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20 Things You Didn't Know About Selina

Nomad Travelers

Selina is a hospitality brand that has made remarkable strides in its growth and success. It's a unique business that caters to nomadic travelers to help them achieve their goals for exploration, work, and living anywhere in the world. The brand is growing rapidly and has made business news with its investor contributions. If you're not yet familiar with this agency, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Selina, but might find useful.

1. Selina is a British company

Crunchbase shares that Selina was founded in 2012. It is a British company headquartered in London, England. The legal name of the business is Selina LTD. The founders are Daniel Rudasevski, Or Bokobza, and Rafael Museri.

2. Selina is a versatile company

Selina is listed across five different industries on the internet. The multiple listings are a result of the various services that the startup offers its clients. It is listed among communities, coworking, hospitality, travel, and travel accommodations. It covers all aspects of the nomadic lifestyle in a brand that is becoming more popular among those who've made their homes on wheels a lifestyle.

3. Selina helps travelers to work comfortably

Selina is a unique hospitality brand that extends its services into the employment sphere. It provides co-working spaces that allow travelers to earn a living in comfortable and practical settings. The spaces are shared with other people who do the same thing. Selina helps nomads to find the spaces they need to continue their professional efforts to earn money and survive from anywhere in the world.

4. Selina provides its clients with lovely accommodations

Selina has established a network of places where people can live and work with a value-added approach. They combine beautiful designs in their accommodation with a holistic approach to living that includes local experiences, recreational experiences, and wellness options. It's no small wonder that Selina is one of the fastest-growing hospitality brands in the world today. Instead of merely providing spaces to live and work, Selina goes the extra mile to focus on design technology as a priority, with a socially-minded approach for travelers to meet and interact with others who share a similar lifestyle.

5. Selina maintains international destinations for its clients

Selina operates accommodations for travelers in eight different countries throughout the world. It has established an international network for nomads, for living, working, and learning. They've built playgrounds, office and classroom aspects into each accommodation. The company operates twenty-four locations including accommodations on mountainsides, at beaches, in jungles, and urban locales.

6. Selina doesn't skimp on its tech

The Selina website is powered by an incredible 127 technologies which are actively used. It's a larger number of technologies than most other websites utilize. Although the array is complex, users enjoy a smooth and seamless experience when visiting the site. These technologies are distributed across forty-one technology products and services. Some of them include Viewport Meta, iPhone Mobile Compatible for mobile access, SPF, jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, and dozens of others.

7. Selina maintains uniqueness in the hospitality industry

Thousands of hospitality companies exist within the travel industry, but none of them are quite like Selina. It's a startup that established its uniqueness from its inception. Few companies cater to the holistic needs of nomadic travelers as Selina does. It has secured two registered trademarks in the insurance and financial affairs category which gives it sole legal rights over this aspect of the brand. None of its competitors can operate in quite the same way. This is just one of the ways that Selina maintains its uniqueness in a large industry. It stands out in the crowd.

8. Selina is growing in popularity

Analytics reports for the Selina website are encouraging. The data shows that the volume of web traffic to the website is increasing. Over the past thirty days, 278,875 people have visited the website. The high number of visits gives it a rank of number 194,439 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. The number represents an overall monthly visits growth of 4.33 percent in the past month.

9. Selina is the most popular in the United States

Although Selina is a British company, the largest volume of website traffic comes from people living in the United States of America. Forty-four percent of the visits are from people living in this country with a monthly visits growth of 2.55 percent. Ten percent of the visits are from Colombia with a monthly visits growth of 86.16 percent. Six percent of the web traffic is from Canada with a monthly visits growth of 201.26 percent. Four percent of the web traffic is from Mexico with a 12.84 percent monthly visits growth. Four percent of the visits are from people in Brazil.

10. Selina has an eleven-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Selina is made up of eleven members. Rafael Museri is a co-founder. Daniel Rudasevski is a co-founder. M. Steen O'Hayon is the head of business development. Gil Krakowsky is the chief product officer. Or Bokobza is a founding partner. Paulo Pena is the global chief operating officer. Armaldo Munoz is the general manager for EMEA and North America, Senior vice president, and member of the executive committee. Elad Nir is the chief marketing officer.

11. Selina has one member on its board of directors.

Selina has listed just one member on its board of directors. Mayer Mizrachi joined the board as an advisor in January 2017. He is the chief executive officer for Criptext with one portfolio company. He currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles.

