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How Causebox Became a Leader in Subscription Delivery

Subscription Boxes

Subscription shopping is becoming a big trend with the majority of the nation under stay at home orders from the Coronavirus pandemic. Even without the boredom of quarantines and social distancing, subscription deliveries have been gaining momentum in the market. Causebox is one such company that has recently become a leader in the subscription delivery services arena. This is perhaps one of the most unique subscription delivery services with a focus on high-quality products for women. The service gives customers something to look forward to. Here are the reasons why Causebox has become so prolific in this sector of business.

What is Causebox?

Causebox is a subscription service that provides a variety of membership options for orders of unique products for women. Within each Causebox, there is an assortment of new products that include choices of skincare products, jewelry, homewares, jewelry, and more. Members can look forward to receiving selections of items that are unique and tailored to meet their preferences.

What makes Causebox stand out in the crowd?

Causebox has formed connections with the largest socially conscious businesses in the world. In addition, the products are acquired from emerging designers and brands offering the best products from brands that have the potential to change the world for the better. Each product chosen has a story behind it. Causebox shares the story of each brand that is represented by items in the box. This creates an exclusive collection that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Causebox supports brands that give back

Another distinguishing feature of Causebox is that it only works with partners that support charities throughout the world. Each brand must have an intriguing story and evidence of the good that it is doing in the world. While Causebox only works with socially conscious companies, it also supports a variety of different charities in fundraising efforts. Some former charity partners of Causebox include Trees for the Future, Freedom Firm, The Jessie Reese Foundation, Books for Africa, Speak Your Silence, and others.

A seasonal treat for women

The Causebox subscription box is delivered seasonally. When your box arrives, you will find between six to eight special products included from socially conscious brands. There are two ways that you can sign up for your Causebox membership. If you prefer to go with an annual subscription, you are guaranteed deliveries throughout the year at the change of each season. The full price for each annual member is $49.95 per box which gives you a savings of $5 per box. If you opt for the quarterly membership then you pay $54.95 for each box and pay for them when you order. You'll get delivery for Spring Summer, Fall, and Winter.

The variety of the contents are exciting

One of the most intriguing things about each Causebox delivered is that you always know exactly what the box will contain. We've indicated some of the kinds of products included but occasionally you'll find artwork, wellness products, and apparel as well. One of the most satisfying aspects of going with Causebox is that you can rest assured that each item is sourced from a brand that practices environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

Causebox gives you the important details

Another thing that Causebox does to set themselves apart from the others within the subscription industry is that they gather specific detailed information from the brands that they source their merchandise from. Brands are asked why they have chosen to give back to the world around them. Additionally, the story of each company is shared along with the impacts that they have on those that they support as well as an accounting of their missions, goals, and where the products they provide are made. The stories are touching and by supporting Causebox through subscriptions, a certain amount of the proceeds are directed towards causes that really matter and touch real people in meaningful ways. These stories are all contained in a special little notebook that is enclosed with each package that is delivered.

You tailor the contents

With Causebox membership, you're alerted with the company is getting ready to prepare the new seasonal shipments. You're shown pictures of each of the items that will be included in your Causebox shipment and then given a range of options for many of them. This allows you to customize the contents in accordance with your preferences and requirements. This ensures that you will be pleased with the things that you receive when your shipment arrives. We learned that it usually takes about 8 days from the time that the seasonal order is placed, but the delivery times can vary. This is also something that you can customize. You're given the option to provide shipping instructions for the most convenient delivery times during each season.

There are no bad surprises

Reviews of Causebox have shown that this is a reputable company that delivers what it promises. Prior to ordering the Causebox, you're not only shown pictures of each item that will be put in the box, but there's also more. You're given a lot of specifics with detailed descriptions about most of the items, as appropriate. This may include dimensions, as well as the materials that they are made of and any special features.


Causebox has risen to become the leader in the subscription box industry. It's not difficult to see why. It's a responsible company that gathers products that women appreciate while being socially, economically and financially responsible. Each box contains unique items that are not combined in any other place. The price represents good value for the members, who are given a range of options to ensure total satisfaction with each seasonal delivery. Causebox gives members something special to look forward to about four times a year. The company is on an upward trend currently and we expect them to continue to grow and prosper in the years to come.

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Written by Allen Lee

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