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Five Companies Leading The Way in Robotics Safety Software

Robotics technology is fueling multiple industries with innovations that make everything from manufacturing to system processing go faster and more efficiently. Robotics software teams up with other technologies including AI, 3D, visual, audio, sensory systems, and more to improve the safety features. Here are five companies that are leading the way in robotics safety software that may be worth taking into consideration as investment options.

1. Canvas Technology

Canvas Technology is a robotics company that is located in Boulder, Colorado. It specializes in the development of robotics for autonomous cart products used on factory floors and in manufacturing plants. These are repetitive tasks that can be better accomplished with the use of robots, while workers attend to other more meaningful tasks. The robots come with software that provides built-in safety features that make them safe for use in environments with human workers present. The robots are built with stereo cameras offering a full 3D view that runs from the floor to the ceiling. There are also bright LED lights that let people know it's in the vicinity. Sensors detect when there are people nearby to act as a virtual bumper. These robots are used to collect data about route times and send the information in real-time to help avoid bottlenecks and other situations that have an impact on workplace efficiency and safety.

2. DroneSense

Dronesense is a public safety software company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company specializes in making drones that are used for public safety applications. The drones and software are commonly used by law enforcement agencies such as police departments, firefighters, and other first responders. The drones are commonly used to identify environments and situations that are too dangerous for humans to enter, sending data back to assess the lay of the land before people enter a scene. They help expand situational awareness to promote the health and safety of the users. The technology has a broad range of applications including civil and military usefulness, for pilots investigating weather and climate conditions, for government and critical infrastructure organizations in charge of managing potentially life-saving drone programs. For the users, DroneSense provides a complete and reliable robotic safety assessment tool that is secure and reliable with multiple functions including video and audio all in one easy-to-use integrated platform.

3. Left Hand Robotics

Left Hand Robotics is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado. This company designed commercial-grade robots for performing outdoor tasks. It specializes in the production of self-driving SNowBot Pro products that are controlled from an online environment. These self-driving vehicles use GPS along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to navigate pr-programmed paths. The SnowBot goes out into dangerous wintery environments so humans do not have to take the risks of being out on icy roads. Built-in safety software includes sensors that detect obstacles and avoid them. The robots also record real-time data about the surrounding environment and its current status. Left Hand Robotics' main product is useful for sending the vehicle/machine into environments that are unsuitable for people when temperatures are freezing and when there is a need to clear snow from road and sidewalk surfaces for the health and safety of the general public.

4. Sarcos

Sarcos is a robotics company in the aerospace, energy, and hardware sector of the industry. Sarcos robots are equipped with special safety software that validates their inclusion in this list. The headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. The company has developed and manufactured three different types of robots. Each product performs a variety of different functions. The Guardian S is a robot that is used to explore vesicles and tanks among other things while transmitting data in real-time. This robot may be operated over long distances for the health and safety of the inspection team when situations are too risky for humans to enter first. This robot is capable of traversing over rugged terrain where some vehicles would otherwise not be able to get through. It can climb stairs or snake through pipes. The next robot is the Guardian GT, which is used for heavy lifting tasks as well as welding functions. This robot contains first-responder logistics for humanitarian applications. The third robot is the Guardian XO. This device is capable of moving around untethered. It is worn as an exoskeleton suit for improving the endurance and strength of a human without interfering with any freedom of the wearer's movement. The implications for future use of his technology are immense.

5. Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics is a company that specializes in developing, designing, and production of robots that are enabled with artificial intelligence to work with humans in everyday environments. The company is based in Austin, Texas serving the healthcare industry. Its main product is the Moxi robot that is used to perform logistical hospital tasks that are time-consuming including the setup of patient rooms and restoring of supply rooms. Moxi is equipped with sensors that allow it the capability of navigating through hospital hallways and rooms and even tight spaces. One of the most outstanding features of the Moxi robot is that it is also equipped with social intelligence that allows the robot to make head movements. It is also equipped with LED eyes. This is a robot that can perform everyday tasks to allow others the freedom to attend to more urgent needs. This is a vital service in the healthcare industry that helps to provide healthcare workers with more time to focus on patient care.

Final thoughts

These are five companies that are leading the way in robotics technology safety software that are intended to improve the lives of humans and to help create a safer environment. Each takes a different approach to provide this essential service. If you're looking for a company that specializes in this field to add to your investment portfolio, each is stable and progressive with a sunny outlook for future expansion in the near future.

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Written by Allen Lee

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