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20 Things You Didn't Know about Bright Green Corp


Bright Green Corporation is an American pharmaceutical manufacturer that produces plant-based medicines and cannabis-related products for research and use in pharmaceutical applications. The company recently made business news when it went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange. If you're not yet familiar with the organization, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Bright Green Corporation to bring you up to speed.

1. Bright Green Corporation is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based operation

Crunchbase confirms that Bright Green Corporation is in the Fort Lauderdale part of Florida. The pharmaceutical manufacturer focuses on the development of cannabis-based products for research into treatments and cures in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a company that is dedicated to furthering research to improve the quality of human life.

2. Bright Green Corporation sponsors programs to improve the health of the planet and the health of patients

The Bright Green Corporation shares its vision for creating a healthier planet inhabited by healthy people. The enterprise maintains its commitment to engaging in sustainable manufacturing processes and giving back to the earth. It's engaged in a partnership with The Forest Fire Recovery project in Ruidoso, New Mexico, to plant trees that were lost in the McBride fire. Bright Green Corporation also sponsors a National Forests project with the commitment to plant 5,000 trees in a year. Bright Green Corporation accepts $1 donations for the One Tree Planted project to help fund the project. They believe that planting trees can help the health of the planet and improve the health of patients.

3. Bright Green Corporation provides superior products for research teams

Bright Green Corporation produces crops of cannabis that are unique within the agricultural industry. The enterprise produces its cannabis crop through a system of tissue culture propagation. It is a highly productive growth strategy that results in mature clone plants created from tiny clippings. The methods help eliminate the potential for genetic drift and disease while preserving the consistency of the products. The products are prized by researchers in pharmaceutical applications as they promote adherence to academic rigor and fewer variables to account for while generating meaningful research data.

4. Bright Green operates a superior genetics breeding program

The cannabis plant breeding program of the Bright Green Corporation stands out from similar companies. The horticulturists start with cultivars that were carefully selected for essential characteristics, cross-bred, and generated to exhibit desired characteristics. Bright Green develops uniqueness within the plant architecture with homogenous cannabinoid expression and powdery mildew tolerance.

5. Bright Green Corporation employs experts in cultivation

The Bright Green Corporation reports that its team of greenhouse workers are specialists and experts known throughout the world for their expertise in live-plant cultivation. The company is selective about the workers in charge of its live plant cultivation because the strains of the cannabis plants it develops must meet rigid standards of perfection. The processes occur within a controlled environment with careful attention to the fine details that could affect the cloning and propagation processes.

6. The Bright Green Corporation runs a tight ship

The systems of Bright Green operations are a meticulously ordered set of processes that involve the management of an enclosed greenhouse ecosystem. It operates a cost-effective system of indoor growing that produces higher yields and extended harvesting with its full-year cultivation. Pets and diseases are better controlled through the processes that maximize the efficiency of water used to produce high-quality crops under production security with strict guidelines and scrutinized processes. it cultivates hybrids with zero risk of cross-contamination.

7. Bright Green Corporation is an innovator

The Bright Green Corporation sets the example of innovation in greenhouse growth through its optimization of plant growth. The company has developed an improved system for creating sustainable greenhouse growth conditions. It implements the use of robotics including a device called the Visser Transplanter. It's a potting robot that reduces the need for human interaction. The system is highly energy efficient with a decentralized mechanical ventilation system that optimizes homogenous indoor climates, creating optimal cannabis growing conditions through automated growing systems that are finely calibrated for each stage of development for the plants.

8. The Bright Green Corporation serves as an agricultural model

Similar companies that work in the production of hybrids could learn some practical lessons from the Bright Green Corporation model. The company has achieved an efficient automated production system for the production of superior quality cannabis products. Bright Green maintains Full Good Agricultural and Collection Practices while ensuring FDA/Good Manufacturing Practices compliance, and USDA compliance in a robust quality management system with production flexibility. These are just a few of the qualities that make Bright Green Corporation stand out in the agricultural and pharmaceutical product manufacturing arena.

9. Bright Green has a six-member board of directors

The board of directors at Bright Green Corporation has six members. Terry Rafih is the chairman of the board. Edward Robinson is the chief executive officer and director of Bright Green Corporation. Dr. Alfie Morgan is the director. Lynn Stockwell is a founder and director. Dean M. Valore is a director. Robert Arnone is a director. The team of six brings their years of expertise in their respective industries to the round table to develop the strategic planning for the Bright Green Corporation, and to lead it forward to fulfill its mission and vision.

10. Bright Green broke ground on its cannabis research complex in 2021

Globe-News Wire confirms that the Bright Green Corporation is a new company. If you judged it regarding the age of the operation it would still be in its infancy stage of development, but that's not the case for Bright Green. The organization broke ground on a cannabis research complex valued at an estimated $300 million in October of 2021. That was less than a year ago and the enterprise is already making history. The research complex is located in Grants, New Mexico, although the headquarters for Bright Green is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

11. Bright Green has an understanding with the Drug Enforcement Administration

The Bright Green Corporation is conducting its business one hundred percent openly and above board. It has the blessings of the DEA, through a memorandum of agreement signed by both parties. The company is sanctioned to provide cannabis, and cannabis-related products legally, for North American research projects. Although cannabis use is still illegal at the federal level for recreational use it is legal as medication and for research purposes.

