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Does Instagram Background Check Its Employees?


In this modern technology era, employers have made their way into social media when searching for employees. Over 76% of companies use social media to screen applicants for new job roles. So, if you are a job seeker, it is advisable to clean your social media platforms thoroughly since your future employer might be stalking you. As such, many social media users may wonder, does Instagram background check? This article shall focus on the benefits of background checks for employers on social media, specifically Instagram.

So, Does Instagram Conduct a Background Check to its Employees?

The answer is a resounding YES! You would expect background checks to be rampant in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is because of their numerous activities and following when compared to Instagram. Well, there is so much information you can get from conducting a background check on someone’s Instagram Page. However, these checks should be strictly on educational/professional certifications, credit history, drug abuse, and driving history. Through a background check, employers are able to understand their employees, career goals and ambitions, education and professional specialization, their real-life scenarios that relate to your company, their language and communication abilities, as well as the endorsements and positive reviews they get from other people. Additionally, you may also find some not-so-good things about your employees on Instagram. Such include; Discriminatory behavior and language, drug abuse problems, unprofessional attitude, scanty dress code from their image postings, bad-mouthing of bosses and colleagues, conflict of interest depending on the role and organization among others.

The aim of a background check

The first thing is to understand why you need to do a background check for your employees. Well, physical interviews and resumes can help you make a judgment on who to hire. However, if you go through their Instagram platform, you will be able to pick a thing or two about that person.

Culture fit

You may have employed people with the right skills and qualifications but are culturally unfit. There is no better avenue to find out about their values than social media. To uphold your company’s values and priorities, make it a regular thing to check on their Instagram. One may wonder what is there to pick from Instagram compared to other social media avenues. There is a lot to check on. For instance, please find out how they interact with other people what materials and pictures they post. It will give you a clue whether they can fit in your organization.

Sexism or violence

You cannot imagine having an employee who condones sexist and violent behavior. It is not suitable for your company image at all. If you check their posts and see such uncouth behavior, move to the next potential employee with good mannerisms.


Besides the negativity posted on social media, you will expect some positive stuff from your employees. For instance, you may discover from one of your employee’s Instagram that they do charity events. It means that such a personality is a people’s person, which is a plus for your organization. Ensure that as you do a background check, you look out for the good things as well. Let them outweigh the bad!


Background checks can assist you in knowing more about a person’s skill set. Some people share helpful videos on their Instagram. Look for such ideas since they will guide you on the type of person working for you. Look at their communication skills in those videos. These might be what you are searching for in your company. Skills written on paper and those you watch or see on Instagram are two different things.

You will know your employees better

You can pick less from a word-of-mouth interview. A person’s lifestyle says a lot about their character. Head to their Instagram and see what caliber they are and how they use their time there. You will realize that there are things you would not have learned on a mere cv. For example, you may want to fill a marketer’s position. After examining their Instagram page, you realize they have a massive following due to their digital marketing workshops. It means that without further question, this is an ideal candidate for that position.

They notify you of any red flags

You may find that an employee has a habit of bad-mouthing the company, employer, and colleagues on Instagram. It is a red flag of the type of person working for you. Their character might not be the best fit for your company.

Point to note

Background check is a pretty tricky business. To properly conduct one, you need to know how the law works from your end. Otherwise, you may end up on the wrong side. Therefore, you should hire a person with the know-how of social media. Another crucial factor when conducting these background checks, is to inform your employees. The federal laws have made it clear about this. Thirdly, there are barriers to the kind of information you use to make disqualification or to hire decisions on social media. You cannot use national origin, genetic information, sex, color, religion, or race to make a hiring decision regardless of what their Instagram looks like.

Wrap Up

Social media background check is as crucial as walk-in interviews. The thing that this check does is to shed more light on what an interview could not give. But otherwise, a social media background check is not 100% effective. In some instances, these checks tend to intimidate your employees, and it will affect their performance. Therefore, as much as background checks on social media are vital, do them in moderation. You still need these employees for the success of your company. Hiring a pleasant and kind-hearted person is a plus for the well-being of your company. Be sure not to leave anything unturned in this process.

Dana Hanson

Written by Dana Hanson

Dana has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement. She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on nearly any topic (particularly business and lifestyle), because as a lifelong learner, she loves to do research and possess a high skill level in this area. Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology.

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