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20 Things You Didn't Know About Alphawave IP

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Alphawave IP is a Canadian chip-making company that recently made the news in the business world. It chose London over New York City to file its initial public offering as it switches from a privately held corporation to a publicly-traded entity. Instead of becoming a part of the American system, it's competing with the US tech market by entering the European system. The fairly new startup has moved past its infancy stage in a remarkably short time. To bring you current with the news and the potential impact of the tech startup here are 20 things you didn't know about Alphawave IP.

1. Alphawave IP is a young startup

According to Market Watch, Alphawave IP was founded in 2017. The company is only 3 years old, going into its fourth year of operation in 2021. Although it is technically still in its infancy, it has grown to become a giant in the tech industry in a remarkably short time.

2. Alphawave IP specializes in semiconductor development

The business develops semiconductors but it has set itself apart from similar companies. It maintains a focus on high speed and high volume at connectivity. It works on developing semiconductors that more efficiently bridge the connections through its chip products.

3. Alphawave IP produces versatile chips for multiple applications

One of the factors that make Alphawave IP unique and successful is the versatility of its technology products. The chips that this company produces and sells are designed for use in computer systems as well as for phone networks and data centers. The technology is used in the 5G wireless infrastructure as well as in autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence-powered applications.

4. Alphawave became profitable in one year

Most new startups struggle to stay in business for the first several years, but this was not the case for Alphawave IP. The business hit the ground running and turned profitable after one full year of operation. In 2018, it was turning a profit, and it continued to thrive in the tech industry. By the year 2020, the company's revenues had increased to an amazing 200 percent growth in the year over year analytics.

5. Alphawave IP has grown in the UK

The expansion of the Toronto, Canada-based company has been fast and aggressive in the United Kingdom. This is thanks to a partnership that Alphawave IP formed with Ensilica, a custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASI), chip designer. It's one of the leaders in the UK's industry. In addition, Alphawave has partnered with Siemens, a European industrial group focused on the high-tech factory building. It also has partnerships with Samsung and TSMC.

6. Alphawave has plans to set up a new headquarters in the UK

Part of Alphawave's expansion efforts includes a new headquarters that will be located in Cambridge, England. The facility will be used as a research and development space for the company. The UK is pleased with the move as it will attract more technology startups to enhance competition with key financial centers in the United States. While this isn't good news for the American market it does give the United Kingdom a much-needed boost. The country is just beginning to emerge in its attractiveness for tech companies and those, particularly in the fintech and financial industries. This will bring more jobs to the British people and it will on up new markets in the area.

7. Alphawave has just one executive team member

When most major companies expand to the size that Alphawave IP has, they require larger executive teams to manage and oversee operations. This has not been the case for Alphawave. So far, the company is led by one executive. That is the current chief executive officer and founder of the company, Tony Pialis, according to Crunchbase. There has not yet been a board of directors established for the startup, but we believe that the next step of its development will be to expand the staff of executives and add an advisory board. Up until now, the three-year-old company has been solely directed by Pialis.

8. Pialis hired a top-notch tech team

Alphawave has achieved its remarkable and fast success because Tony Pialis only hired the best teams to develop and build its products. Under his sole leadership, Alphawave has brought on veterans in the technology industry and engineers that have almost 20 years of experience of success in Silicon/IP team environments. Their expertise has delivered proven results that have taken the company forward to become a leader in its niche of the semiconductor development and building industry. It is the talent and skill of the engineers and developers under Pialis that has produced high-quality and innovative products that are currently in high demand in the tech world.

9. Alphawave uses complex technologies in its operation

We learned that Alphawave uses a total of 34 different technologies actively to power its website. Although the end-users have a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience, multiple technologies are running in the background. These include iPhone/mobile compatible SSL by default, and Viewport Meta just to name a few of them. The site is relatively easy to navigate which makes it more enjoyable for first-time visitors who often return for repeat business. This also helps with the visitor to customer conversion rates.

10. Alphawave is used by visitors from across the globe

The Canadian company has a large international presence. The analytics show that the average number of monthly visits is 10,388. The highest percentage of visitors are from Canada with 82 percent of the traffic originating from there. This is followed by 15 percent of visitors hailing from the United States, followed by 3 percent of the traffic from visitors originating from Israel. This is expected to change once Alphawave IP completes the building of its new headquarters in Cambridge, England. We'll likely see a huge increase in traffic from the United Kingdom as well as other European countries.

