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20 Things You Didn't Know About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal shopping and service that is available through an online subscription. The styling service that they offer delivers a personalized experience and it's for everyone in the family It's a unique way to shop that offers the services of a personal stylist that handpicks items and ships them directly to your door. Not everyone has heard about Stitch Fix, but those who have give it positive reviews. To help you know more about this amazing company, here are 20 interesting things that you didn't know about Stitch Fix.

1. It works off a completed personal profile

To get personalized styling all you need to do is complete an online profile after you register and subscribe to the Stitch Fix service. You're asked several questions that build an overview of the things that you like, the things that you need and it also gives the professionals assigned to you an idea of the budget. Be careful to fill in the profile completely and honestly so the products that are sent to you are things that will fit in with your true needs.

2. Stitch Fix shipments give customers something to look forward to

Each new box that arrives contains something new and exciting to help complete or add to your personal style. Every box that is mailed to your door contains a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you can try on in the privacy of your home. Most people are thrilled with the items that their personal stylist picks out for them but if for any reason you're not satisfied with everything that you receive, you are welcome to keep the things that you like and you can return the items that you don't like. It's as simple as that.

3. They pay for all returns

One of the really cool things about Stitch Fix membership is that if you have to send anything back to them, you don't have to pay for it. They include a prepaid USPS envelope with your shipment. Stitch Fix always makes sure that returns and exchanges are free to their customers. So now you also know that if you receive something that you don't like or if it doesn't fit, you can request something different in its place. They go all the way with customer service because their customers are a top priority.

4. They deliver to any mailing address in the United States

It doesn't matter where you live in the United States. Stitch Fix delivers practically anywhere. They will deliver street or Post Office addresses, APO, DPO, FPO included. This is a lot more than some companies who have restrictions on where they will ship packages to. They also ship to addresses that are within all United States territories. This includes the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

5. Stitch Fix has 5 warehouses

The company doesn't have a problem with running out of space or inventory room. They currently own five warehouses in which they store their massive inventory of goods. They have plenty of things to choose from when the personal stylists are preparing your shipment. Another cool thing about these warehouses is that they have each been given a nickname we're told. Although all of the names were not disclosed we know that the San Francisco warehouse is called Hizzy and one in Dallas has been nicknamed Dizzy. Each of them features a very large robot that the crew makes out of cardboard boxes and they do it just for the fun of it.

6. The company was founded in 2011

Stitch Fix is only 7 years old. While there's nothing particularly extraordinary about this, what is so unique about them is that within the last year, the company experienced such massive success that they went public in 2017. This was a true mark of success for Stitch Fix. The value of the company was placed at $1.6 billion in November of 2017 and Just a few months later in February of 2018, Stitch Fix was placed at a $2 billion value. Their growth has been remarkable recently and this sends the positive message that there are more people subscribing to the service and they're finding it to be a good value for the cost.

7. Stitch Fix relies heavily on math

The company maintains a crew of professionals who are qualified to interpret the answers given on the style profile for each client. There is a continual checking for improving each Fix that is sent. The company staff inputs a ton of data into the algorithms that they use in determining the items that the personal stylists will choose for each client and they use the data that is generated to put together each box that clients receive. The use mathematics in their approach to serving clients and so far, the system has been working great so they must be on to something good.

8. Stitch Fix has a dedicated blog to explain their system

If you're not a math person or an analyst of some kind, you might not understand precisely how your profile questions are helpful in choosing the items for your shipments. It can get a little complicated, but Stitch Fix wants everyone to know exactly how they come up with the selections that they make. Stitch Fix has dedicated an entire blog to explain the math and the science behind what they do and why.

9. They work with a unique variety of brands

Stitch Fix doesn't just contract with a few well-chosen brands. They work with more than 1000 different brands. Along with this, they have access to several different pieces which are currently on trend. This is how they are able to send you the latest styles that are custom picked for you based on your personal style profile and in line with your preferences. Some of the items that they have to choose from are exclusive styles.

10. Stitch Fix sponsors events at their headquarters

If you're fortunate enough to attend one of Stitch Fix's sponsored events, you'll get to find out what an amazing place it is to work. The environment is positive and happy with friendly people and a cool warehouse. Occasionally, Stitch Fix sponsors a gathering that the call the Stitch Fix Tastemakers Event in San Francisco. Guests get to find out first hand about how personal stylist services can benefit them and they learn a lot about the company while having a great time.

