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10 Things you Didn't Know about Will Bruey

Will Bruey

Will Bruey is currently the CEO and co-founder of Varda Space Industries. He is a strong pillar and very influential in the Varda company and he has been doing everything he can to see the company move from one level to another in the space industry. Read on to find out more fascinating things that you didn't know about Will Bruey.

1. Bruey personal life

Bruey is an American citizen, born in the year 1988, and the CEO of Varda, one of the private companies based in San Francisco, California, in the United States. The company was founded in the year 2020 by Delian Asparouhov and Trea Stephens to make a profit by manufacturing and creating products in space for terrestrial application, according to Crunchbase. Bruey went to the university of Cornell to pursue his Bachelor of Science, in Engineering Physic/Applied Physics in the year 2007 to 2011 and graduated. After this, he decided to pursue his Masters in the same university in the year 2011 to 2012 and graduated with a Master in Engineering.

2. His dreams

Since childhood, Bruey dreamt of working on things to do with space. He worked hard to achieve his dream. He joined the University of Cornell and studied things to deal with science where he pursued his bachelor's and masters. Bruey later got employment at SSL (Space Systems Loral), according to Linkedin, and started to push forward his way more into dealing with complex space. He achieved his dream by working harder and dedicating everything he did through his employment stages to now becoming the CEO of his founded company and he is glad to hold the position to drive the company to greater heights with an aim of fulfilling his dream of becoming a prominent business person. Despite being rejected in 2016 as an astronaut candidate, he did not lose hope and he kept pressing on.

3. Bruey the CEO of Varda

Bruey became the CEO of Varda Space Industries in December 2020. He has led the company to another level by taking his responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer seriously. Bruey is praised by Delian Asparouhov his partner and co-founder. He explains how suitable that position is for Bruey and he loves how he operates and holds that position for the company.

4. Licenses $& certifications

His passion for physics and space drove him in getting two licenses and certifications that help him in researching and experimenting more. He has an Open water diver license which was issued to him in May 2016 by PADI and a Private Pilot license issued in March 2013 issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

5. His other work experience

Other than working for Varda space industries as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since December 2020, Will is also a Co-founder at Also Capital. He became a partner of the company in January 2019 till date. Will was also a Director at The Bank of America Merrill Lynch from March 2018 to December 2020. He was also an employee at the SpaceX Craft Company. He began as a spacecraft operator from July 2013 to July 2018. His primary mission was the control operator for the spacecraft system during flight. He has also flown SpaceX's Dragon 1 spacecraft during all its phases of flight, from launching, phasing, rendezvous until its reentry phase. This was through all the four years of SpaceX's international space station commercial resupply program, which is currently slated to fly the maiden mission which is supposed to be SpaceX's first commercial astronauts on the Dragon 2 spacecraft. He was also the lead hardware development engineer at the SpaceX Greater Los Angeles Area station. His main role was to be the lead designer, project manager and was the responsible party from conception to the assembly within the development of critical spacecraft Avionics.

6. Bruey's social media

Bruey is a simple man known for not being so active in his social media accounts. He opened an account in 2015 December, and all his posts are based on his career and work. He does not have a huge following as his followers stand at 1629 as of 2021 July. Not much is known about him as he keeps a low profile of his life and family.

7. Leadership skills

Bruey has shown his leadership skills in various departments that he worked for before he became the CEO of Varda. Bruey served as a spacecraft operator and system officer. He proved to be the best candidate for the position of CEO from his former positions whereby he worked hard to earn and hold the biggest position at Varda. He has been able to recruit the best engineers to work for Varda within a small period and as a leader, he has guided them and ran the company smoothly at the point of getting $42 to build a factory for the company.

8. Awards & Honor

Bruey is among the few people to have received an award from NASA. He was awarded the NASA Achievement Award after developing a Video system that provided visual feedback.

9. He worked as a volunteer

Bruey volunteered at the Beach Cities Aviation Academy for 2years 5months, from May 2013 to September 2015 as a Physics tutor. He tutored a group of 12 home-schooled pupils who were at the age of 12 to 16, whereby he supervised and created three semesters of introductory electromagnetism, computer programming, and physics class.

10. His role on the Varda company

Bruey holds the most crucial post in the Varda company, the company being at its early age of establishing itself. He explains how they are planning to keep it running and explains how they are going to launch their first reentry in 18 months. According to Us A News Guru, Bruey expounds on the kind of Spacecraft they are constructing and how it is going to function after compilation

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