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20 Things You Didn't Know about Applied Blockchain Inc.


Applied Blockchain is an international startup that builds business applications with advanced cryptography. The company specializes in producing technologies that enhanced privacy and distributed ledgers. They build applications for startups and enterprises in numerous industries including aviation, automotive, commodities, telecoms, energy, financial services, and supply chain. Other industries they serve include medical, legal, recruitment, and property. Applied Blockchain Inc made business news recently with its IPO. If you're not familiar with this company, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Applied Blockchain, Inc. to bring you up to speed.

1. Applied Blockchain, Inc has been around for less than a decade

Crunchbase confirms that Applied Blockchain has been in operation for approximately six years. It's still a young company, but it's had enough time to become firmly established in the finance industry. It's a leader in its niche and has grown and expanded at a rapid pace since its inception in 2016.

2. Applied Blockchain, Inc is a versatile startup

Applied Blockchain is listed across eight industries because of the versatility of the products and services it offers clients. It is first and foremost a Blockchain company. It also provides products in the Computer and Software industries, with Finance and Payments services available as well as transportation, shipping, and attention to Privacy through its platform.

3. Applied Blockchain's website uses a complex array of technologies

The technologies used to power Applied Blockchain's website are complicated, but IT techs configure the various products and services to create a smooth experience for visitors to the website. It actively uses twenty-eight technologies on the website. Some of them include SPF, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, and dozens more. AB has not shared its annual budget for IT, but based on the information we estimate the annual cost between $100K to $150K depending on the scale of the products and services.

4. Interest in Applied Blockchain is on the rise

The analytics report for the Applied Blockchain website shows that the number of monthly visits to the site is starting to pick up. Over the past thirty days, 5,394 people have visited the site. This number represents a growth in the number of monthly visits by 115.2 percent. It's a significant increase in web traffic. The number of visits ranks the website as number 2,071,043 of the millions of websites listed on the world wide web.

5. Applied Blockchain is the most popular in the United States

Analytics for the Applied Blockchain website shows that the highest number of visitors over the past thirty days has come from the United States. Seventy-five percent of the web traffic is from the US showing a monthly visits growth of 262.84 percent. Fifteen percent of the visitors are from the Philippines. Nine percent are from Austria, and less than one percent are from Spain. The data gathered about the number of visits and where they're from helps strategic planning teams to determine where the greatest interest in AB's products and services exists.

6. The executive leadership team at Applied Blockchain Inc is small

There are two members listed on the core executive leadership team for Applied Blockchain, Inc. Adi Ben-Ari is the founder of the company. He also serves as the chief executive officer. he is joined by Francesco Canessa, the chief technology officer. These two high-ranking executives are supported by a team of engineers, managers, and non-managerial professionals to ensure the smooth running of the company and ample support for the leadership.

7. Applied Blockchain is a venture-capital-backed enterprise

Applied Blockchain is supported by private investors. The startup participated in four rounds of fundraising. The most recent Grant round was completed on February 16, 2020. The total amount raised from investors was $4.6 million. Investors in Applied Blockchain are Algorand Foundation, a lead investor, QBN Capital, also a lead investor, Shell, trading International, a lead investor, Calibrate Management, a lead investor, and Momentum, London. A combination of Seed Round fundraising, Non-equity assistance, and a Grant helped the company in its effort for growth and expansion.

8. Applied Blockchain Inc announced its IPO

Globe-News Wire confirmed on April 8, 2022, that Applied Blockchain announced the launch of its initial public offering. The private company filed its intentions with a registration statement on its Form S-1, submitted for filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. the startup plans to offer $60 million worth of shares of its common stock. Underwriters will have a 30-day option for purchasing up to fifteen percent of additional common stock at the public offering price. Underwriters receive commissions and discounts from the purchase of common stock. Applied Blockchain will appear on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol APLD.

9. Applied Blockchain builds next-gen datacenters

Applied Blockchain, Inc. is an essential player in the bitcoin mining industry. AB is an enterprise that builds and operates next-generation datacenters. The main focus is on work in North America. The datacenters provide the blockchain infrastructure with substantial computing power to support Bitcoin mining. Applied Blockchain is in the process of partnering with leading companies in the industry to enhance its development efforts and deploy and scale its business. Proceeds from the IPO will help with funding to support these efforts.

10. Applied Blockchain changed its name

Reuters revealed that Applied Blockchain is the new name of the startup that launched under a different legal name. The company was first called Applied Science Products, Inc. If you plan to research the company, you may find information under each name, and either is correct. The name legally changed to Applied Blockchain, Inc.

11. Applied Blockchain is forming strategic agreements

A focus of Applied Blockchain is mining Ethereum and altcoin. It's making an effort to scale its mining operation for each of the cryptocurrencies it works with by forming strategic partnerships. So far, it's secured partnership agreements with General Mining Research and Sparkpool, both Ethereum companies, to gain knowledge from these partners along with resources and expertise in the processes.

