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Five Companies Leading the Way in Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention technology is becoming a staple in the business world. The essential services provided by the leading companies help to keep sensitive information protected from hackers and cyber thieves seeking an inroad to commit crimes. Protective software is not an option in today's world, but keeping up with sophisticated cyber-thieves finding new ways to breach the latest security measures. It takes innovative technology and advanced intelligence to stay a step ahead of the criminals. The most successful companies in this field are those that maintain a reputation for protecting clients with new updates and a track record of success. Here are five companies leading the way in data loss prevention.

5. Secure Trust

Secure Trust is a data loss protection (DLP) company that provides one of the most trusted software solutions for protecting the sensitive information of its clients. Companies trust Secure Trust's DLP program to automatically block threats. It offers a large range of predefined settings to choose from. One of the downsides of the software is that there are so many different settings that there is a substantial learning curve. Secure Trust specializes in tools for discovering threats, monitoring them, and security data. It also provides a vehicle for companies to comply with both internal and external regulations. Secure Trust has come a long way in meeting the business needs of companies of all sizes. Secure Trust's system is ready to go out o the box for user convenience. They've become one of the most trusted names in the industry using data analysis technology for automatic protection from a data breach, as well as tools to ensure company governance and compliance with regulations. This is protection from inadvertent violations. SecureTrust is a company that merits watching as a potential addition to any investment portfolio.

4. McAfee

McAfee is another major player in the DLP industry. This company has been a leader in DLP for decades with its total protection plan. It uses deep data analysis technology with continual updates to stay one step ahead of hackers and cybercriminals. McAfee products are used all over the world to keep the systems of large corporations, medium and small businesses, and individual user devices protected from threats of data loss. The tech giant specializes in forensic analysis with intelligent prioritization of sensitive data to automatically detect threats and warn users while quarantining threats for elimination. Part of the reason for McAfee's success is the emphasis on forensic analysis in the prevention of data loss in a system that is highly scalable and configurable to the needs of any company. Although the settings are complex, they offer some of the best and most trusted protective measures in the world. McAfee is an industry leader in DLP.

3. Check Point Data Loss Prevention

Check Point is another company that continues to blaze the path to data security. It offers a DLP solution that is easy to use with a single console and no complexities for the user once it is installed. While it is overly simplistic for some users, most individuals and small businesses benefit from the extensive protection that the cybersecurity program provides. Check Point uses technology that helps to educate users about the risks of data loss and allows them to make decisions on incidents that have been detected through the DLP system. It issues automated alerts about potential threats. Many of the rules are pre-configured which allows users easy operation without extensive knowledge of the technicalities. The popularity of Check Points solutions has soared, particularly since it offers a free demo version for users to try out before purchasing the premium edition.

2. Digital Guardian Endpoint

Digital Guardian is a DLP company that specializes in providing powerful protection with a broad scope of coverage. What sets it apart from other businesses in this sector of the tech world is its approach to the protection of diverse systems within business ecosystems. The expansive technology protects Windows, Mac, and Linux systems On-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Regardless of the number of different desktop systems within a company, ample simultaneous coverage for each is provided. Digital Guardian's advanced encryption technology provides exceptionally powerful data protection and a variety of add-ons are available for advanced protection features. The scoop of coverage may extend to a quarter of a million users

1. Symantec

Symantec is a tech company in the DLP arena that has built a strong reputation over the past several decades for dependability. They offer a well-respected data loss prevention solution that has grown and evolved consistently meeting the changing needs of businesses and individuals. Symantec's solutions are highly scalable for customization to the needs of clients of all sizes. It offers some of the most impressive cloud coverage of all the DLP companies in the marketplace today. One drawback associated with Symantec is that the company is perceived by some to be a bit too enterprise-oriented. Symantec products are used in both consumer and business markets for monitoring and protecting sensitive information wherever data is stored whether on the cloud, mobile, or within multiple endpoints. It can identify and stop threats and prevent unauthorized data transfers to help companies maintain compliance and avoid violations. Symantec also provides companies with the ability to see if and when data is used by employees whether they work online or offline and to monitor how the data is used as well as controlling the ways that it is used. This is an additional safeguard offered for ensuring that there is never a data leak or theft regardless of where it is stored. More than 60 apps are covered in this ultra-secure system. Symantec is an established and reputable company in the data loss prevention industry that shows no signs of faltering.

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