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20 Things You Didn't Know About Sinch

Personal Engagement

Sinch is a tech startup that specializes in cloud communications. The purpose of Sinch is to help businesses connect with their customer via tools that facilitate personal engagement. This is a company that has experienced significant growth recently and it is on its way to becoming a major disruptor in the communications segment of the market. To help you become more familiar with this game-changing startup, here are 20 things you didn't know about Sinch.

1. Sinch is a Swedish company

According to Crunchbase, Sinch was founded in 2008. Its headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Sinch provides a platform that is based on cloud communications and telecommunications in a Platform as a Service format.

2. Sinch has been around for a while

Sinch has been in operation for going on its thirteenth year of operation. When it was first established, the business went by CLX Communications. The legal name of the business is Sinch AB.

3. Sinch is a versatile company

Sinch is a technology company that qualifies for classification under four main categories, not counting its tech moniker. The business provides mobile services for consumers as well as ways to more closely connect through messaging services. It is also categorized in the telecommunications industry. Sinch is also both PaaS and SaaS. It does provide its versatile platform-as-a-service as well as software-as-a-service.

4. Sinch began as an equity capital-backed business

The first round of funding that Sinch received was a Series A round of Venture Capital funding. The event closed on May 14, 2014, raising a tool of $12 million. The round was funded by two investors including Index Ventures and Balderton Capital. A Post-Equity round of funding closed on November 30, 2020. This was a Post-IPO Secondary round led by Softbank raising SEK 3.3 billion. Another Post-IPO Equity found was held on May 24, 2021, led by Temasek Holdings and Softbank, raising a total of SEK 9.4 billion. Sinch is classified as a Post-IPO Equity company with regards to its investor activity. It participating in one round of funding before it went public. The total amount of funding raised in USD is $1.5 billion.

5. Sinch has eight founders

Sinch is an enterprise that was established by a group of co-founders. Remarkably, there are eight of them. The founding team of entrepreneurs responsible for its launch includes Andreas Bernstrom, Bjorn Zethraeus, Henrik Sandell, Johan Hedberg, Daniel Forsman, Kjell Arvidsson, Robert Gerstmann, and Kristian Mannik. Half of the founders are first-time entrepreneurs with Sinch as their first business. Four of the co-founders of Sinch have between two and three companies to their credit.

6. Sinch is lead by a nine-member executive leadership team

There are nine members of the Sinch executive leadership team. this is just one more than the number of founders for the enterprise. Oscar Werner is the chief executive officer. Jonas Lindroth is the chief technology officer. Heidi Kimble is the director of analytics and insight, Jeff Hasen is the director of communications. Christian Jensen is the director of the developer experience. Massimo Gaifa is the vice president of sales operations. Henrik Sandell is a co-founder. Solveig Sundquist is a content and social media specialist. While this is a fairly small team they are top-notch professionals with a strong track record for successfully leading Sinch forward to its current level of prosperity. The enterprise is thriving and growing.

7. Sinch only has one board member

Surprisingly, there is just one board member for Sinch. He is Johan Brenner. He has served in an advisory capacity of Sinch's board since 2014, six years after the businesses first launched. Johan Brenner is an entrepreneur who has founded one company, called Creandum. He is a general partner at the company. He brings a great deal of business knowledge and experience to the position of board advisory. He currently serves on a total of twelve board and advisor roles.

8. Sinch uses complicated technology

The technology that is used to power Sinch's website, products, and services is massive compared to most. There is an incredible eighty-three technologies that are sued for its website. These are distributed across fifty-nine technology products and services. A few of these products include iPhone Mobile Compatible, Apple mobile Web Clips Icon, Viewport Meta, jQuery, HTML5, Google Analytics, and dozens of others.

9. Sinch maintains rights to remain unique in its niche of the industry

One of the secrets of the success of Sinch, in a highly competitive industry, is its uniqueness. Sinch has developed a unique technology that it has secured the rights for. This prevents any of its competitors in the industry from copying its unique platform or offering services that are even close. Impressively, Sinch has secured fourteen registered trademarks with the majority of them in the telecommunications category. It has also secured four registered patents which mainly ie in the category of electric communication techniques. They own a lot of intellectual property that cannot be copied or imitated by anyone else in the same industry. This is one of the most significant factors that give them such an overwhelming edge over their competitors. They're different and it sets them apart from the crowd.

10. Sinch is experiencing tremendous growth in its website visits

The statistics for Sinch's monthly website visits are quite impressive. Of all of the websites in the world on the web, it ranks as number 207,501, which is fairly remarkable. This is due to its high number of monthly web visitors. As of the last reckoning, the monthly average number of visitors to the Sinch website is 151,191. The growth rate is 7.39 percent which shows an increase in the interest in Sinch's products and services. More web visits translate into conversions that become paying customers.