12. Bright Green Corporation has support at high levels

The Bright Green Corporation launched the groundbreaking of its New Mexico facility with the blessings of civic leaders, business leaders, and elected officials. They were present for the event that would launch a premier plant-based research facility. It is a DEA-certified operation that meets the criteria for approval under the federal authorization of a Schedule 1 drug handler. It is a new era in pharmaceuticals with an emphasis on research in plant-based therapies, with implications that go far beyond the cannabis niche. The processes may be applied to any type of plant-based therapy research.

13. Bright Green Corporation is the most advanced greenhouse ecosystem

The Bright Green Corporation is credited for developing one of the most advanced greenhouse systems for agriculture that the world has known. Its massive complex is powered with automation technology that is state of the art. Its products will further research at pharmaceutical companies and universities throughout the United States. The systems and methods developed are nothing short of brilliant and they signal a turning point in the accuracy and precision that modern technological advances afford us. Bright Green is pulling out all the stops and going for perfection in its quest to deliver the highest possible quality of tissue samples for research.

14. Bright Green's operation will expand to millions of square feet

The Bright Green Corporation invested $300 million in its new complex in 2021. The massive production facilities located in New Mexico boast plans to build the facility to encompass incredible square footage of more than seven million square feet. That is the equivalent of 115 acres of advanced manufacturing technology. Bright Green Corporation estimates that the construction will complete in 2023 in Grants, New Mexico.

15. Bright Green Corporation is on a mission to promote health and wellness

The overarching goal of the Bright Green Corporation is to provide essential products for researchers in their quest to promote medical science and body, health, and wellness for humans through its cannabis products. The expert team involved in the processes and leading the company forward have experience in various aspects of its operation, such as agriculture, marketing, manufacturing, greenhouse operation, body health and wellness, medical science, and technology. It's a perfect marriage to create a world-class enterprise. Bright Green is the type of enterprise that can help change the world for the better. It's how discoveries occur.

16. Bright Green started as a privately held enterprise

When the Bright Green Corporation first came into existence, it was a privately owned business. Edward Robinson is the founder and CEO of the Robinson Advisory Services PLLC. LinkedIn confirms that he is an expert in consulting for the executive level of the wholesale and retail sector with a focus on operational proficiency. Ed is a strategic planner who lends his expertise as an advisor to Bright Green Corporation and serves on its board of directors. He is also the chief executive officer of the corporation.

17. The Bright Green Corporation is a publicly-traded company

The Motley Fool confirms that the Bright Green Corporation filed for its initial public offering and went public in May of 2022. Bright Green Corporation started its trading on May 17, 2022, on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol BGXX. The business made history when it entered the market to represent the cannabis industry on the stock exchange. Its products cannot be sold directly to consumers, but there are plenty of research facilities that will gladly become regular customers.

18. Bright Green Corporation has not yet generated revenue

The Bright Green Corporation is still in the process of building its massive growing operation in New Mexico. Completion of the growing and manufacturing operation won't happen until 2023. The business has not yet started to sell products or generate revenue. It's still in the developmental stages of that part of its journey. The operating expenses were $2.5 million for 2021, yet the business had a cash balance of $1.3 million.

19. Bright Green is still a startup

The Bright Green Corporation has a long way to go until it reaches profitability. The company is still in the startup phase and will be there for some time, but it is a business with bright prospects. Although stock analysts point out that the future of the Bright Green Corporation is uncertain, there is no escaping the significant contributions it's making to the improvement of agricultural processes and growing methods. The discoveries made by the Bright Green Corporation improve indoor growing practices, and they provide superior quality research materials. It has these things going for it, but Bright Green faces an uncertain future, as do all companies involved in the cannabis industry.

20. Bright Green Corporation is eyed as a potential long-term investment

Benzinga suggests some reasons to consider Bright Green Corporation stock as an addition to your current investment portfolio. The future is uncertain for many industries, and the cannabis category is no exception. Although cannabis is not a legal industry in the eyes of the feds, the DEA granted conditional approval through a memorandum of understanding which makes Bright Green a legitimate federally legal cannabis grower and medical purpose distributor under the terms of agreement for sales to universities and research institutes. The potential for receiving full federal recognition for its business purposes is high. The potential for entry into the US and international markets is high. With the $65.9 billion market estimate, sizable profits are possible. The medical marijuana market will explode over the next seven years. The team at Bright Green Corporation is experienced and vetted in their areas of expertise. It's a serious business that employs world-class professionals in their respective fields. It stands the best chance of making the emergence of the cannabis industry into the public market a successful venture, but only time will tell.

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