12. Selina is a Debt-financing funded institution

Selina has participated in four rounds of debt financing rounds with the most recent closing on December 9, 2020. The company has been successful in attracting investors who believe in its ability to grow, succeed and become profitable. The total amount of funds raised so far is $395 million. Investors for Selina have confidence in the company's outlook for profitability. Selina has secured financial investment commitments from four lead investors and a total of eight investors. The most recent to join in the fundraising efforts include IDB Invest and Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital. They are joined by Grupo Wiese. Colony Latam Partners, Access Industries, a lead investor, DD3 Capital Partners, a lead investor, Abraaj Group, a lead investor, and Adam Neumann.

13. Selina has made one acquisition

Selina acquired a company called Remote Year. The acquisition was made on October 5, 2020. Remote Year is a company from Highland Park, Illinois. The enterprise provides a foundation for traveling and working professionals with remote options. It further secures networks for remote connections with interesting people. Selina acquired the company because it offers similar services. Acquisition of Remote Years not only cut down the competition but also helped to expand the operations at Selina. Remote Year shad a total funding amount of $17 million before the acquisition. The terms of the purchase were not disclosed, nor was the amount of the transaction.

14. Selina is an emerging unicorn

Techcrunch reports that Selina has not yet reached the required $1 billion valuations to reach unicorn status, but the company is well on its way. The current valuation is set at $850 million. It's estimated that continued business transactions and another round of fundraising would push it over the top. For now, it remains an emerging unicorn with the big event on the horizon.

15. Selina is taking its operations to the next level

Selina is making the most of its influx of investor capital and expanding its operations throughout the world. The enterprise operates a network of boutique hostel-style units with a count of 22,000 beds for nomadic travelers. The business is taking on a new challenge to get in on the influx of travelers expected as Covid-19 restrictions begin to lift. Plans to acquire 400 properties by the end of 2023 will increase the number of beds to 130,000 for an exponential surge in the size of its operation. It's stepping the business up to the next level.

16. Selina has plans to expand throughout the world

Selina already has a network in 13 countries of the world. The leadership for the company stated that they're going for deeper penetration of the travel market. Plans to open facilities include sites in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Germany, The United States of America, and more units in the United Kingdom. It's an exciting time in the development of the travel giant. The increase in properties will cost investment dollars, but it's going to bring in an insane amount of revenue.

17. Selina has an interesting history

Selina is the dream of Rudasevski and Museri, co-founders who were residents in Panama when they launched the business. They first established the company in New York, USA, but relocated it to London, England in the United Kingdom. They're making Selina an example of the success that the nomadic lifestyle can bring. They've turned Selina into somewhat of a nomad.

18. Selina has more money in the pipeline

Even after raising more than $100 million in the latest fundraising rounds, Selina has other money funneling in through its partnerships. The company secured partnerships with countries to build hostels and sponsor recreational activities. Selina is good for tourism wherever they set up a network, and they're welcome in most countries. They estimate that around $300 million more is available through these partnerships.

19. Selina converts otherwise boring spaces into exciting cultural hubs

Selina's experts know how to source boring locations and convert them into dream accommodations. Their talent knows how to design beautiful living and working spaces out of humdrum locales to turn them into places that anyone would enjoy staying. Selina also creates living and working spaces near cultural activities. It helps to get people out doing things that are fun and memorable. The enterprise caters to people in the 25 to 35 year age group as this is the group doing most of the nomadic traveling throughout the world, but it also serves travelers of all age groups. Selina is moving toward its goal to serve all nomads everywhere in the world. Selina accommodates guests for varying lengths of time. The average stay is 2 to 3 days, but some guests stay for as long as 60 days. The network makes it possible for many of its clients to move from one Selina-owned accommodation to another. They exist in many parts of the world. The company has competition, but it is the only brand offering all three spaces. They include sleeping quarters, working space, opportunities to play, and so forth. Some recreational activities are free as part of the package, and others require additional pay. You may get charged for extended surfing lessons or extended yoga programs. Most activities are free for members.

20. Selina is growing its workforce

According to its LinkedIn page, Selina is expanding its current workforce. Its strategic plan for enlarging the operation requires more talented professionals to make its forward move a reality. It's getting ready for a surge in activity and has opened more jobs to attract the talent that can make things happen. We checked out the situation to learn more about its plans to increase its current employee count and discovered that Selina listed 42 open positions in the company. Some of them are for locations outside of the United Kingdom, which shows that the company is expanding further into international territory. Most of the jobs listed are for cities in the United States, including openings in New Jersey, California, New York, Washington DC, and many other cities. Selina is about to make its presence known in the USA.

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