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20 Things You Didn't Know About Shipium


Shipium is an American logistics and e-commerce startup that helps its clients improve the speed of deliveries with faster performance for their customers. It's made the news in business recently with an influx of investor funding to help the company achieve growth and expansion. If you're not yet familiar with Shipium, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about the up-and-coming logistics provider that you might find helpful.

1. Shipium is still in its infancy

Crunchbase confirms that Shipium is a new company that was launched in 2019. With less than three years of operation under its belt, the startup is still in its infancy stage of development, but it's far surpassed the progress of most businesses at this phase. It's had a lot of help and it's becoming a potential disruptor in the logistics segment of the tech industry. The legal name of the company is Shipium Corp. The headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.

2. Shipium isn't wasting a dime on website technologies

Shipium is playing its cards close to the vest and it runs its website with six technology products and services. We checked out the site and it functions well providing visitors with a smooth and seamless experience. Some of the technologies include COVID-19, IPv6, Domain Not Resolving, and a few others. It's keeping expenses on IT low to focus on other aspects of company development, but the website is fully functional without all the bells and whistles.

3. Interest in Shipium is starting to pick up

The analytics reports for the Shipium website show that the number of monthly visits is growing. It reflects the growing interest in the products and services offered by the company. Over the past thirty days, a total of 5,449 visitors checked out the website. It's ranked as number 3,019,932 of the millions of websites listed on the world wide web. It's not bad for a brand new company.

4. Shipium is the most popular in the United States

Shipium is an American-based company and most of the web traffic is from people who live in that country. Ninety-eight percent of the visitors are from the US. Two percent are from Pakistan. There are currently no reports of the monthly visits growth rate for the site as the company is so new that they're still in the process of collecting data.

5. Shipium has a small executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Shipium has four members. Geoff Tamman is the head of finance. Marcus Knight is the vice president of GMT. Mac Brown is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Jason Murray is a co-founder and chief executive officer. The core team is supported by others at high levels of leadership and management including John Depure, chief software engineer, James Hsu, lead software engineer, Justice Nichols, senior software engineer, Ryan Emery software engineer, and Scott Puleo, principal UI engineer.

6. Shipium has a two-member board of directors

There are two members on the board of directors for Shipium. Chuck Stonecipher joined the board in 2012. he is a partner at Trilogy Equity Partners. He currently serves on seven boards of directors in advisory roles. Julie Sandler is a co-founding general partner and managing director at Pioneer Square Labs. She has founded one organization and currently serves on five boards of directors in advisory roles. Both members of the board bring years of leadership and business experience to the table to provide advisement on strategic and financial planning for Shipium.

7. Shipium is a venture capital supported enterprise

Shipium has participated in three rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series A funding closed on April 14, 2022. The total amount raised is $37.5 million. The latest round of fundraising brought in $27.5 million in new funding.

8. Shipium has done well in attracting investors

It's rare for new companies to attract the attention and support of investors during their early stages. It speaks well of the co-founders' ability to present the positives of the company and its likelihood of achieving success. Investors require all strategic plans to be set in order with reasonable goals and attention to detail to consider supporting them with their dollars. Shipium cut as it secured the support of six investors. The most recent investors to join the fundraising efforts include Insight Partners and Trilogy Equity Partners. They are joined by PSL Ventures, Good Friends, Christopher North, and Darrel Cavens who contributed to Shipium's Seed Round of fundraising. The Seed round brought in approximately $10 million to help Shipium become established and launch its products and services to consumers.

9. Shipium is a privately owned company

Shipium is a privately held enterprise that depends on investor fundraising to achieve its early goals for development and growth. The company has not yet revealed any plans of taking Shipium to the public arena. You won't find shares of Shipium stock for sale or trade on any of the public stock exchanges because it doesn't exist. It's too early in the development of the new business to consider such a move. It's still worth keeping an eye on them because you never know when the status could change from privately held to publicly traded. Anything is possible.

10. Shipium intends to offer an Amazon-like shipping speed

Techcrunch reports that Shipium has a goal of becoming one of the fastest supply chain builders in the nation. The CEO of Shipium spent nineteen years of his professional career at Amazon and he has an idea of what it takes to accomplish that kind of speed and efficiency. He plans to implement efficient processes through Shipium that will rival the giants such as Amazon and Walmart to ship packages to consumers faster for their clients. The company also plans to make shipping more affordable to avoid the problem of paying extra fees for the convenience of fast delivery.

