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20 Things You Didn't Know About Magic Spoon Inc

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon Inc is an American company that provides cereal products for adults with a low carbohydrate formulation. The foods are healthier for human consumption and offer a childlike theme that is nostalgic. The organization has recently made business news with its fresh new approach to adult nutrition that is catching on. The company has the potential to establish a solid trend for adult consumers following healthy eating habits. If you're not yet familiar with Magic Spoon Inc, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about the company to bring you up to speed.

1. Magic Spoon Inc offers options for special diets

According to Crunchbase, the cereal foods produced by Magic Spoon Inc offer healthier options for people following special diets. The cereal contains ingredients that are aligned with a keto diet including allulose, a natural sweetener taken from maple syrup, and figs. It is free of artificial sweeteners and contains no grain, soy, or wheat, and is non-GMO.

2. Magic Spoon Inc is a new business

Magic Spoon Inc hasn't been in operation long. Don't feel bad if you haven't heard about it yet. The company launched in 2019 and has been producing food products for just two years. The headquarters for Magic Spoon Inc is in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Magic Spoon Inc is listed across four industries

Magic Spoon Inc falls under four industry headings. The broader category is in the food and beverage niche. It's also a food processing company, a sales company, and a snack food producer. We see the high potential for Magic Spoon Inc to become a disruptor in the health foods sector of the food production industry with its new and innovative platform for creating healthy options for breakfast foods and snacks.

4. Magic Spoon Inc uses a broad array of technologies to power its website

The Magic Spoon Inc website runs smoothly and seamlessly for visitors interested in finding out more about the product lines. It actively uses 64 technologies to power the website. These technologies are distributed across 28 technology products and services. Some of them include Viewport Meta, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, jQuery, HTML5, Google Analytics, and many others. Although the company has not yet disclosed its annual IT budget, we can safely assume based on the high number of technology products that the early subscriptions for these services are in the tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

5. Magic Spoon Inc maintains uniqueness in the industry

There are plenty of health food companies, and cereal producers claiming healthy benefits from their products. Magic Spoon Inc stands out from the rest with its fresh approach to delivering foods for a healthy diet. The business has secured three registered trademarks in the basic staples category. The trademarks prevent any of its rivals from using the same intellectual properties in their production, which preserves its uniqueness within the industry.

6. Magic Spoon Inc is attracting a lot of attention from consumers

The analytics reports for Magic Spoon Inc indicate that the website is receiving its fair share of visits from people who are interested in learning more about its products. This often results in conversions from visitors to customers. High traffic volumes are a sign that interest in the company is increasing. The total number of monthly visits to the website over the past thirty days is 428,142. This is excellent for a business that is still in the infancy stage of its development. The website has achieved a ranking of number 120,386 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

7. Magic Spoon Inc is the most popular in the United States

Statistical reports for the Magic Spoon Inc website show that it is the most popular in the United States. Eighty-two percent of the web traffic originates in the country. Six percent of the visitors are from Canada. Four percent of the web traffic is from people living in the United Kingdom. Two percent of the visitors are from Australia where interest is growing by a monthly visits growth rate of 92.26 percent over the past month. One percent of the web traffic is from Germany. This information is useful for strategic planning as it gives decision-makers data for marketing that shows where the greatest interest in the products exists.

8. The executive leadership team for Magic Spoon Inc is small

There are just two members listed for the executive leadership team at Magic Spoon Inc. Gabi Lewis and Greg Sweitz are calling the shots. Both are co-founders of the operation. They are supported by a team of ten staff members who help keep the operation running smoothly. Michael McCulloch is the director of logistics. Cortney Leonard is the operations manager. Sarah Bourlakas the community manager. Anne Wang is a growth marketing analyst. Sam Arnow is a consultant. Ana Castro is the director of special operations. Ben Donald is the chief of staff, and Chandler Dutton is the senior retention manager.

9. Magic Spoon is a venture capital-supported organization

Magic Spoon Inc has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series Unknown closed on November 17, 2020. The total amount raised from investors is $14.5 million to help get the company off the ground and running.

10. Magic Spoon Inc. has high investor confidence

Magic Spoon Inc. is still an early-stage venture capital-backed business. The company has been successful in attracting the attention and support of a high number of investors. Twenty-one VC firms and other private investors feel confident in the likelihood that Magic Spoon Inc will continue to grow and prosper to give them a healthy return on the funds they've put into the company. Coefficient Capital and Wakestream Ventures are the latest investors to join in the effort. They're joined by RSE Ventures, Moiz Ali, Joseph Zwillinger, Chris Hollod, Lightspeed Venture Partners, the sole lead investor, Rick Rubin, Hedgewood, Ahmir Khalib Thompson, and several others.

