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10 Tools to Help Improve Efficiency in a Doctor's Office


Busy medical practices with 5 or 6 doctors on staff can see multiple patients at one time. Often, the front receptionists, nurses and administrative staff have their hands full managing patient charts, scheduling referrals, completing accurate data entry tasks and other responsibilities such as referrals out and documenting the receipt of outside testing results. It could easily become a nightmare without the use of products that help to regulate flow, organize data and keep everyone on track with established system protocols. Here are 10 such tools that help to increase efficiency in doctor's offices.

1. Kareo Clinical EHR/EMR Software

Regulations governing the acquisition, maintenance and management of medical files requires that specific records be kept within the system for each visit to a health care provider. EMR stands for electronic medical records and Kareo's Clinical software program is a tool that is user-friendly with an intuitive platform that makes it easy for medical practices to meet the requirements of MACRA. It's effective for storing data in a cloud-based system with capabilities for writing prescriptions, making notes, entering code encounters and for use in viewing electronic health records for the management of patient data is a fully integrated system.

2. Patient Portal software

Medical clinics who use Patient Pocrtal Software can streamline a lot of the busy work in a larger clinic because the Patient Portal allows patients to access an online page for scheduling appointments and filling out time-consuming paperwork in advance of the business. This frees more time that would otherwise be spent on the telephone and it offers a way for patients and clinics to communicate with one another in an online secure format. It also cuts down on the amount of calls which are made, messages and return phone calls. Patients may also make secure payments on their accounts through this system.

3. SR Schedule

SR Schedule is another tool for streamlining medical clinic efficiency. It's a software program that provides an online resource for patient scheduling. SR Schedule is simply placed on the website of the medical practice and patients can access the tool through mobile or the web where they can choose from a selection of appointment options. Clinics have the option of customizing the app to provide patients with options for choosing the appointment type, the location, the date, the time, and the provider with the auto-scheduling function. They can also upload all of their insurance information including the card which can save a lot of time and work on the part of administrative workers.

4. Lean Patient Flow System

The Lean Patient Flow System is a medical office software package that works in several areas of patient management to increase the efficiency of the patient flow. The system is designed to manage patients from the time they walk in the clinic until they walk out the door. When a nurse enters into a patient room, a light outside of the door is turned on so others know what is going on. After leaving, the nurse turns off the light and pushes a green light to let the doctor know that the patient is ready to be seen and all the vital information has been collected. There are a combination of light indicators on the pad which indicates further tasks needed, e.g. testing, injections, etc. The moment that a light is turned on, the system starts recording the amount of time spent for each task through the process and it stores the data for later retrieval. The Lean Patient Flow System gives clinics a detailed report of how time is spent with patients and how much time is spent on each task. It's an amazing tool for analyzing the patient flow in a clinic's procedural system and for making changes to improve efficiency.

5. Compulink Healthcare Solutions

The Compulink Healthcare Solutions program is a tool that is designed for a variety of different clinical settings for software management. It's an electronic health records system that provides multiple functions for improving patient flow and increasing efficiency throughout the clinic. It offers practice management features, inventory management, revenue cycle management, optical POS as well as practice automation or the gathering of data on the patient flow. The program may either be cloud hosted or deployed on site and it is fully customizable for specific practice types. A patient portal which is HIPAA compliant streamlines scheduling and other tasks.

6. Progno CIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

This software increases office efficiency through a completely customizable workflow program which includes mobile apps for integrated patient payments. It's a fully integrated program which may be used via the cloud or deployed on premises. It is compatible with established e-prescription programs with lab connectivity which is customizable for single physician clinics or larger clinics with multiple health care providers.

7. Texture Health

Texture Health is a population care management system which offers fully integrated components for patient engagement and analytics. The software system is compatible with the existing EMR infrastructure to connect everything into a collaborative system to gather information about the organization. It operates on a cloud based solution with mobile technology solutions for working with providers, health plans, patients and all stake holders, streamlining communication and connections to aid providers in achieving a total clinic system with increased efficiency in resource use and service delivery.

8. Web PT Software

Web PT Software is a tool that provides patient and practice management by providing access to scheduling, billing data migration, web based documentation and document storage. It also includes customized onboarding and training. It's equipped with data security and alerts reporting along with safeguards for Hippa and Medicare regulation compliance built into the system. Automated appointment reminders let patients know in advance that their appointment is nearing for reduced no shows. A patient facing mobile app makes it easier for patients to schedule and interact online cutting down on the number of phone calls, messages and return calls.

9. MDConnection

MDConnection is a Web-Based Practice Management Software for improving the management of small medical practices. It is a system that provides medical billing, scheduling, patient management, code scrubbing and reporting. This system is customizable for a variety of clinic types, users and setting preferences. It is compatible for integration with PatientConnection to allow patients to self-schedule online, provide their medical insurance information and other useful tasks.

10. Practice EHR Software

Practice EHR Software aids in streamlining medical practices of small to medium size. The program is customizable for a variety of different practice types with a system for electronic medical records, patient scheduling, and billing services. Practice EHR provides an integrated suite of solutions that allow clinics to use the EHR features as a stand alone for a simple solution or for accessing lab integration, e-prescribing , procedure workflows, patient portals, and much more. Practice EHR is completely cloud based and is accessible via mobile device or remote desktops.

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