11. Sinch is the most popular in Sweden

The stats show that most of the traffic to the Sinch website comes from people who are living in the country of Sweden. The number of monthly visits has increased by 18.82 percent for this country alone. Forty-six percent of the visitors to the site are from Sweden. Fifteen percent of the visitors are from the country of India. Ten percent originate in the United States with a monthly growth rate of visitors from this country of 17.64 percent. Nine percent come from Sri Lanka and nine percent from the United Kingdom, which shows a monthly growth rate of 1.76 percent. This tells us that there is a slight increase in interest from the UK.

12. Sinch is growing its workforce

According to Crunchbase, Sinch has a current workforce of 1,337 employees. The tech giant has posted 86 new job position openings. This is a good indication that it is growing its workforce and gearing up for yet another expansion of its services. Sinch is moving into the United States as there are jobs listed for workers within its borders. We saw listings for job openings in Seattle, Washington, Atlanta, Georgia, anywhere in the state of California, in San Francisco, and more. There are also positions available in Belgium and London. Sinch is expanding its international presence.

13. The push for staffing in Atlanta, Georgia is big

We should all get ready for an especially large presence from Sinch n the state of Georgia. We couldn't help but notice that there are over a dozen job positions open for workers at all levels in Atlanta, Georgia. This suggests that the company will have an office in the city that will likely serve as a satellite headquarters to represent Sinch in the United States. This is the largest number of job openings in any other region of the U.S.

14. Sinch is strengthening its international presence

According to Wikipedia, Sinch has already established offices in many of the cities throughout the world. This latest effort to expand its international presence comes as no surprise. It has extended its workforce from its native country of Sweden into 30 major cities throughout the world, including Atlanta, London, San Francisco, Madrid, Sydney, and Singapore.

15. Sinch acquired Voltari

When it was still known as CLX, in 2014, the enterprise acquired a company called Voltari. This was a US and Canada-based mobile messaging company. The acquisition was made just before the business went public. The acquisition of this business helped Sinch to expand its offerings of services and it also helped to establish a strong presence in the United States and Canada in a bold move into the North American markets.

16. Sinch is a publicly-traded company

Sinch filed for its IPO and went public in September of 2015. It became official and was listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange with trading commencing in October of 2015. It is listed on the Mid Cap List in the Technology segment of the market. The introductory price of the shares was set at SEK 59.

17.Sinch acquired Mblox

Sinch was on the move after it went public and the second company that it acquired was Mblox. The cost of the agreement was $117 million in USD. This gave Sinch the rights over one of the world's largest messaging services with an average of 7 billion messages delivered in the year 2015.

18. Sinch acquired Xura Secure Communications GmbH

In February of 2017, less than a year after its last acquisition, Sinch moved into new territory and acquired the German provider. It didn't stop there. Just three months later, it acquired Dialogue, which is a UK-based startup in the tech industry. It seemed that Sinch was gobbling up companies of good size within the scope of its products and services. This not only cut down on the competition but also provided Sinch with the ability to expand its service platform. The same year, Sinch struck a deal with Google in a partnership that offered next-gen messaging services using RCS to brand marketers. It also became a part of the Early Access Program for Google, providing upgraded messaging experiences.

19. Sinch has acquired a total of 6 companies

Sinch continued to make acquisitions which added to its size and its valuation. It continued after 2017, which was a big year of growth, with the same pattern of acceleration. It acquired a company called Unwire Communication. This was a Danish company that provided CPaaS in the Nordic region. the acquisition of Unwire made CLX (Sinch) the largest provider of this type in the Nordic region. The deal closed in March of 2018. It was only one month later that Sinch purchased Vehicle, a Seattle-based company in a deal that was valued at $8 million. In 2009, CLX had acquired a company called Symsoft, which expanded the Sinch company with a new division that was called the Operator Division. The Department specialized in software solutions and services for clients in real-time BSS, VAS, virtual operator full-service solutions, IoT platforms, fraud prevention solutions, and revenue retention software and services solutions. Sinch has a long history of making expensive business deals that have significantly expanded the technological platform for its clients, but also its international presence throughout the world.

20. Sinch is a unicorn

Sinch has reached the requirements to join the ranks of the elite class of companies in the world, known as unicorns. To qualify for this exclusive club, a business must reach a valuation of at least $1 billion. Sinch has far exceeded that requirement. According to Techcrunch, Sinch recently acquired a company called Inteliquent and it paid $1.14 billion to take ownership of the firm that will help it compete with Twilio in the United States. This confirms just how serious Sinch is bout entering the international market and becoming a global leader in cloud services in the telecommunications arena. Inteliquent is an interconnection provider for voice communications. It was owned by the GTCR private equity firm of the United States and it has been reported that the sale was made in a cash deal.

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