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Five Companies Doing Big Things in Educational Technology

Educational Technology

Educational technology has become more important than ever with schools moving their students to online learning environments. Education must continue even when there's a worldwide pandemic shutting down public gathering places. We're thankful for the technology that allows us to continue educating our young people. The resources provided for these companies have been worth their weight in gold over the past year. They allow students access to effective learning methods and resources to avoid falling behind. Here are five companies that are doing big things in educational technology.

1. Blackboard

Blackboard is a Washington State-based educational tech company that was established in 1997. It's one of the largest Ed Tech companies in the United States with a mission to provide cutting-edge technology to support teachers and students in a digital environment. Blackboard offers unique methods for teachers and students to connect in a digital learning setting with services and programs that help them to not only communicate over the internet but also to engage in active learning sessions. This company has grown and expanded to a current valuation of more than $700 million. It is on its way to achieving unicorn status. With the high need for online learning in the nation, it is expected to continue the progressive forward movement that has made it one of the most widely used resources for online learning tools and services. Blackboard is a disruptor in the educational sector that has changed the way teachers and students engage in the learning process.

2. Chegg

Chegg is an Educational Technology company that provides a variety of related educational services for students of all ages. The company was established in 2005 in Santa Clara, California. This is one of the biggest platforms for online tutoring. Students can find help with a variety of different subjects to get one-on-one assistance in the learning process. The service also provides students with digital notes as well as other information on subject matter to help enhance the learning experience. The main focus of Chegg is to assist students with homework and the self-learning process. The overarching goal of the services provided is to help students become more independent in their studies. Students may also find textbooks through the platform with the option to either rent, buy, or sell the books through Chegg. This can significantly help to reduce the cost of education.

3. Knewton

Knewton is one of the most advanced educational technologies in the world. This company was founded in 2008, with its headquarters located in New York City, New York. The focus of Knewton is on adaptive learning. The programs offered by this company begin with a baseline assessment that helps students to gain a sense of their strengths and weaknesses in the educational process. This continued assessment combines with developing individual intellect in each of the subjects addressed through the programs. Knewton provides a smart learning component while providing teachers with analytical reports for each individual student to make E-learning an easier and more productive process for both teachers and students. Students may also receive recommendations about learning techniques that are personalized. Knewton is a startup that has participated in 9 venture capital funding rounds that have helped them raise a total of $182.3 million for the expansion of the company.

4. Coursera

Coursera is an Edtech company that has been in business since 2012. Its headquarters is located in Mountain View, California. Coursera is one of the largest ed-tech companies in the United States. Its purpose is to help connect students with the best educational institutions, offering a variety of courses from diverse subject areas. It connects students with over 150 top-rated universities to help them access a variety of community forums and video lectures on-demand. This is a convenient platform that helps enhance learning in a platform that allows students to access needed information at any time during the day or night. Coursera has expanded its operations to become one of the largest startups imparting e-learning education. So far, Coursera has participated in 9 rounds of venture capital funding and has raised a total of $313 million. Coursera is an Ed-Tech company that is likely to be around for a long time.

5. Zen Educate

Zen Educate is a company that is known throughout the world. It was founded in 2016 with its headquarters located in London, England, United Kingdom. Zen Educate is a company that is highly valued for its platform that assists schools in recruiting top educational instructors. It stands in the middle to remove the commissions and fees that recruiters often charge schools for the service. This company instills a sense of confidence in its clients as it only works with authenticated teachers who have evidence of a proven track record with the requisite experience required to become serious candidates for the positions listed. It's an educational startup that ensures that teachers get their deserved remuneration, so the company is good for both teachers who use the service to find suitable employment opportunities, and the institutions that are interested in receiving only qualified applicants for the positions that become available. With Zen Educate, everyone involved in the process is winners, but another unique aspect of Zen Educate is that the students ultimately end up receiving the benefit of quality training and education. If you're considering investing in a company in the ed-tech arena, Zen Educate is not a publicly funded company yet. It relies on private funding from venture capital firms and individuals. So far Zen Educate has participated in 3 funding rounds and has raised a total of $10.4 million in seed funding and for expansion of its platform. Zen Educate is one of the most respected Ed-Tech companies in the UK with a strong track record of success in helping to place teachers and institutions in compatible situations for the mutual benefit of all.

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