11. Magic Spoon Inc. is a privately held organization

Magic Spoon Inc. is a privately owned company. The two co-founders have the majority stake in the business.n The company has not yet disclosed how Magic Spoon Inc compensates investors for their participation in fundraising. Most investors receive a percentage of the gains when the company becomes profitable. As a privately held organization, you won't find Magic Spoon Inc shares of stock for sale or trade on the public stock exchanges. They've not yet filed for an IPO to take the company public.

12. Magic Spoon targets adult consumers

According to Fast Company, Magic Spoon produces nostalgic cereals that are packaged and marketed with an appealing platform that gives the impression that it is a kids' cereal but without the guilt of carrying unhealthy ingredients. It's a convenient food that brings them comfort. Adults eat the cereal for breakfast or as a snack because they like the flavor with its natural sweeteners and the youthful packaging that reminds them of the nostalgic labels they enjoyed as kids. Magic Spoon cereal is low-carbohydrate, high protein, and provides a boost of nutrition. The flavors are like the old favorites Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, and Fruity Pebbles. The target is the Millennial age group.

13. Magic Spoon cereal sales are booming

Magic Spoon In is doing very well because of the immediate success of its product line. The cereal brand is catching on with adults willing to try it. They're spreading the word about how good it tastes. Within a year of its direct-to-consumer platform, sales boomed. It's a healthy food that everyone in the house can enjoy. Adults who love cereal but gave it up for health reasons are now returning to their guilty pleasure without the guilt.

14. Magic Spoon is creating a new market niche

The owners of Magic Spoon Inc are not convinced that their product line is taking any business away from the traditional cereal manufacturers. People tend to continue to purchase the products they love and that they are comfortable with This type of cereal is opening up new markets for those who stopped eating cereal because of the health risks for them in the high sodium, sugar, and carbs found in regular cereals. Rather than pulling customers away from established brands, they're offering cereals to groups that previously cut this type of food out of their diet.

15. Magic Spoon Inc is hiring

According to LinkedIn, Magic Spoon Inc is currently hiring. The company has listed eight job openings. All of the new jobs are in the greater New York area. Some of them are executive level and others are in the marketing and sales department. This is evidence that Magic Spoon Inc is getting ready to boost its production and expand its operations. Before adding any new hires, the business employed 40 workers.

16. Gabi Lewis is a serial entrepreneur

There is no pun intended when we say that the co-founder of Magic Spoon is a serial entrepreneur. Magic Spoon Inc is not his first entrepreneurial endeavor. Before launching his most recent company, he founded a company called Exo. He and his partner Greg Sewitz developed a recipe for a protein bar made of cricket powder for human consumption, according to Forbes. The pair introduced their cricket bars to the students at Brown University.

17. Lewis and Sewitz sold their company to move on to other adventures

Gabi and Greg sold Exo for an undisclosed amount of money. The buyer was another company that specializes in foods made from crickets called Aspire. With the funds, they launched their current endeavor Magic Spoon Inc. The two co-founders are intrigued with providing consumers with new and interesting approaches in the delivery of healthy food options.

18. Gabi and Greg are former Forbes' listers

Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz were recognized for their high-protein cricket bar company Exo, by Forbes Magazine. They made the list of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age who were successful in launching new companies. Both were in their 20s when they were featured in 2015. Both will turn 31 in 2022. They were 28 years old the year that they launched Magic Spoon Inc.

19. Magic Spoon Inc offers consumers a variety

For a company that has only been operating for two years, Magic Spoon Inc is doing well. They've expanded their product line to include four different cereal flavors. Consumers can choose from cinnamon, cocoa, fruity, and frosted varieties. These flavors represent the four most popular types of cereals for kids for the millennial group. The goal is to remind them of how much they loved the flavors as kids. The whimsical and colorful packaging is an advertising gimmick that takes adults on a nostalgic journey into their childhoods. The health benefits are immense with 12 grams of protein, 110 calories, and only 3 grams of sugar in each serving. It's an appealing option for adults seeking a low-carb grain-free and low sugar snack or breakfast food. The products are excellent choices for adults who observe special diets to improve their health.

20. Magic Spoon Inc is a company to keep your eye on

The owners of Magic Spoon Inc have not disclosed the valuation of the company yet. It is on the fast track for success. Sales are booming and the product is gaining popularity with consumers seeking a healthier way of life. These two young entrepreneurs are on their second business launch and from all appearances, they're set to achieve success with their second entrepreneurial endeavor. Although Magic Spoon is not the only healthy cereal company in the industry, it is unique and stands out from the others. We expect to hear more about the business in the months and years to come.

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