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Five Companies Leading the Way in Video-Based Teaching

Khan Academy

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, video-based teaching has become more important than ever. It's also become more common than it's ever been in the past. As a result, it only stands to reason that certain companies have emerged as frontrunners in creating video-based teaching courses that aren’t destined to go away once it's safe for people to attend classes inside the classroom once again. In fact, many of these companies were in the midst of developing these types of classes long before the pandemic ever hit. There are plenty of companies doing this but five of them really stand out for various reasons. If you want to learn more about these five companies, as well as learning more about video based teaching in general, you've come to the right place.

What Is Video-Based Teaching?

In its purest sense, video-based teaching involves some type of instruction that is brought to students, both children and adults, that isn't done in a traditional setting. While it is possible for students to be together in a classroom and take a course that is video-based, it's actually much more common for these types of classes to be provided to students who are learning through distance learning, in a one-on-one environment. At times, the classroom session has been recorded at an earlier date and can then be accessed at the student’s convenience. At other times, the video-based teaching sessions are done in real time, such as when students learn via Skype or Zoom.

What Are the Advantages of Video-Based Teaching?

In reality, there are many advantages of video-based teaching. In fact, the advantages had been realized long before the pandemic forced people to find new and innovative ways to learn. According to Crowd Wisdom, there are a number of benefits associated with this type of learning, not the least of which includes lower costs associated with providing classes to a greater number of individuals. This translates to an ability for more people to take these classes because they are not as expensive as traditional classroom sessions. Of course, there are other benefits involved as well. For example, students can typically access these types of classes at their own convenience. This makes it possible for people to learn who simply can't be there during traditional classroom times because of work or family commitments. It also gives students an opportunity to go back and look at the videos again and again in order to truly absorb all of the information that is being provided. This isn't something that a student can typically get in a traditional classroom setting. Therefore, it makes the information more accessible and even easier to retain.

The 5 Companies Who Are Leading the Way in Video-Based Teaching

As previously mentioned, there are a number of companies that are involved in effective video-based teaching. That said, there are five that truly stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. If you want to know more about them, they are listed below.

1. Irynsoft

This company created a mobile app for the iPhone which allows students to take courses on their smartphones. This opens up a whole new world to students because the app is designed to allow the courses to work perfectly with mobile devices, something that has been an issue in video-based teaching for years. Students can now take the courses anywhere, at any time, all without having to bring laptops or tablets along with them. It's already proven so popular that it's currently being used by MIT.

2. Autodesk Sustainability Workshop

This is a company that works in a very specific niche, specifically that of individuals who are already engineers, yet need to take additional courses to remain relevant in their current positions. To be even more specific, the system is set up specifically to provide courses on sustainable designs for engineers. The end result is an increased ability for engineers to design projects that are sustainable, thus leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. Even more importantly, the courses are provided free of charge so engineers don't have to worry about spending their hard-earned money in order to take them.

3. OpenStudy

While this particular platform does not provide video-based teaching courses in the more traditional sense, they are using video-based teaching in one of the most innovative ways possible. They have used it to create what amounts to a virtual study group that students of all ages can access from anywhere in the world. For example, math students from hundreds of different universities located all over the globe can access this platform and talk to each other about the things they are learning. It gives students an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, help one another study and ask questions that they may not be comfortable asking in class.

4. Discovery Education

To date, 35 million students located in roughly half of all US-based schools have had the opportunity to take advantage of video-based teaching classes provided by Discovery Education. Most of these courses focus on the subjects of science and math. The idea is to help students find a level playing field when it comes to learning these important subjects, thereby better preparing them for college and beyond.

5. Khan Academy

They provide almost 2,000 video-based teaching sessions on subjects like science, economics and math. Students can access them from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Some students use these courses to supplement the classroom training they get at more traditional schools. Others attend classes like these exclusively. As previously mentioned, there are many companies of this type that are making waves. These are the five that are moving faster or getting more involved. One thing is certain, they are working toward changing the face of education for the better.

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