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20 Things You Didn't Know about Automata


Automata is a world leader when it comes to the automation of laboratories across the globe. By using their technologies, laboratories of all sizes can have access to automation, which is not only cost effective, but assists in streamlining the workflow. Once laboratories utilize their products, they marvel at the decrease in errors, amount of work completed within a limited timeframe, and freeing lab workers from menial tasks. It all started with a robotic arm named Eva, which led to the development of Automata Labs. However, Automata is not stopping there, and is devoted to be a constant innovator in the industry of laboratory automation. Those new to the world of lab automation will find these facts about Automata quite intriguing. This is a tech company which epitomizes the benefits of having a wealth of spirit, drive and faith in the product. An award winning company, Automata is respected among their peers and clients. Their ability and drive to leave no stone unturned is representative of their founders desire to uncover solutions for their clients. By taking a glimpse at the facts listed below, entrepreneurs from all industries will be able to study their methods for success and apply it to their own business.

1. Automata Technologies Automata Labs Launched in 2021

Automata's product, Automata Labs was launched in November 2021. Automata Labs offers laboratories a way to streamline their workflow in an efficient manner. Their robotic arm named Eva, is capable of operating lab equipment while reducing human errors as well as freeing lab workers to perform more important duties. Another plus is that Automata Labs also develops the software which operates their product CEO Mostafa ElSayed stated, "At Automata, we believe in the power of automation to unlock human potential and create more opportunities for innovation. We are, therefore, very excited to launch Automata Labs, our one-stop system to make robotic automation accessible to labs frustrated by the limitations of their own manual environment."

2. Automata Showcased The Foundation of the Automata Labs for the First Time at SLAS 2022

In an interview for AZO Life Sciences, CEO Mostafa ElSayed shared the Automata bench infrastructure with the world, as well as the software which operates it. The result was a resounding success as observers noted how little space the bench took up and how much it accomplished in such a short time. ElSayed further stated that they are concentrating on creating software which benefits the customer.

3. Automata Won Two Awards at the British Engineering Excellence Awards

In 2019, Automata won two awards at the British Engineering Excellence Awards: The Startup of the Year and the Grand Prix award. This was extremely significant when you consider the high caliber of the competition. According to the judges, “Automata is a company that is delivering a cost-effective product that fills a massive gap in the UK and that will provide SMEs with the opportunity to engage with automation, making Industry 4.0 a reality. The team is determined to democratize the use of robotics among small businesses and is well on course to achieving this ambition.”

4. Automata Supports Women in Robotics

In 2021, Automata talked with 7 women in the robotics industry for their piece entitled "Breaking the Bionic Ceiling: Celebrating the Women in Robotics" While it's known by many that women are suited for the robotics industry, it's believed that the shortage of women in this industry is due to a lack of role models. As such, Automata seriously supports bringing more women into the industry..

5. CEO Mostafa ElSayed's Architectural Work Has been on Display and in Magazines

Even though he left his architectural studies in order to concentrate on Automata Technologies, ElSayed's architecturally based work continues to thrive. In fact, Mostafa has even had his work presented in art galleries and exhibitions. Not only that, but prominent magazines such as 2A Art and Architectures, Mark magazine and Al Manakh.

6. Flow Robotics and Automata Team Up

Flow Robotics deals with the handling of liquids in laboratories. Specifically their Flowbot ONE, a bot which deals with pipetting tasks. When the Flowbot ONE was teamed up with Automata's Eva in order to increase throughput, it was also found that the pair helped to reduce human errors and reduce injuries.

7. Automata Designs and Develops Technology for Many Industries

It's the goal of Automata to supply all labs with automation, not just the large labs. As such, they diligently work to design and develop automation for a vast variety of industries. For instance, they look to supply diagnostic laboratories with automation designed to streamline diagnostic testing via robotic tech. Another industry is the pharmaceutical industry. Here, they look to pair the lab techniques of today with automated technology.

8. Automata Labs are Modular and Built Around Benches

When Automata showcased their wares at the SLAS 2022, visitors got a good glimpse of how the design revolves around "benches".  This design format makes the Labs more accessible, easy to use, while not taking up much space, which is perfect for smaller laboratories.

9. Their Robotic Arm was Given a Name to Make it More Acceptable to Humans

Just like in the days of yore, when sailors sailed the high seas in ships christened with a woman's name, and referred to them as a "she", so is the plug and play robotic arm developed by Automata Technologies, Eva. While it's not clear as to why sailors named their ships after women, when it comes to Eva, it was done to make "her" more acceptable to lab workers. In other words, by giving the arm a feminine name, it helps to make it appear human and less threatening.

10. Automata Technologies Main Goal is to Automate Laboratory Processes From Start to Finish

While Eva was a great help to labs during the COVID pandemic, it could only perform single tasks. However, the company has bigger fish to fry when it comes to it's future tech. Automata Technologies has set its sights on the prospect of automating not just a few individual tasks, but performing entire processes from beginning to end.“It’s not enough to engage with your customer at one stage — like, ‘here’s the most affordable robot arm on the market, good luck!’ If companies buy one or two robots, it optimizes a few processes but it doesn’t revolutionize how that company works. So over the last few years we’ve started looking at how we can drive adoption of our tech at a scale that matters,” said co-founder and CEO Mostafa ElSayed.

