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20 Things You Didn't Know about TiMi Studios

TiMi Games

What do you know about TiMi Games, the subsidiary of the parent company Tencent Games? If you're a gamer, you might think you know quite a lot. That said, you will probably be surprised by at least a few of the things on this list. It’s time to test your skills and see just how well you know the company that may be producing some of your favorite games. Here are 20 things that you may not know about TiMi Games, even if you've been playing the products that come out of their offices for years.

1. They’re actually many studios in one

There are many things that make this particular studio unique, but one of the things that allows them to truly stand out is the fact that it's really not just one studio. In fact, there are several different studios that are brought together underneath Tencent Games and TiMi Games. This allows them to have maximum flexibility when it comes to production schedules but it also has a number of other advantages. For example, they have the option of selecting the individual studio that is best suited to produce a certain product.

2. They bring together the best individuals in their respective fields

Since they do have the ability to utilize several different studios, they can bring together different people from each one in order to create a team of individuals that are best suited to produce a particular product. That team might differ depending on the genre of the game in question or the platform that it will be made available for. The fact that they're not restricted to just one studio and one group of people gives them the ability to do many things that other studios simply can't do.

3. They have offices located around the globe

In addition to having different people from separate studios that they can bring together in order to work on a project, they also have offices strategically located around the world. This makes things much more streamlined on the business side of things. Since they have more than one office, they're not dependent on a single office in one part of the world to do everything. Instead, they can select the office that is closest to the main group of people they're using for a project. It also gives them the ability to target their marketing efforts to local individuals by using different offices to do so.

4. They changed their name

Up until 2014, they were known as Jade Studio. At that point, they merged with Wulong Studio and a couple of other lesser-known entities in order to create a studio that was better able to handle the demands placed upon it in today's gaming world. At that time, they decided that it was best to change the name of the company in order to reflect the fact that they had merged with other creative entities.

5. They are responsible for the creation of the most popular racing game in China

In 2008, they created and marketed Speed Drifters, the game that would eventually become the most popular racing game in all of China. To date, this game has more than 700 million people that are registered to use it and another 200 million who use it exclusively on their mobile devices. More will be discussed about their ability to create games across all platforms later on. For now, you should know that it says a lot about their desire to truly immerse themselves in the gaming industry by the mere fact that they developed a game that could be used exclusively on mobile devices more than 10 years ago.

6. They have always prided themselves in their versatility

As previously mentioned, they have always done their best to be as versatile as possible. They essentially do this for two reasons. For starters, they want to ensure their ability to be around for years to come. In the gaming industry, being versatile is the same as ensuring self-preservation. Companies that can only do one or two things and little else don't have a tendency to last very long. However, there is another, more altruistic reason that they have worked to be so versatile over the years. They truly do love the gaming industry and they love gamers. The more versatile they are, the more they are able to bring different games of all genres to different people, across all platforms.

7. You might even say that they are experts in mobile gaming

It's already been discussed that they were capable of creating a game that could be used entirely on a mobile device when most other gaming companies wouldn't have even dreamed of treading into those waters. With the creation of Speed Drifters, they proved that they could do what many consider to be almost impossible. Since then, they have continued to create a number of different titles that are exclusively for mobile devices. In some cases, They chose to create a game that can be used on a gaming console or on a PC and then create a separate version that is entirely dedicated to mobile devices.

8. They’ve been involved in landmark events

In 2016, they created a game called Arena of Valor. Eventually, this game saw over 13 million registered users in 50 different countries. If the company hadn't been on the map prior to this event, they certainly were now. In fact, their efforts were celebrated at the 2018 Asian Games when this particular game was featured in the Esports events. They turned around and did it again the following year at the Southeast Asian Games.

9. They’re an award-winning company

In 2019, they partnered with other agencies to help develop a mobile version of the popular game Call of Duty. It was an almost instantaneous success. In fact, it saw millions of downloads and eventually won an award for the best mobile game development at 2019’s The Game Awards, held in San Francisco.