12. Applied Blockchain provides consulting and development services

Gartner confirms that Applied Blockchain Inc provides its customers with consulting and development services. They help companies find a balance between integration with the product teams and autonomy. Their advisement helps teams streamline effective management of backlogs and communications to enhance productivity between product teams and product owners. they help financial-based companies develop solid trading applications with blockchain technology.

13. Applied Blockchain is about continuous improvement

A comment from an Applied Blockchain client confirms that the consultants from the company help their customers find ways to continuously improve their products and services. AB consultants do not waste time showing off their portfolios. Instead, Applied Blockchain focuses on the tasks at hand instead of talking about past glories. Their services help streamline internal and operational efficiency, improve cost management, and improves the agility of business processes.

14. Applied Blockchain improves revenues

A goal of Applied Blockchain is to help customers drive innovation and revenue growth. It's accomplished by improving supplier and partner relationships, enhancing decision-making processes, improving customer relations, and improving business process outcomes. The platform can help reduce the time from conception to market while enhancing compliance and risk management. Applied Blockchain experts provide consultation and development services based on technology and knowledge of the potential of the blockchain platform.

15. Applied Blockchain closed its initial public offering on April 18, 2022

8 million shares of its common stock began trading with a closing price of $5 per share. The net proceeds from the sale of stock were $36.1 million. Although it may seem like a small fortune, it wasn't the target established before trading commenced. It fell short of the desired amount of $67 million hoped for. Market Watch previously announced on April 8, 2022, confirming that the target statistics were to sell 3.24 million shares at a price range between $16.54 to $20.54 per share.

16. Applied Blockchain has proceeds earmarked

Applied Blockchain shared that the proceeds from the initial public offering that brought in more than $36 million are already earmarked for use. The company plans to purchase or lease more property for the expansion of its facilities. AB plans to enter into joint agreements to co-host facilities, construct them and enter into new agreements. The company is moving into partnerships for energy service on each site it builds. Proceeds arising from the venture will help fund its general corporate purposes and working capital. It is a forward-looking plan to put the money gained to work. AB intended to create additional revenue streams in the future. Applied Blockchain is using the funding smartly by putting it to work for them and their partners as they continue their onward push to expand the sources of revenue for the company. It's a good sign to investors that will hopefully encourage further stock purchases. The shortfall of the initial public offering is not slowing down the commencement of the building projects to enhance partnerships with the new agreements.

17. Applied Blockchain Inc is hiring

LinkedIn confirms that Applied Blockchain is currently hiring new workers. We were interested in knowing where the company is making new hires to form an idea, of where expansion efforts are occurring. A job is available on-site at the Garden City, Texas facility for a network engineer. It's also hiring an accounts payable clerk for the on0site location in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Applied Blockchain company is hiring a new network engineer in Jamestown, North Dakota. a data center operations analyst in Dallas-Fort Worth, a legal compliance analyst, a project manager, a logistics coordinator, a corporate information technology manager, and a data center manager in Garden City. LinkedIn's' profile page for the company currently lists 41 staff members in the Applied Blockchain workforce. An additional nine positions will increase the workforce by nearly ten percent.

18. Applied Blockchain has an international presence

Applied Blockchain, Inc's headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but it also has a headquarters in London, England, in the United Kingdom. The company's official website confirms that it's a leader in the international market. Applied Blockchain's solutions are deployed in the United Kingdom, as well as in Switzerland, China, Australia, the Netherlands, China, South America, and the United States of America. The blockchain development and consulting firm are recognized officially as a global leader. AB is recognized among the top providers since 2017. Applied Blockchain, Inc. contributes to numerous events held across the globe with commentaries and keynote presentations on applications, confidential computing, advanced cryptography, and more. They also provide whitepapers to help educate leaders and potential partners. The UK government invited Adi Ben-Ari to present at some of its leading academic institutions, the House of Lords and Houses of Parliament.

19. Applied Blockchain Inc has made major media news

Applied Blockchain Inc has earned celebrity status in the business world. The innovative solutions it offers its customers are impressive, to say the least. It's been featured in major media publications across the globe. We highlighted some media covering the company's news and successes, such as Private Equity Wire, Coin Telegraph, Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, Finextra, Forbes, VentureBeat, Fortune Magazine, and others.

20. Applied Blockchain Inc. is a company to keep your eye on

If you're interested in diversifying your portfolio, there's a new stock on the market. Applied Blockchain recently closed its IPO with stocks available for sale and trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol APLD. It is still early in the game, so there isn't much information available on historical performance. All investments in the stock market represent a risk. It's wise to consult with your investment advisor before making any decisions.

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