11. Shipium is good for smaller companies

Not all companies have access to the technologies for supply chain management used by Amazon and other large distributors. They've paled in comparison to Amazon's speed and efficiency, until recently. Shipium is here to change the dynamics and open up access for smaller to medium and large companies to access similar technology that will give them the same speed and quality in logistics to satisfy their customer bases and create a better landscape for competition. Jason Murray and Mac Brown are hard at work putting all of the pieces together to coordinate them for their customers in an automated system that uses machine learning. Their goal is to enable clients to fulfill customer orders as fast and efficiently as Amazon or Zulily.

12. Shipium is building a massive tech stack

Cheaper and faster shipping for clients depends on a supply chain coordination layer created for e-commerce retailers, in a thick tech stack that works seamlessly to deliver on promises. The tech helps move inventory from the order stage to fulfillment, shipping, and delivery at a rapid pace not missing a beat. Shipium is building the tech stack we're talking about.

13. Shipium has a trade secret

The secret to the success of Shipium's platform is in coordinating decisions commonly made by companies that are static and fragmented. Addressing these glitches helps to improve efficiency. Using tech to automate the coordination in a cheap and fast way is the ingredient for success. Machine learning and logic are the technologies at work to determine what will work best for each customer with follow-through from start to finish. Their proposed strategy has the potential for lowering the costs of shipping by more than five percent and cut down on shipping time by several days.

14. Shipium is already in business

Some tech startups take a few years to get into the full swing of business, but Shipium is already on track and moving. Within the past nine months of operations, over ten million shipments have been processed with a goal of more than fifty million by the year's end. Shipium is set up to deliver in all fifty states with 91 percent coverage for five-digit zip codes. The enterprise has come a long way in a short time with significant progress as they launch their new logistics services.

15. Shipium has plans to expand its operations

The recent influx of investor capital has given Shipium the means to further expand its operations. They've earmarked the funds for intensifying engineering on the current product, and for increasing its marketing and sales teams. Shipium plans to tackle the issues experienced by other new carriers and establish a local presence that connects everyone with its bridging platform. It's a complicated system engineered to be simple, and user-friendly for retailers.

16. Shipium is currently hiring

LinkedIn reveals that Shipium is expanding its workforce and adding new job positions. They're adding to their current small workforce of 32 members with ten new job openings. Most of the jobs advertised are for workers in the Seattle, Washington area, but some are listed anywhere in the United States. The company offers medical, dental, and 401k plans in its benefits packages. These jobs will help Shipum increase its workforce by one-third. They're making good on their promise to grow the workforce and reach out to more potential customers in the marketing area.

17. Shipium's co-founders are veterans in the logistics industry

Part of Shipium's rapid success is the skill and experience of its co-founders. Jason Murray is a co-founder and chief executive officer of the company. He spent nineteen years with Amazon in various management and executive leadership positions, gaining insights into the processes and technologies required to operate quickly and efficiently. He is a computer engineer. Mac Brown is a co-founder and chief technology officer at Shipium. He is also an engineer and a graduate of Princeton University. He spent seven and a half years at Zulily, first as its director of software engineering, then as vice president of supply chain and fulfillment software. The founders of Shipium are veterans in the supply chain industry with engineering and technology with executive leadership experience.

18. Shipium aims to help the rest of the shipping industry

PRN Newswire confirms that the goal of Shipium is to help the shipping industry to get back on track after delays and roadblocks experienced from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Shippers struggle to bring down shipping costs while simultaneously reducing shipping times to compete with larger companies. It's been a difficult time, but the situation is starting to look more promising.

19. Shipium could be a game-changer

Shipium's new logistics platform for e-commerce could be the light at the end of the tunnel that many shippers have been looking for. The industry's market share will top $3 billion by 2028. There's still plenty of room for growth. The machine learning and intelligent technology that automates stodgy fulfillment practices for smaller companies could be the solution that they need. Shipium has a method for coordinating supply chain management tasks across fundamental stages that improve customer relations with its clients extending from the shopping process to the result of receiving the packages in a streamlined, secure, and hassle-free process. It's a proven method for enhancing customer loyalty for repeat business. Shipium uses data modeling to take human-driven decisions and automate them, achieving desired outcomes.

20. Shipium is just getting started

Shipium is just entering a critical stage of development as it moves forward with a solid solution for supply chain management and streaming fulfillment and delivery processes. They continue to extend their offerings to e-commerce retailers with demand increasing daily. The hope is to break their 100 millionth shipment before 2022 closes. Shpium is a company to keep your eye on and consider when streamlining your e-commerce supply chain processes.

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