11. Automata Labs

In order to go from partial automation to full automation, Automata developed Automata Labs. Describe as an automated lab bench, rather than a single robotic arm. Automata Labs had great success at the National Health Services testing division. Here, much of the work is performed by robots. The end result is that by February 2022, over one million samples have been processed using Automata Labs. Automation in this form proved especially useful with time limited tests.

12. Automata Secured $50 Million in Investments

Octopus Ventures, Hummingbird, Latitude Ventures, Isomer Capital, ABB Tech Ventures and In-Q-Tel were among the investors leading the charge. The $50 million in funds are to be used to design and develop new and better hardware designs as well as software. Automata also hopes to use these funds to expand into the U.S. and European markets. The scale of this expansion will be quite large, and involve in increase in staff from everything from robotics to sales.

13. Automata Seeks to Solve Three Issues

When Automata sets out to design and develop laboratory automation, they aim to provide the following benefits by solving these three lab specific issues. The First is to use automation to reduce or eliminate the tedious set of menial tasks scientists must perform. Second, there is the reduction of errors in the lab. In science, results need to be replicated, and often. Here, automation can help in reducing errors or perhaps eliminating them altogether. Finally, when it comes to time-sensitive operations in the lab, automation can help to keep the workflow smooth and on time.

14. Automata Technologies Receive their Breakthrough on

When Automata was a young startup of just 3 months, they landed on a website called, According to Co-Founder Suryansh Chandra this was their great breakthrough, as this was the site where most of their early customers came from. From there, articles were written about the company, giving them much needed brand exposure and soon, Automata found themselves swimming in a sea of satisfied customers.

15. Automata Technologies Proprietary Robot is Called Eva

Eva is Automata's pride and joy. She's an affordable desktop robotic arm, with a sweet build, lightweight and easy to use. When Automata designed her, they made sure to craft a robotic arm that could be fast to program and easy enough to be used by all members of the lab. She's a clever, accurate and fast worker. Repetitive tasks are no problem whether the task involves product testing, inspection, sorting and more. No more will valuable lab workers be relegated to tiresome, repetitive tasks, not to mention Eva is built to be cost effective.

16. Automata is the First of It's Kind

Though robots have been utilized in manufacturing for decades now, they've been absent from the laboratory scene. The CEOs noticed this void and decided to fill it. By employing automation in laboratories, Automata has been able to streamline the experimental process, saving time and money. Jess McCreale of Octopus Ventures had this to say, "Automata’s robotic capabilities are truly the first of its kind and the company has combined this with deep expertise in automation and a highly effective business model which has created a leading-edge over competitors. Automata Labs accelerates human ingenuity, empowering labs and scientists to achieve consistent results faster, on a greater scale, and to ultimately upscale their ambitions."

17. Automata Technologies Were So Successful with Their "Return to Work" Handbook That Other Companies Requested Copies

Business must still go on during the pandemic, so Automata's Head of Safety and Compliance, drafted a handbook to manage how the company responds to the pandemic. The goal of the handbook was to come out of the pandemic stronger than ever, rather than weaker. The handbook centers on how best to manage risk while ensuring that the business remains strong. There were so many requests for this handbook, Automata decided to offer it to all who requested. To see for yourself, you can download your very own copy here.

18. Automata's Next Generation Hardware is Coming in 2022

Automata's most recent funding has laid the brickwork for Automata Technologies Next Generation Hardware products. This new generation hardware is currently being tested with Automata's business partners. Not much is known about this new hardware design. However, it is known that Automata desires to build a system that can complete lab processes from start to finish.

19. Automata Technologies CEO Relinquished a Ph.D. for a Career as an Entrepreneur

Mostafa ElSayed had completed his masters in Architecture when contemplating giving up the idea of architectural studies in favor of becoming an entrepreneur. After all, the world is full of stories where people dropped out of college just to work on their startups. So, together with Automata co-founder, Suryansh Chandra decide to opt out of their Ph.D. offers an jump right in an start Automata.

20. AusDiagnostics Chooses Aautomata Technologies

AusDiagnostics made the decision to choose Automata to work with them with regards to developing an automated system in order to speed up their diagnostic processes. AusDiagnostics is a company base in Australia that strives to improve, develop and design patient diagnostics tools. Edward Southall of AusDiagnostics stated the logic behind choosing Automata as a partner, “We chose Automata after seeing their success in the UK with a COVID-19 testing facility, and we thought they were best placed to work with us on this project due to their pace and innovative approach.”

Final Thoughts

Whether it's their recent partnership with the National Institutes of Health, or their research and development in the field of automation, Automata is the first company of its kind, and remains the best of its kind. Through the leadership of their CEO's, Automata has set the standards in the field as they concentrate on finding solutions for lab automation, leaving satisfied clients in their wake. 2022 is looking to be a banner year for Automata as they are in the process of introducing brand new hardware and software to their customer base.

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