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Five Companies Leading the Way in Voice Recognition Tech

Voice recognition

Voice recognition is the technology that has given us Siri with her uniquely human-sounding voice that is capable of carrying on a conversation over our smartphones. It's the then responsible for Amazon's Alexa that employs the use of multiple other technologies that combine to give us voice-powered assistance in controlling smart devices in our homes and businesses. Voice recognition is a tech that is going to be around for a while. It's something that investors can depend on to have longevity in relevance in the market. If you've considered investing in VR Tech, check out our pick of the top five companies leading the way in voice recognition tech.

5. Aspinity

Aspinity is a voice recognition technology company that focuses on the use of analog processing to send specific signals about processing data. The technology is useful for detecting when battery life in a device begins to reach lower levels, under half of its full capacity. This smart technology can automatically launch processes that help to extend battery life by decreasing the amount of data used in processing. This intuitive form of AI technology can help behind the scenes to enhance your enjoyment of the devices that you use by using the Internet of Things via wireless sensors to detect and process voice commands. It's a long data digitizing operation, but it is employed so seamlessly that we're not aware of the complex processes taking place. The technology minimizes the consumption of power when it's operating in a non-speech mode. It ensures that the device is always listening for a voice command, but when there is no speech, unnecessary processes are put on hold until they are required.

4. Twine

Twine is a company that provides hardware that works with Slack to give you total control over your conference calls and presentations within your conference room. Twine technology features the "Conference Room in a Box" service with an artificial intelligence-powered program that intuitively connects with monitors and TVs to display presentations. The only nation required on the part of the user is to place the cursor in the correct spot and drag. It's remarkable voice recognition technology that facilitates video conferencing with a full array of features. It includes the ability to relocate meetings as necessary and even reschedule them as needed. Twine has made conferencing far easier with a user-friendly platform and intuitive programming.

3. Pulse Labs

Pulse Labs is best known for its significant contribution to improving Alexa based apps by providing user testing. The company provides highly qualified quality assurance testers. They perform thought testing of devices to identify bugs to let you know about my potential problems in an app before it launches. They make sure that apps are free of annoying glitches and bugs before they're ever released. The company is also known for providing customized filters that allow you to choose your user testers so you can be assured of getting the services you're looking for. Through Alexa, the conversations of the testers are recorded which gives you even more feedback about the product.

2. Tintell

Tintell is a company that specializes in the production of mobile phone watches for children. Their products target kids age five and older with voice recognition technology that helps young ones learn about the technology without actually using a smartphone. The watches may be synced with an app on your smartphone. A useful GPS tracker lets you know where your child is at all times. This is a useful resource for parents and children. It enhances the safety of your child when he or she is away from you. Wearable technology is a bridge that helps prepare kids for responsible use of a smartphone before they reach the age where ownership is more appropriate. It's designed for kids that aren't quite old enough to own a smartphone, and it helps to ease them into the technology while giving parents a little extra peace of mind. Kids and parents can communicate via the technology used to power the watch. You can store around 12 phone numbers on the watch and have them on speed dial. This great parent resource is just one more way that voice recognition technology is being used to improve the lives of families around the nation and the world. Tintell plans to expand its line of child-friendly products in the future. There are currently discussions about the development of game and walkie talkie apps. Parents may also upload carpooling apps to the watch.

1. Sensible Object

Sensible Object is a company that is headquartered in London, England. Their number one product is the game "Beasts of Balance. It's a gem that is designed for smartphones, but it also works on smart televisions and tablets. It's a fun and interesting game that allows users to create entire worlds. It's a Pokemon inspired game that is similar to Jenga. You must stack your tower as high as you can before it falls. The technology merges digital and physical play in ways that bring people together in creative and imaginative ways. Players can take on the building challenges in a single-player mode or connect with up to four more players through the use of VR technology to unlock new pieces and take on new design challenges. It's a highly advanced game when it comes to tech and so far, it's been a smash hit that is picking up new fans all the time. This is good news for Sensible Object because it indicates that soon, there will be a call for them to develop similar apps to keep their audiences satisfied. For now, it's a great way to bring people together to solve some fairly big challenges. The game is good for building strategic planning skills and teamwork, plus it's addictive and a lot of fun to play.

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