10. They’re expanding into different types of games

It may not come as any surprise, especially given their previous successes, but they are constantly working to expand into different genres of games that will keep gamers with all types of backgrounds engaged. As such, they developed a new Pokemon game less than a year ago that uses something called Real Time Strategy. In short, the outcome of the game changes based on choices that the gamer makes. This allows for multiple different outcomes and it truly puts the gamer front and center. As opposed to merely playing something that's already been completely mapped out, the gamer has an opportunity to make a real difference in the outcome of the game because they are essentially the central character.

11. It’s all about keeping people interested

Of course, all of this is done in a concerted effort to keep people interested in the products that they make. The gaming industry can be unique in the sense that a company that is at the top of their respective field today may find themselves going bankrupt tomorrow. It truly only takes one mistake or one failed product to make all the difference in the world. This is something that executives at TiMi Games are keenly aware of and they are determined to keep people interested through a variety of different means.

12. They have genuinely earned the respect of gamers from all over the world

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Because of their ability to create a multitude of different types of games that cross virtually every genre in the industry and their capacity to create games for all different platforms, they have truly earned the respect of gamers all over the world. This in turn gives them the tools that they need to continue producing games that are even more engaging in the future.

13. They are a multi-million dollar company

It isn't the least bit uncommon for the company to make millions of dollars off of individual titles. In fact, their mobile version of Call of Duty made more than 2 million dollars in profits. By the same token, another one of their games, Honor of Kings, made a whopping 728 million dollars. Released in 2019, this game became the most profitable game of the entire year, not just for TiMi Games, but across the entire gaming industry.

14. They get the best talent from all over the world

It's easy to understand why this company has done so well and why their profits are so massive. They don't recruit just anyone to work for them. In fact, they routinely work to get the best talent from all over the world, even if that means bringing people on board from competing companies. This is precisely what happened in 2020 when Scott Warner, then an executive at Ubisoft, was recruited by TiMi Games to come and work for them, which he eventually did.

15. They’ve set records

Remember how Honor of Kings made 720 million dollars in profits? It also set records for the number of users who had downloaded the game. Just last year, they recorded more than 100 million active users on a daily basis, something that had never happened before. This just goes to show how popular their games really are. It also proves that they know the gaming industry as a whole as well as individual gamers, especially when it comes to understanding what they want in a new game.

16. They have produced some of the most popular games currently available

As you can imagine, this company is responsible for producing some of the most popular games in existence. Think about games like Speed Drifters, Call of Duty and Honor of Kings. These games are responsible for a good chunk of the revenue created throughout the entirety of the gaming industry over the last several years. When you consider that they have been solely responsible for these titles and many more like them, it becomes much easier to see the role that this particular company plays in the gaming industry.

17. They have the ability to create top-quality games across all platforms

Because they do have this unique mixture of talent and ability, they're capable of creating games across virtually all platforms that people can truly enjoy. In fact, this is one of the things that has allowed them to remain so popular over the years. They don't create games solely for gaming consoles, nor do they focus only on PC’s or even on mobile devices. Instead, they focus on all of these areas so that they can bring gamers the most comprehensive gaming experience possible.

18. They have enjoyed millions of downloads

In addition to having games that can be played through a wide variety of different methods, they also make games that are really fun to play. That is precisely why they have enjoyed millions of downloads. It's also why people continue to look to them in order to gauge the overall health of the gaming industry.

19. The gaming business can be secretive at times

Just last summer, they announced a brand new mobile game. That said, they weren't quite ready to share any details about it for fear that information would leak out to one of their competitors. As such, they merely coined the game Code J. It might be hard to believe, but sometimes the gaming industry can be similar in some ways to a real-life spy organization.

20. People play their games all over the world

Because of their immense popularity and their ability to adapt all types of games in order to get the largest customer base possible, people from all over the world play their games. They definitely are a global company in the truest sense of the term. Now that you know more information about TiMi Games, you might be interested to play some of the games that they have produced, provided you haven't already done so. One thing is certain, you have many games to choose from at your disposal, so you shouldn't get bored anytime soon.

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