11. Stitch Fix isn't just for women

When Stitch Fix first started out they catered to women specifically. This has all changed. Now they offer personalized stylizing services for the entire family. They recently launched their services for men. This is good news because now the guys can enjoy the thrill of receiving new clothing, shoes and accessory items in their surprise goodie boxes. This can be a family event where everyone is watching the mail to find out what cool surprises that their personal stylist has for them.

12. Everyone could use a good fix now and then

A fun fact about Stitch Fix is that they call the shipments that they send out your "Fix." This is because once you get started with a subscription, you're going to become addicted and you'll want to keep them coming in. The service is so hassle-free that there is zero frustration involved, even if you're not fond of one or all of the items that you receive. You simply send them back and you can return the entire shipment, just part of it, or exchange items for something different. The prepaid shipping envelope makes it so easy to use that there's really nothing negative about Stich Fix we can think of.

13. Stitch Fix charges a styling fee

When register for a subscription, you will need to pay $20 for your styling fee. This begins the process of your being assigned your own personal stylist. Your stylist will review your profile and hand choose five items that are tailored specifically for you. This service allows you to try out the new styles and if you like them, you pay for them but the $20 styling fee is deducted from the total price of the items. Keep what you want and pay for them and return the rest. This also allows you to work within a budget, if you have one so you are not required to pay for anything unless you want to keep it.

14. Stitch Fix offers maternity clothing

If you're expecting a little one, then Stitch Fix is still an excellent alternative for you. They have a great assortment of maternity clothes. Your stylist is trained and can help to choose wardrobe selections from your first trimester of pregnancy throughout the end and afterward, if you're nursing your baby, the stylist will also choose items that are nursing friendly. The subscription couldn't be more personalized than that.

15. Stitch Fix has surpassed their million Fixes mark

The fact that the company has successfully shipped out over a million fixes is proof that they have achieved a big goal and that they are a company with services that are in high demand. One of the most interesting things about this isn't so much that they've shipped out so many fixes, but rather, it's more unique that no two shipments are identical and that is a guarantee. The Fixes have been compared to snowflakes because no two are ever alike.

16. You can request the same stylist as many times as you like

Every time that you pay the $20 stylist fee, you're assigned a stylist. If you find one that you particularly adore, Stitch Fix is happy to grant your request to assign the same stylist to you if you request him or her. If you want to try out somebody new, you can have that as well. It's really all up to you. Sometimes a new stylist can present you with some new ideas if you're feeling a little stale in your wardrobe and accessory offerings. Remember though, every time you pay the $20 stylist fee, it's taken off of anything that you choose to keep.

17. There are thousands of stylists to choose from

When we say this, we're serious. Stitch Fix has more than three thousand stylists under their employ. With such a broad selection of stylists, you can get a lot of new ideas and inspiration for fashion and style because everyone has their own interpretation of what would look good on a client so you can try one after the other for the variety and diversity of perspective if you like. If you're talented in this area, you may want to apply as a part-time stylist. The company employs a lot of part-time moms and while it is offering customers a highly valuable service, it's also giving moms an interesting job that allows them to earn money and still dedicate the time that is needed to raising their families.

18. When you buy all 5 items you get a big discount

A lot of people are not aware of this wonderful fact, but when you choose to keep and purchase all five of the items that you've sent in your fix, they give you a good discount. Stitch Fix discounts the total cost of your purchase by 25%. This is a significant savings.

19. Stitch Fix was founded by an ivy league college student

Katrina Lake is the name of the famous student who founded the Stitch Fix company. She was attending classes at the prestigious Harvard Business School when the idea occurred to her. Katrina is a mom herself so she knows how important getting tips on style can be during this time of life. The Fixes can be really uplifting.

20. Stitch Fix has in-house brands as well

Stitch Fix has joined forces with more than two hundred different brands to give their customers a variety of stylish and high-quality clothing and accessories. In addition to offering some well-known brands, they also have their own in-house brands which they have developed themselves. When you see a brand that has a 41 Hawthorne brand, this is the Stitch Fix exclusive brand. They offer new items within the brands and keep up with current trends in fashion.

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