable of tackling the global food shortage that is currently looming over everyone's head. By helping farmers maximize their own operations, it is possible to eliminate the issues that cause crops to fail in the first place. In addition, these same tactics also help crops flourish, often creating a bigger yield than any particular operation has been able to sustain in past years. It's all done in the name of food sustainability. That is precisely why Morningside Group was so generous when Semios did its last round of fundraising. They typically don't provide money to groups that aren't working on something that has an impact on the planet as a whole and they believe that the work Semios is doing to stop food shortages is one of the most important things that any company could be involved in at the current time.

11. The company has raised millions of dollars so far

To be more exact, the company has raised a little more than $214 million to date. That is definitely a lot of money, but it almost pales in comparison when you stop and think about the fact that their latest round of fundraising allowed them to raise $1 million in that round alone. For a company that's been around since 2010, that's a significant jump. Why are they able to raise so much money now? For one thing, they have proven that they have staying power. They're not some fly-by-night company that is just going to dry up and disappear. By the same token, they have proven that their tactics work and that has got the attention of investors. As a matter of fact, they recently announced that they have deals pending with roughly nine different investors. Although the details of those deals are not available, it is nothing short of amazing to think what types of things they could do with that kind of money should everything go as planned.

12. They’re based in Canada

The company has been based in Vancouver, British Columbia, since it was founded in 2010. When they first started, they focused mainly on farmers that were growing the types of crops they specialize in, in that particular region. From there, they started to expand into other countries. At the moment, they help farmers in various countries deal with problems that are specific to their crops in their particular area. As previously mentioned, they are becoming a truly global company and plan to expand operations to even more areas in the very near future.

13. They employ a large number of people

In order to provide services to so many different customers, they have to have a rather large employee base. That is even more true when you consider the fact that they always have people available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, they don't just employ people to answer the phone and field questions. They have people that have to go out into the field in order to set everything up and make sure that it's working properly. That is no small task, especially when you consider their large field of operations in the different geographic areas in which they operate. As such, they employ between 100 and 250 people at any given time.

14. Their system is like nothing else currently available

The thing that truly sets them apart is the fact that no one else has a system quite like theirs. Everything they do is operated through sensors that can provide data in real time. That data is then plugged into a computer in order to come up with an algorithm that tells farmers how much water they should be giving their crops, warn them about the weather and even utilize those same sensors to create biological disruptions in the pest population for more effective pest management. It's almost like having one of the most dependable employees ever on your roster, who just happens to understand virtually everything there is to be understood about tech and farming, who watches over everything for you around the clock. Anybody that farms would love to have somebody like this on their payroll and with Semios, that is exactly what they have.

15. Farmers can see everything they need on their dashboard

As far as the farmer’s operation is concerned, it couldn't be any easier. Everything that they need can be seen on a single dashboard. All they have to do is open it in order to see all of the information they need to make solid decisions about the crop that they are growing at that particular moment in time. Since the data is provided in real-time, they don't have to worry about information that is lagging by two or three days, either. Instead, they can make the best decisions based on what is happening right now. That can make all the difference in the world between a bumper crop and being wiped out for the season.

16. They’re helping farmers level the playing field

There is no doubt about it, this company is helping farmers save more of their hard-earned money so they can continue to focus on not only their current crop, but also future crops. Farming can be a very volatile industry, to say the least. The information that is provided by this company helps farmers stay on an even keel when it might not otherwise be possible to do so.

17. The work they’re doing means more farmers can stay in the game

Because they provide such complete information to farmers, more of these individuals are able to stay in the game and continue farming as opposed to shutting down operations permanently. With Semios, they are saving both money and resources. These are two things that are often in exceedingly short supply when it comes to the agricultural industry. As a result, more and more people have traditionally turned away from farming in order to pursue other endeavors. Thanks to Semios, that trend is beginning to reverse.

18. Their goal is to simplify farming

The company wants to simplify the process of growing crops. As such, they are using data in new and innovative ways to accomplish their goal. In the process, they are helping countless numbers of farmers.

19. They are the most comprehensive service available

There really aren't that many companies that provide comprehensive services like they do. In fact, there aren't any. While there are companies out there that provide a few similar services, it's hit-and-miss. Semios is the only one that helps farmers figure it all out from start to finish.

20. They are trying to stay ahead of global warming

The company is trying to help farmers stay ahead of the climate changes that occur as a direct result of global warming by using the information provided by their sensors to adapt to these changes. The end result is that farmers have the best opportunity possible to keep their crops growing well as opposed to losing crops year after year because of monumental weather changes.

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