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Five Companies Doing Big Things in Autonomous Store Technology

Autonomous Store Technology

Autonomous technology is becoming the net emerging trend in the retail industry. Autonomous store technology powers both online checkout systems as well as those that are offered in brick and mortar retail outlets. Every time you use a self-checkout station at the grocery store, you're taking advantage of this innovative new technology. Who has made all of this convenience in getting through checkout lines faster possible? It's the companies that have developed the systems and converted them into the current checkout stations we use to pay for our purchases without human clerk assistance. Here are five companies doing big things in autonomous store technology for 2021.

5. Grabango

Grabango is a promising startup in the autonomous store technology industry today. The business was founded by Will Glaser in 2016. He is the current chief executive officer of the company. It's headquartered in Berkeley, California. Grabango provides checkout-free technology for shoppers to existing retail stores. Grabango has developed a platform that uses a complicated array of technologies to allow millions of transactions to be conducted seamlessly, quickly, and at the same time without lag. It's helping to change the way that people pay for their purchases at thousands of shopping centers throughout the world. It relies on machine learning and computer vision technologies to help maintain each person's virtual shopping basket. It's one of the fastest ways to get through the checkout process without waiting in a line or depending on clerk assistance. Grabango is a startup to keep your eye on as it's already backed by some large investors including the Founders Fund and Propel Venture Partners. Grabango has been successful in securing multiple contracts for its products. With the constant demand in technology, the outlook is bright and sunny for this California-based startup.

4. AiFi

AiFi is a privately owned automated retail technology manufacturer that is helping to change the way consumers pay for their shopping items throughout the world. The company uses computer-vision technology in its platform that provides brick-and-mortar retail stores with self-service pay stations. The startup was founded in 2016 by its co-founders Steve Gu and Ying Zheng. Mr. Gu serves as its chief operating officer. This is an American company that is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. AiFi serves physical stores with customized technological solutions to provide automated pay stations designed o ale for the size and needs of the operation.

3. Walmart Fast Lane

Walmart has launched its new Fast-lane technology to provide autonomous store technologies to speed the checkout process for its customers who want to avoid waiting in long times. the company has developed a scan-an go-shopping system with multiple stations that provide alternatives for customers to waiting in long lines at the checkout stations. This new technology allows customers to scan the labels for barcodes on the items they're purchasing and conduct their own checkout processes. The new shopping process is much like Amazon's quick check-out tech and it is now deployed in Walmarts throughout the United States and Canadian locations. Walmart designed its own autonomous tech to customize it for their unique shopping needs as a leader in the big store industry.

2. Sensei

A new tech startup out of Lisbon Portugal is drawing attention within the autonomous store technology industry. Sensei s a company that is headquartered in Lisbon. It develops autonomous store technology and products with a platform that is based on computer vision tech. The company is relatively new on the scene but it is an up-and-coming startup that bears watching. The unique tech products allow convenience stores the luxury of check-out free purchasing. So far Sensai has attracted some large investors. it raised $6.5 million in a round of seed funding led by Seaya Ventures and Iberis Capital. Sensei is preparing to launched new stores using a combination of artificial intelligence, for automating stores, using cameras and sensors. The products are available to both new and existing sores. The target for Sensei is smaller retailers to give them tools to compete with some of the larger retailers in the digital niche of the industry. The technology is tailored to meet the needs of forecourts and grab-and-go type stores.

1. Amazon Go

Amazon is the largest and most successful of all companies involved in the development of autonomous store technology. It was the first to develop the concept of cashier-less stores through its Amazon Go store. this is one of the most unique and convenient shopping services ever. It allows shoppers to choose the items that they want to purchase, then walk out the door without the need to go through any type of checkout process or wait in lines. Shoppers must download the Amazon Go app on their smartphones as this is required for entry at Amazon Go stores. A receipt of the items is sent to the shoppers via the app after they leave the store. Amazon Go may be the new way that people shop for goods as it streamlines the process saving time and effort as well as eliminating the time spent waiting to complete the checkout process.

Final thoughts

Technological advances are changing the way we conduct everyday transactions. With most of the world moving to digital shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are also modernizing their approach to shopping and the checkout system. Autonomous store technology makes it possible for shoppers to scan their own items without cashier assistance. Some forms of the technology take it a step further and allow shoppers to skip the checkout line completely with receipts for their purchases sent to them after they leave the store. We've highlighted the five companies that are leading the way in developing new products to further simplify the shopping and checkout processes. Each is worth keeping your eye on as they may become the next mega giants in the technology industry.

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