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20 Things You Didn't Know About Arcellx


Arcellx is a biotechnology business. It specializes in developing and production of clinical-stage superior immune therapies for cancer patients and those with other kinds of incurable diseases. Arcellx investigates safer and more effective treatments for humans through advanced cell therapies. Its goal is to make the treatments more accessible. Numerous candidate drugs are in the pipeline, awaiting U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval. If you're not yet familiar with this company, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Arcellx.

1. Arcellx holds promise for people with incurable diseases

Crunchbase reports Arcellx actively seeks to develop treatments for cancer patients. It also works to create treatments for other types of incurable diseases. Researchers and development teams focus on cell therapy and the development of new immuno-based therapies in this platform to unlock the mysteries of diseases and how to best equip our bodies to fight them. Arcellx researches treatments to fight terminal diseases for which there is currently no known cure, giving humanity greater hope for treatments in the future.

2. Arcellx actively uses a complex array of technologies

The technologies used to power the Arcellx website is complicated. The company's website actively uses forty technologies distributed across various tech products and services to provide visitors with a smooth and seamless experience. Some of the products used include Viewport Meta, SPF, and iPhone Mobile compatible with mobile users.

3. Arcellx is unique in the biotech industry

Arcellx isn't the only biotech company developing immune-based therapies, but it does stand out in the sea of startups. Arcellx has secured seven registered patents in the organic chemistry category. Arcellx has two registered trademarks. They appear in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and sanitary products categories. Arcellx is different than many of its competitors. It has sole rights in nine aspects of the treatments currently in the pipeline for FDA approval for use in humans.

4. Arcellx has a highs volume of web traffic

Interest in the treatments manufactured by Arcellx is high. Analytics for the website shows that the site received 11,697 visitors over the past thirty days. It ranks as number 1,203,008 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. The number of monthly visitors is picking up as confirmed by analytics reports.

5. Interest in Arcellx is highest in the United States

Most of the visitors to the Arcellx website are from people living in the United States. Ninety percent of the web traffic comes from this country. It has had a monthly visits growth rate of s129.23 percent over the past month. The analytics show that five percent of the visitors are from the United Kingdom. Two percent of the website visitors are from the country of India. People around the world are checking out the progress that Arcellx is making. They're showing interest in the advancement the R&D departments are making toward creating treatments for incurable diseases and cancers.

6. Arcellx has a small executive leadership team

The executive leadership team sat Arcellx is small but effective. Christopher Heery is the Chief Medical officer. David Hilbert is the president and chief executive officer of the company. Brad Gliner is vice president of clinical research and regulatory affairs, and Brian Murphy is the vice president of cell process. These four top execs are joined by a strong team of executive and higher management support staff. Angela Shen is the chief medical officer. Han Lee is the chief financial officer. Michael Dombeck is a chief operating officer. David Tice is the vice president of research and transitional science. Shashi Kaithamana is the vice president of protein sciences. Ernie Maynard is a director of analytical development. John Schemanski is the senior director of financial planning and analysis. Karen Salsovich is the associate director of regulatory affairs operations. Mariana Vieira is the controller.

7. Arcellx has a small board of directors

The board of directors for Arcellx is comprised of two members. These board members provide advisement and input on the strategic and financial planning for Arcellx. Hugo Beekman currently serves on one board in an advisory role. Lewis Williams, also known as Rustys Williams is the founder of one organization and currently serves on the Arcellx board of directors as an advisor.

8. Arcellx started as a VC funded company

Arcellx started with help from private investors in the early stages of development in the company. it participated in three rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series C fundraising concluded on April 13, 2021. Before Arcellx changed its fundraising strategy it raised $200 million in funds from private investors. Investor confidence in this company was high with twenty-four investors joining in the fundraising efforts. Some of the investors include Takeda Ventures Inc, Surveyor Capital, Samsara BioCapital, Novo Holdings, SR One, CaaS Capital Management, Adage Capital Management, Terra Magnum Capital Partners, CAM Capital, Asymmetry Ventures, and many others.

9. Arcellx went public

Globe-News Wire reported that Arcellx held its initial public offering on February 4, 2022. It is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ACLX. The pricing of its stock at IPO started at $15.00 per share with a $124 million opening day. The company announced that all of the common stock shares were offered by Arcellx with the offering closing on February 8, 2022. The joint book-runners for the IPO were BofA Securities, SVB Leerink, Barclays, and William Blain, for the offering.

10. Arcellx gave underwriters an opening price option for a month

The initial public offering opened with 8,250,000 shares made available for investors to purchase common stock shares at the $15.00 price. Arcellx additionally granted underwriters for the IPO an option to purchase up to 1,237,500 additional shares of common stock with the guarantee of the opening price of $15.00 per share for thirty days. It's a standard clause that is included in most IPO contracts. It was a successful day for Arcellx and the underwriters have the option to get in on more shares of stock at the opening price.

