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How Flink Plans to Upend Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Flink is a new startup that has plans to upend food delivery in its native country of Germany. The company may set new standards for the rest to follow if they can. Flink is somewhat of a specialty delivery company that has the potential to change the way that the world shops for groceries. At the current rate of its expansion, it may only be a matter of time before it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Here is how Flink plans to upend grocery delivery.

What is Flink?

According to Flink's Linkedin page, Flink is an innovative new company that has established an online supermarket with a revolutionary grocery delivery service. The current claim of the managers offers shoppers delivery to their door in 10 minutes. This is a rapid turnaround, but we're assuming that the delivery from order times may take a little longer, particularly if you place a large order.

Flink has a stock of over 2,000 products in its online supermarket that includes high-quality grocery items with a guarantee that food is fresh as well as nutritious. The company also offers organic selections. The goal of Flink is to maintain an online supermarket that is 100 percent organic. Currently, Flink serves Berlin, Germany with delivery hubs situated in densely populated areas within the inner cities. The delivery fleet consists of drivers riding electric bikes. The company has plans to expand into every major city in the country of Germany by the end of 2021.

Flink is currently hiring for its expansion

We also discovered that there are several job openings with Flink. They're advertising for order pickers as well as delivery riders in the cities of Hamburg, Munich, Nurnbuers, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Cologne. It looks like they're preparing to make a big move by adding yet more cities to the roster.

The new delivery only store

Flink falls into the category of a "dark store" according to Techcrunch. The Berlin-based grocery store is not one that you can drive to and walk through to shop at. Its delivery only, which means that there are no crowds to contend with and no long lines to stand in for check out. Flink maintains a crew of pickers who carefully select the items placed on each order and a delivery crew that rushes the order straight to your door. It's one of the most convenient ways to shop from home for groceries. It's a part of Europe's response to the recent and ongoing pandemic to keep everyone possible safe at home to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus. Orders are placed online via mobile or other connected devices.

Funding for Flink

Flink is a new startup that investors want to be a part of. The company recently completed a round of seed financing and announced that it raised $52 million from investors. Target Global, Northzone, Cherry Ventures, and TriplePoint capital of the Silicon Valley led the investment round. The seed funding will be used for operational expenses as well as planned expansion into Germany's larger cities. Flink is the German word for quick. The grocery delivery service has only been up and running for a little over six weeks as of this writing. It's not the first of its kind in Europe, but it's one of the few that promises such fast delivery. At the rate that this company is currently growing, it's likely that it will yield a decent return on investment for the investors who have confidence in its potential. This makes Flink a company that is worth keeping your eye on in the months and years to come.

International expansion

Flink is currently set to open its operations in The Netherlands. We saw that its advertising for new job positions also included this country. Fink is making good on its promise to expand rapidly in 2021. Although there are logistical challenges involved with delivering fresh foods in time,, so far, there has been doing a good job. Challenges were made to put executives to work figuring ways around the issues and this is an area where Flink excels. You can expect to get all of the items you order including your fresh herbs, vegetables, yogurt, and more healthy foods in just 10 minutes if you live within their service area. According to Pitchbook, Flink also plans to expand into the country of France soon. They're taking Europe by storm with the offer of fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods that are delivered directly to the customer's doors within 10 minutes of order confirmation. We'd say that the short time for delivery is what makes Flink one of the most unique delivery companies on the planet.

Final thoughts

Flink is a new kind of grocery delivery service that is arriving on the scene at a time when people require healthy and nutritious foods on demand. People need to take all of the possible precautions to ensure that they don't contract the deadly disease that is in circulation throughout all of the nations in the world. A business that delivers groceries that are healthy and nutritious through an online store is the ideal solution to the problems that the world is facing right now. One of the most unique things about Flink is that it is set up to pick out the foods for the order and ship them out to customers within 10 minutes. This is nearly unheard of, but they're meeting their goals and keeping their promises so far. Flink attracted the attention of wealthy investors for the seed funding to start the enterprise and fire up its operations. With ample financial backing, Flink is having no problem expanding its operation throughout Germany and into other European countries. This is a startup to keep your eye on as it's unique within its niche and we expect it to go far.

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