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20 Things You Didn’t Know about NordVPN


NordVPN is one of the most utilized VPN services in history. From high speeds, torrenting prowess, live streaming, and online security to web browsing tools, it is no surprise that you need service in your everyday digital life. The VPN service has its headquarters in Panama and was considered one of the best in the market by 2022. Whether you’re a VPN newbie or want to switch from your current VPN to NordVPN, here are 20 things you didn’t know about the product. Before delving into this review, it would be best to understand that a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. By choosing NordVPN, you’re looking to have a private and secure moment online by concealing your IP address. The points revolve around torrenting capability, live streaming, and its efficiency for single people or families. Read on to find out.

1. It’s the best product for streaming

Whether you want to stream movies, documentaries, or anime on Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, or DAZN, NordVPN has you covered. According to CyberNews, this product relies on SmartPlay technology to access the right servers. Once you set the logins correctly, it will unlock all the platforms listed above for you to choose from.

2. You have more to gain if in a region with the best streaming libraries

What are the odds you’re in a place that outperforms streaming libraries? Doesn’t it feel great to bring NordVPN on board? You will be pleased to know that this product won’t let you down, provided you’re near their servers. The more your country has robust streaming libraries, the easier it is to access the content. For example, the US, UK, Canada, and other developed-world locations meet these specifications, making it easier for users to use this product on devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV.

3. It’s the best for torrenting

Torrenting refers to the action of downloading and uploading files via the BitTorrent network. It mainly involves downloading files from other users instead of a central server. Considering how peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing is common these days, it would be only logical if you went for a reliable VPN service. That’s where NordVPN comes in handy. Currently, NordVPN is the single most effective torrenting product in the VPN market. It is above other VPNs because it allows users to access any server they want for torrenting. This plays a significant role for users in countries where torrenting is illegal, such as Japan, Italy, and Germany.

4. NordVPN comes in paid versions

This product is available for free or at a pricing scheme that offers the same features and benefits. The paid service often comes in three pricing tiers: monthly, yearly, and 2-year plans. According to CyberNews, yearly subscriptions are cheaper than monthly, hence saving you money. Paying a lump sum amount upfront might seem like a costly decision, but the difference in value is too significant to overlook.

5. The 7-day free trial version was banned due to abuse

Initially, NordVPN also welcomed free-to-use subscribers on board, thanks to the free seven-day trial. The free version allows you to use any device you find easy to pair it up with. To get started, download the NordVPN product on your Android device. The user had to make sure it’s the first time your account is registered with NordVPN. Next, activate the free 7-day trial. Finalize by pairing it with any other device. The free trial version worked by downloading the app and logging in with your current details. Unfortunately, the company banned the free trial feature due to misuse. The VPN service introduced the 30-day money-back guarantee to try it for 30 days in place for the free trial.

6. Its servers have increased since it entered the market

In 2018, NordVPN only had 4,000 servers in 59 countries. Today, the servers have increased to 5,400, making it a competent VPN service provider. Europe has 37 countries, Asia 13, Americas seven, while the rest of the world are three countries with NordVPN servers. The three continents have the best coverage. We hope this VPN service will come to Africa despite having other VPN solutions to make use of.

7. Provides you with an extra layer of security

The world is filled with fraudsters who are out to steal your money through your online activities. The government can easily spy on your activities and sell Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to marketers to make matters worse. Preventing these two scenarios from happening requires you to turn on your NordVPN service. So, whether you’re browsing via your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, you need a VPN service to protect your data.

8. You NordVPN if you frequently use public Wi-Fi

A public Wi-Fi is the most accessible platform for hackers to access your data. They can approach you with a fake public hotspot. In your mind, you thank the heavens that you’ve received a public hotspot that doesn’t have a password. The trick is to encourage you to click it. That’s how they’ll steal your password, credit card information, and other confidential information. Save yourself from hackers by securing your data through NordVPN.

9. It might not guarantee complete anonymity

Whether you’re using NordVPN or any other VPN service, it helps to know that your true identity might not stay completely anonymous. Anything you do can quickly reveal your identity in ways that not even NordVPN can prevent. Hackers use various tricks to access your data regardless of having a VPN or not. They use web trackers and cookies to track your name and geographic location. They will store this information for future use. Secondly, they can use unique information submitted by your browser to see your online presence even if you’re on a VPN service.

10. NordVPN is illegal/ restricted in some countries

Some countries have legalized VPNs, while others are still skeptical about it. According to Top 10 VPN, countries with banned VPNs include Oman, China, Turkey, United Arabs Emirates, Belarus, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Iraq. If you’re in any of these countries, don’t use VPN anyhow. You risk getting prosecuted and paying huge fines when caught, though some experts believe China doesn’t belong to this category. Still, you need to verify if your country accepts it to be on the safer side.