11. Alphawave's website visit numbers have declined.

We were interested in knowing more about what the current statistics for Alphawave mean. A snapshot of its analytics statistics shows that the 10,388 average visits show a monthly rank growth of 2.13 percent. The bounce rate is 30.67 percent with the bounce rate growth at 12.96 percent. Concerning the page views, the visit growth rate is down by a little over 31 percent with the average visit duration down by more than 22 percent. Although Alphawave is not getting as many visitors for the site, the sales have been up with this statistic reflected in the revenue growth rate.

12. Alphawave is running a small crew

For the amount of business that Alphawave IP does in a month, the workforce is surprisingly small. According to LinkedIn, there are currently just 91 employees working for the tech giant. This shows that it doesn't take a giant corporation with thousands of workers to build a hugely successful enterprise. Sometimes keeping a lean crew of the best in the industry yields greater production than larger businesses that also encourage deadwood staff that hinders productivity.

13. Alphawave IP has just brought on 3 senior management employees

Although there hasn't been any announcement of new executives hired to help govern Alphawave IP, it has hired 3 new senior managers. The median tenure at the 3-year-old company in these positions is 1.2 years, which is just a little over a year. It suggests there is somewhat of a turnover. The three new hires signify a headcount growth in this level of management of 38 percent, which means that the company is growing.

14. Alphawave IP runs a tight ship

We looked to see if Alphawave is currently hiring. It would make sense that they would offer a few new positions, but after the hiring of its 3 new senior management positions, there is nothing available. Since there are no job openings at this time it suggests that Alphawave continues to maintain a lean and tight-knit crew of only essential workers and management teams. It's no small wonder that the company has been so highly profitable this early in its journey.

15. Alphawave will reach multi-billions in valuation

According to Techcrunch, Alphawave IP is planning to file its IPO for the London public listing. This is expected to result in a valuation of $4.5 billion, hurtling the startup well past the required $1 billion valuations to qualify for unicorn status.

16. Alphawave has attracted big investment firms

When it comes to fundraising, Alphawave has been successful in attracting big-time players in venture capital. Two of the larger firms have felt confident in investing in the three-year-old startup. Alphawave IP raised $510 million from the mega giants Janus Henderson and Blackrock.

17. Alphawave IP will be good for the United Kingdom

The proposed move to the United Kingdom is something that the United Kingdom is looking forward to. It will give the country's economy a needed boost and a substantial leg up on American competition in the tech industry. A part of the London listing is moving the Alphawave IP headquarters to the United Kingdom, hence, the move to Cambridge. There has been a concern in the UK over its tech stock listings since the post valuation of Deliveroo took an undesirable turn after its initial public offering. City watchers are hopeful that the move will generate positive traction for the UK market.

18. Alphawave is moving to a more productive environment

CEO of Alphawave IP, Tony Pialis is looking forward to the move because of the current tech environment in the UK. He believes that the semiconductor and tech industry ecosystem in the country is well-established and will foster an environment that is conducive for the further growth of Alphawave IP as a business. This is why he chose the United Kingdom over New York. He's done the research already and has discovered that this location is the home of a pool of knowledge, experience, and talent that will help him to grow the business. This is a timely move since a similar computer chips designer has been offered for sale to a company in the United States. Arm Holdings has entered into negotiations for acquisition by an unnamed American company, however, there have been delays for the sale to allow for a thorough investigation into the potential implications for national security for the United Kingdom. So far it is not known if the sale will go through or not.

19. Alphawave signed a deal with China

According to the Globe News Wire, Alphawave expanded a partnership with an exclusive subscription reseller agreement for the China market. This took place in February of 2021 as one of the more recent deals in its forceful and aggressive push forward. The deal was struck between Alphawave IP and VeriSilicon to expand their current partnership with a multi-year $54 million agreement. Under the terms of the deal, VeriSilicon will exclusively sell Alphawave IP products. This will help Alphawave to grow its current business in China yet further. It's a deal that is mutually beneficial for both VeriSilicon and Alphawave but the Chinese consumer base is the real winner with some of the most advanced technology components on the earth now available.

20. Alphawave IP is keeping the IPO on the down-low

According to Market Realist, the date for Alphawave IP's IPO has not yet been revealed. Everyone is fairly certain that it's going to happen with current plans to move to the UK s a part of the deal, but it has to yet shared the date that everything is expected to take place. Investors are keeping their ears to the ground in anticipation of the stock share availability, but as of late April 2021, we still don't know when that's going to happen.

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