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20 Things You Didn't Know About SonarSource

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SonarSource is Swiss analytics and cyber security company that provides developers with open source and commercial code analyzers to manage the quality of code. Its products and services help customers in the software development industry to manage the code quality of their applications, lessen risk and improve the quality of the software they deliver to their clients. The technical solutions assist software developers and programmers in over twenty programming languages. If you're not familiar with this tech startup, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about SonarSource to bring you up to speed.

1. SonarSource has been around for a while

Crunchbase confirms that SonarSource has been in operation for fourteen years. The founders launched the operation in 2008. It started as a small tech company that continued to grow and expand. It's survived turbulent economic years to emerge as a leader in its niche of the tech industry. SonarSource is a stable and established tech provider.

2. SonarSource is listed across five industries

SonarSource provides a diverse set of tools for its clients. It helps developers to develop analytics features in their software programs. It is a software company that provides developer tools with a focus on cyber security in an open-source format. It is listed across five industries on internet classifications. Developers receive multiple benefits when using the SonarSource platforms for their development processes.

3. SonarSource uses a complicated technology stack

SonarSource actively uses forty-eight technologies to power its website. These technologies are distributed across twenty-six technology products and services to ensure that visitors to the website enjoy a smooth and seamless experience. Some of the technology products and services include iPhone Mobile Compatible, Google Analytics, Viewport Meta, HTML5, Google Fonts, and several others.

4. SonarSource spends millions on IT

Some companies budget 10 to 100K on their budgets for IT. SonarSource has one of the largest IT budgets we've seen. The company has a budget of $3.7 million for the forty-eight technologies it uses for its website. The reason for the higher bill for its technology stack is because SonarSource has a higher scale of products and services with higher annual subscription fees because of the size of its operation compared to some other tech companies.

5. SonarSource maintains uniqueness among its competitors

SonarSource stands out from the competition because it has taken steps to protect the intellectual properties that make it different than other software and tech developer platforms. The company secured twenty registered trademarks in the scientific and technological services category. The trademarks ensure that the competition cannot legally use, copy, or imitate the protected content, allowing SonarSource numerous differences from them. The products and services offered by SonarSource are outstanding in the tech community.

6. SonarSource has a high volume of web traffic

The analytics reports for the SonarSource website reveal that the total number of visits over the past thirty days was 337,404. SonarSource has a high volume of web traffic. It is ranked 233,626 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

7. SonarSource is the most popular in the United States

The largest percentage of visitors to the SonarSource website originates in the United States, even though the company is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Thirty-three percent of the web traffic is from the country with a growth in monthly visits of 0.97% over the past thirty days. Eleven percent of the visitors are from China with a 550.07% growth rate. Nine percent of the traffic is from India. four percent of the visitors are from Germany with a 36.6% monthly visits growth and four percent are from Spain with a monthly visits growth of 355.05%.

8. SonarSource has a five-member core leadership group

The executive leadership at SonarSource has five members. Christophe Havar is the product manager. Olivier Gaudin is a founder and chief executive officer. Phil Nash is a developer advocate. Bertrand Hazard is the vice president of GTM strategy. Thomas Howlett is a product manager. These five high-ranking employees are supported by a group of managers and administrative staff.

9. SonarSource has one member on its board of directors

The board of directors for SonarSource has one member. Matt Gatto serves as an advisor for the executive leadership team in financial and strategic planning matters. Mr. Gatto is an investment partner at Insight since 2010. He has years of experience in the financial world, previously working at Merrill Lynch in the Global Infrastructure Technology group. He also worked for Verizon Information Services with experience in international affairs in Hong Kong and Singapore. He is a University of Pennsylvania graduate with a BS in Economics and a BS in engineering and applied science.

10. SonarSource is a venture capital-backed enterprise

SonarSource successfully attracted the attention and financial backing of four investors. The company has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising with the most recent round of Venture Series Unknown funding completed on April 26, 2022. The total amount raised was $457 million.

11. SonarSource has four investors

Four venture capital investors support SonarSource with fundraising efforts. Three of the four are lead investors. Confidence is high in the potential for SonarSource to deliver a solid return on investments. Investors are Permira, Insight Partners, Advent International, a lead investor, General Catalyst, a lead investor, and Insight Partners also a lead investor.

12. SonarSource acquired RIPS Technologies

On May 14, 2020, SonarSource acquired a company called RIPS Technologies. The company is based in Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. It specializes in helping its customer secure Java web and PHP applications with analysis of language-specific doe with automated patching. The company offers similar or complementary products and services to SonarSource. RIPS Technologies operates as usual under the umbrella of its parent company. The acquisition is the beginning of SonarSource's expansion into other countries in Europe.