11. You might need to pay more for data consumption when using a VPN

VPN works by hiding and encrypting your data from third parties. So that means you need to pay more for the internet. If you’re using it, chances are you will connect it to cellular data only. The Wi-Fi service might not help you much. Before subscribing to NordVPN, find out how much your internet provider intends to charge to avoid reaching your monthly data limit before the end of the month. Abroad users might also need to spend more on roaming charges.

12. You have several payment options for a NordVPN subscription

Here comes a problem where you’re stuck on how to pay for your NordVPN service for the first time. You never know that your average credit card can pay for everything, including a VPN service. Just know you’re not alone. Payment methods for NordVPN are PayPal, e-wallets (Bitcoin or CoinPayments) credit cards. The service also accepts UnionPay, SOFORT banking, and AmazonPay. Please check with your banking provider to determine how much you will pay in service fees and their terms and conditions before paying for the service.

13. It relies on a “kill switch” to prevent data leaks

According to TechRadar, NordVPN has two “kill switches,” differentiating it from its competitors. The first one is the general kill switch. It works by barring internet access when your VPN is disconnected. The second “kill switch” is an application that shuts off your preferred apps should the connection get disrupted. With these two encryptions and blocking services, you have no reason to worry about the safety of your data.

14. NordVPN once suffered a hack in 2018

As mentioned earlier, a VPN service should encrypt your data and prevent hackers from accessing your online activities. Unfortunately, NordVPN has had its fair share of hacking incidents. In 2018, news headlines reported that it was hacked. The other concern most people had was the company’s hellbent moves to sweep the hacking experience under the rug. However, it opened their eyes, and now they have high-quality post-hack features to restore their users’ confidence.

15. NordVPN made significant post-hack steps to ensure users don’t feel wasted

In the same vein, NordVPN made many changes to its server network, including RAM-only applications. The primary goal is to prevent hackers from accessing local files. The second approach was to audit the apps to identify and solve security issues. They contracted VerSprite, a reputable internet security audit firm, to inspect the apps. Finally, they introduced a bug bounty program for anyone to report suspicious activities with the service.

16. Its headquarters in Panama is a “blessing in disguise”

According to, NordVPN’s headquarter is in Panama, a country that doesn’t belong to surveillance alliances. That means the country lacks mandatory data retention laws. The VPN service also has offices in Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In Lithuania, the business incubator (Tesonet) supports the VPN service.

17. It lacks a phone service

It’s hard to imagine that a reputable VPN service like NordVPN doesn’t have phone service. It doesn’t make sense that accessing customer support only works via email, live chat, and FAQ in this day and age. These services might take ages before you get a response. Still, it’s on a journey to make specific changes, and we hope that phone support will be one of them soon.

18. It has ratings of more than 4 out of 5 from renowned platforms

The Appstore gave NordVPN a star rating of 4.6 out of 5. It also attracted more than 450,000 reviews, ranking the VPN service at a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. There are many reasons for these good ratings. For example, NordVPN has a SmartPlay feature that allows you to stream your videos effortlessly. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows phones, and even BlackBerry. If this VPN service doesn’t earn your trust, no other will.

19. It has reliable speeds

NordVPN’s speeds vary per state. However, it loses an average speed it delivers is 53%. Most critics argue that speed loss depicts the performance of any VPN. So, typically, this VPN service loses connection speed at 53% after measuring and concluding that it was an up. The 2019 speed loss was at 32%. Either way, its speeds are unashamedly fast. You will hardly encounter a VPN that doesn’t encourage sudden dips or service interruption than NordVPN. So, if you expect it to disappoint you, think again, as it will prove to be up to the task.

20. It has a double VPN feature

According to C-Net, NordVPN has a double VPN feature, allowing you to enjoy double-dose data encryption privilege from multiple servers. The VPN service has obfuscated its operations to ensure hackers remain blind to what you’re doing. NordVPN’s interface is also easy to use. The app’s features are jumbled up like the others of its competitors. The toggle controls and server search functions work smoothly, making it easier for a newbie. In addition, it has a map graphic that looks interactive, a quality you won’t find in other VPNs.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Double VPN feature
  • Multiple server locations
  • Top-quality security features
  • High speeds
  • No-log policy
  • Two kill switches
  • Supports Netflix and other streaming platforms


  • Isn’t budget-friendly
  • It isn’t available in many languages
  •  Lacks a phone service


A good VPN service is an excellent way to keep your data a secret, and that’s pretty much what the NordVPN service vouches for. Though it’s still young, it has proven that VPNs can still be trusted to encrypt data and prevent hackers from stealing from the vulnerable. Unless you don’t use the internet frequently, there is no reason to avoid this critical service.

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Written by Allen Lee

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