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Five Companies Leading the Way in Video Software

Video Conferencing Software

Since the lock downs forced people into their homes, there has been an upsurge in the use of video technology. It's being used for connecting healthcare professionals in video teleconferencing sessions with patients, connecting business associates for meetings, and in social media to help friends and family stay connected. The competition among video software companies has been intense. Innovations are to the fore as startups and mature companies alike vie for positioning in this high-profile industry. Here are five companies leading the way in video software.

5. Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Video Communications is a privately held video company that was established in 2011. It is an American communications technology business with its headquarters located in San Jose, California. The company provides online chat and video telephony services via a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform, featuring the best audio, video, and screen-sharing experiences. Users enjoy connecting for a range of communications functions including simple online meetings, video conference rooms, and group meetings. Zoom is commonly used for telecommuting, teleconferencing, distance education, and staying connected with friends and family through social relations video conferencing. It's one of the most commonly used platforms for public school districts offering online learning for students with the current shutdown of public schools. Municipalities also use Zoom to connect for city council meetings and other types of video conferencing to maintain social distancing while carrying on with everyday business functions and meetings conduct business.

4. Mirriad

Mirriad is a publicly listed company that was established in 2008 in the United Kingdom. This company develops digital technology solutions that are pioneering in the emerging niche of embedded advertising. This unique technology is used to insert branded images into video content. It does so in a manner that makes it look like the images were there from the creation of the videos. Mirriad is a video technology company that is currently leading with way with its in-content advertising solutions. The creative processes behind the scenes combine the use of a fusion of various forms of data, artificial intelligence, and cultural reach. This disruptive technology allows for limitless creativity that provides brands with the capacity for curating ideal moments in content. Mirriad has won multiple awards for its innovations in the video technology and advertising arena for digital advertising and marketing to make it a leader in this niche of the industry.

3. WalkMe

WalkMe is a private American technology company that was founded in 2011. The company develops software solutions that are directed towards website owners and app developers. It provides them with tools for overlaying multiple interaction on-screen walkthroughs. The brand's digital adoption platform is designed for ease of use and is compatible with any app, website, or software to provide step-by-step guidance for setup with automated processes that allow users to deliver sophisticated end-user capabilities. The software solutions are made for organizations that use video conferencing services to maintain everyday business functions. The platform is creating a positive impact on organizations to assist them in getting the most from their digital assets to involve more team members in strategic planning and achieve greater input. The innovative technologies are designed to adapt to the needs of the users at the moment that they need to use their digital assets. Common uses for the platform include digital transformation, employee onboarding, employee training, and productivity, as well as a customer care component including customer onboarding features.

2. Kaltura

Kaltura is a private American video technology company that was founded in 2006. It has become one of the leading producers of online video platforms in the world today. The mission of Kaltura is to power all video experiences for all organizations with a broad outreach that is all-inclusive. The focus of Kaltura is to provide customized advanced video, photo, and audio functionalities. The company currently serves over 100,000 entertainment and media companies as well as educational institutions, enterprises, SMBs, and more. The software solutions serve thousands of organizations and individual customers with on-demand video SaaS production that helps keep millions of viewers engaged from home, the business environment, and schools. The solutions are commonly used for providing online classroom environments for educators and students. In business, it's used for employee training sessions, collaboration with partners and colleagues, as well as for marketing and sales efforts. Kaltura operates on a cloud-based platform to provide solutions for media, pay-TV providers, and telecommunications companies as well.

1. Twilio

Twilio is a publicly listed company that was founded in 2008 in the United States. It is a software technology company that specializes in telecom hardware and software solutions to create intelligent and complex communications systems that can be scaled upward or downward, depending on the unique needs of the client. Twilio has a built-in system that automatically scales per usage. Twilio for business allows companies of all sizes to engage with customers on any channel at any time. The solutions are designed to connect businesses with their customers in the way that they choose to interact with the businesses with solutions that include a range of communications formats including text messages, emails, phone calls, and video. Also included is a technology that drives the use of intelligent chat bots, all included in one powerful platform. This provides enterprises and their customers with a range of communications options to enhance the way that they communicate, as well as building customer relations. These solutions are used to strengthen customer relationships through communications that are personalized for every step of the customer journey including custom account notifications, and a cloud-based call center that is entirely programmable and tailored to the needs of each client. Twilio is used across all aspects of a company for uniting communications with customers as well as among staff members at the company to keep lines of communication open and functional as needed and on-demand. Twilio is changing the way that companies interact with their clients and visitors in a holistic cloud-based communications approach.

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