13. SonarSource is updating its services

Techcrunch ( reports that SonarSource raised $412 million in its most recent fundraising efforts. The funds are earmarked to update its software development solutions for scanning codebases for vulnerabilities and bugs. Fifty-one percent of developers report processing 100 times the volume of code compared with ten years ago with increased pressure to release software faster. Maintaining the source code is the biggest challenge for software developers. They depend on quality management services provided by SonarSource to save time and money. Bugs in software programs cost developers in the industry an estimated $2.84 trillion annually. Poor code quality results in poor software quality and complaints from end-users. The demand for SonarSource's services with frequent updates is high.

14. SonarSource is a unicorn company

SonarSource has achieved a milestone in its development. After the most recent round of venture capital fundraising, the valuation of the business has shot up dramatically. It is currently valued at $4.7 billion. Companies that reach a valuation of at least one billion join the elite and exclusive group called unicorns. SonarSource has exceeded the minimum requirements nearly five times.

15. SonarSource CEO brings years of experience to the table

Olivier Gaudin is the chief executive officer of SonarSource. He brings years of experience in the technology and financial industries to the job. He is also a founder of the company who previously worked as a developer at Deutsche Bank as a team leader of software development and at JP Morgan.

16. Freddy Mallet is the second co-founder of SonarSource

The second co-founder of SonarSource is Freddy Mallet. He served at E-Trade as a project architect before founding SonarSource. Before that, he worked at the ag-tech startup Hortis as the chief technology officer. He also brings an impressive resume to the job. His skills and talents help to make SonarSource a thriving success.

17. Simon Brandhof is the third co-founder of SonarSource

Simon Brandhof is the third co-founder of SonarSource. He, like his partners in the company, brings years of experience in the technology industry to the job. He worked as a lead developer at Hortis. He also worked at the online trading platform CPR Online as a lead developer. He has extensive knowledge and experience in his field of expertise in software development and debugging. The three co-founders bring years of technical experience, education, and hands-on development in software and cybersecurity.

18. SonarSource is leading the pack

SonarSource hit a milestone in 2010 when the company reached a high in its monthly downloads. Twelve years ago, over 2,000 downloads per month was a high point as the business was just two years into its operation. The company's start was modest but it continued to make improvements and upgrade its platform, attracting more customers in the software development arena. The scope of its products and services expanded, adding greater value for end-users, covering standards for reliability, security and maintainability. The company released more software and plugins including its SonarsCloud for analyzing open-source projects. It also offers an integrated developer environment extension called SonarLint. SonarSource has a leg up on the competition because instead of maintaining focus on one aspect of cleaning code, it also throws in other aspects that give them a better value for the cost.

19. The future looks summy for SonarSource

SonarSource has hundreds of competitors in the static code analysis software market, but there's still room for everyone and room for them to grow. The prediction for the market demand puts the estimated value at $1.74 billion by the close of 2026, representing a significant growth compared to the $643 million in 2022. SonarSource is a leader in the industry and it's likely to hold that position. It offers advantages over many of the other providers in the industry because of its multifaceted approach to helping developers produce clean code without the bugs. SonarSource has continued to grow its customer base, reaching an increase of 2,000 percent over the past four years. The company now serves more than 300,000 organizations that use a combination of free and commercial products. Eighty Fortune 100 businesses are clients of SonarSource. SonarSource has a headstart in their niche of the tech industry and they're forging ahead with innovative solutions that save software developers hours of work. Their clients use the platform to provide their customers with a superior product with far fewer bugs and security risks. SonarSource also helps them with compliance. SonarSource provides a scaled-down version of its software products and services for free, but clients may upgrade to the commercial version for the full benefits.

20. SonarSource is a privately held company

You won't find shares of SonarSource for sale or trade on any of the public stock exchanges. It's because the co-founders of the company have chosen to remain private as of May 1, 2022. Our research found no indicators to suggest any plans to file for an IPO shortly. SonarSource is privately funded by its investors. It's still a company that bears watching. Although it's not a publicly-traded entity, SonarSource has a sunny future with high demand for its products and services that is likely to continue to increase in the months and years to come. It's already achieved unicorn status, and the enterprise may advance to decacorn status and beyond. SonarSource has secured twenty trademarks protecting its intellectual property. The trademarks set it apart from other providers in the industry. SonarSource has been in business for fourteen years and has firmly established itself in the tech industry by providing multiple tools for developers in over twenty code languages. As the demand for more software programs and apps continues to rise, the need for the services and tools provided by SonarSource will also continue to increase. SonarSource isn't a company that the public can invest in at this point, but you never know when that may change. It's a stable company that is worth keeping on the radar and watching its growth if the owners decide to go public.

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