11. Arcellx is an innovative biotech company

Arcellx Inc. is a company that is about prolonging human life. The cell therapies currently under development represent an innovative approach to tackling diseases that are considered incurable, to use the body's immune system to fight these diseases to prolong the life of patients in ways that are more effective, more accessible, and safer than previous attempts at prolonging life. Arcellx employs top scientists and researchers in its quest to develop treatments that offer greater hope to those diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

12. Arcllx Inc is testing treatments at the clinical stage

Arcellx has come a long way since its inception. The company is a clinical-stage startup that actively tests its candidate drugs in preparation for FDA approval. One of the leading products candidates is CART-ddBCMA, a therapy for treating refractory or relapsed multiple myeloma. It is at the Phase 1 study and Arcllx has achieved approval as a Fast Track, Orphan Drug by the FDA for a regenerative medicine advanced therapy. It's advancing in its treatment for myeloid leukemia through two programs through the clinic.

13. Arcellx reports success with leukemia treatment

The lead candidate therapy for leukemia treatment shows promise for achieving its intended purpose. The company shared its initial clinical findings at the 63rd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, confirming that the response for the immunotherapy treatment for Multiple Myeloma Leukemia provides "deep and durable" responses from the participants in the clinical trials. These are patients with poor prognoses, and it's giving them hope for longer life. Arcellx is making progress in extending the lives of people who previously received news that there was nothing medical science could do to help them.

14. Arcellx is keeping us informed of its progress

LinkedIn is just one of the online venues that Arcellx utilizes to keep the public informed of the progress it's making in providing treatment therapies for terminal illnesses. The company maintains a team of presenters, going out to the public and presenting data from clinical results. Reps from Arcellx present new clinical data as it becomes available. For example, Dr. Matthew Frigault presented at the American Society of Hematology at the ASH 21 meeting three months ago. The company also has a presence on social media websites to keep the public informed.

15. Arcellx staff lace up their running shoes to promote awareness

Arcellx is a company that does far more than clinical research and treatment development. The staff has a personal commitment to prolonging life and getting the word out to the public. Researchers and other members of the staff, sign up for fundraising events, have laced up their running shoes, and joined others in a 5K run with sponsors pledging money for each kilometer un. Team Arcellx participated in the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation's 5K run. The group was successful at the Washington DC run held over a weekend, in raising over $13,000 to help with research and development of treatments. This might seem like a small amount when compared to the investments made by private and public investors, but it also gets the news about the hope offered through the foundation out to the public. It's good press for the company, and it lets people know that some form of hope is on the horizon.

16. Arcellx maintains a team of top-notch professionals

Arcellx is selective about who it hires to work on its team of top-notch experts in the field of immunotherapy treatment development. For example, one of the most recent hires is a chief scientific officer, Dr. David Tice. He has been in the biopharmaceutical research and drug development field in oncology for the past twenty years. David is also vice presents research and translational sciences. he previously worked with research and development teams at AstraZeneca through its Medimmune division for eighteen years.

17. Arcellx is starting to grow its workforce

Arcellx started as a small research and development company, but it's starting to grow and expand its workforce. LinkedIn lists seventy-four members of the Arcellx team. Arcellx is making a big move to further expand its operations. The company is currently hiring and lists 34 new job openings. Many of the open positions are for seasoned professionals in the biotech/pharma research and development area.

18. Arcellx is a Maryland-based startup

The headquarters for Arcellx is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Most of the new job openings are at the headquarters of the company. We noticed that some of the new Arcellx jobs are for workers in Foster City, California. This tells us that Arcellx is active from coast to coast in the United States, from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Northwest. The company is expanding its reach and growing in size and capacity.

19. Arcellx has some stiff competition

Arcellx is the new kid on the block when it comes to CAR T-cell therapy. It's not the only company researching and developing immunotherapies treatments for specific types of leukemia, but it is surging ahead in its innovative advances and approaches to the problem. No two companies take the same approach, and Arcellx stands out from the crowd, however, it's going up against some of the larger pharmaceutical and biotech companies that have been in the business for long. Its biggest rivals are Bristol Myers Squibb, which was the first biotech firm to secure FDA approval for these types of therapies. Johnson & Johnson is also in the running in second place with hopes of FDA approval for its treatment. Arcellx is playing catchup with these two big Pharma players, but it's making remarkable progress and preparing for its candidate to enter into a pivotal clinical trial phase, according to MedCity News.

20. Arcellx is a company to keep your eye on

Arcellx is smaller than the older and more established biotech firms, but it's up and coming. It's already held a successful IPO and stock is now available under the NASDAQ stock exchange. If you're interested in diversifying and expanding your current investment portfolio, Arcellx is one to speak with your financial advisor about.

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