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Want Luxury in The Grand Canyon? Check out "Nomad's Pad"

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has long been a destination for those who crave adventure. It' one of the seven wonders of the world and there are some spectacular features that make it one of the most visited places in the world. Still, some prefer to enjoy luxury accommodation instead of dusty rides down the trails on the backs of mules, or camping at one of the many rustic campsites offered throughout the canyon's recreational areas. For those looking for a bit of luxury, there's a new feature in the canyon that you'll want to find out about.

Nomad's Pad: A Grand Canyon experience under the stars in luxury

According to the Robb Report, there is a new luxury project that provides a wide range of luxury accommodations combined with tons of fun activities, and more. Nomads Pad is a funded Indiegogo project that offers the glam that some crave with the benefit of sleeping under a full view of the stars in a luxurious glass pyramid. You can still enjoy premium comforts while getting the most from the natural surroundings and wonders of the Grand Canyon.

What is Nomad's Pad?

Nomad's Pad was co-founded by Jenny and Victor Pegeanu, a couple of rental property veterans. They're known for creating idealistic venues that offer visitors and guests an immersive experience in nature with a bit of glamour thrown in within the walls of the Grand Canyon. It's something they enjoy doing, and they have a talent for meeting the high expectations of guests with discriminating tastes. Nomads Pad is located near the south rim of the Canyon on 20 acres. The project features ten glass pyramids made of temperature-controlled glass that offer some of the best possible views of the surrounding desert by day and the starry skies at night. Each pyramid provides the occupants with a 360 view through the clear glass walls. When guests want to have their privacy, all that they will need to do is push a button and the glass walls become opaque so those on the outside cannot see inside. The feature that makes this possible is advanced smart glass technology. Each pyramid will provide the guests with 400 square feet of space filled with luxury in highly stylish surroundings and accommodations.

A sustainable luxury retreat

The pyramids are made and operated with a sustainable platform that maximizes the use of energy while ensuring each is air-conditioned, contains a queen-sized bed with luxury linens, toiletries in the bath, and shower that are eco-friendly, with a private bath, hot tub, and more. The pyramids are solar-powered which is a clean type of energy that those who are concerned with the health of the environment can support and appreciate.

The project was funded in fifteen minutes

According to Indiegogo, The Indiegogo project that is funding Nomad's Pad reached its goal in just 15 minutes of going live. There are already 493 backers supporting the project and reserving their stays at Nomad's Pad. One of the features packages is a 2 Night Stay called Nomad Tribe for $1,125 with just 6 spots left. The estimated date of delivery is October of 2021. Backers receive a private shower, private outdoor patio area, private bathroom, wellness amenities, and a private hot tub. The cost is 20 percent off the regular cost of $1,398. You can also reserve 1 night for $579 which is 17 percent off the regular rate of $699.

Other amenities

Starting in October, those who have already made their reservations through the Indiegogo project will enjoy a host of amenities in addition to the glass pyramid accommodations. Each guest will have access to coffee and tea, yoga, outdoor movies, sip and paint classes, massages, soothing sound baths, an outdoor propane fire pit, lounge furniture, a hammock, and the beauty of nature.

Exceptional cuisine

Guests can also look forward to meals that are made from products that are locally sourced and exceptionally fresh with a farm-to-table list of ingredients. Guests can also enjoy craft cocktails or their choice of beers and wines.

Other activities

Guests at Nomad' Pad will also be offered a variety of different fun and exciting activities. They may book tours of the landscape by jeep, guided hiking excursions, tours of the south rim of the Grand Canyon via airplane, boating trips, access to the web, and many more enjoyable activities for customizing their immersive experience. The views of the night sky from your glass pyramid are clear of light pollution. You'll get the clearest possible view of the stars and planets with some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets that are only found in the desert.

Final thoughts

Nomad's Pad is a new kind of immersive nature experience that combines the fun and enjoyable elements of camping with modern technology for creating a comfortable experience with a hint of glamour and luxury. Although it's a bit pricey, you're guaranteed to have a unique experience in a venue that is laid out for rest, relaxation, and connecting with nature without the hassles of pitching a tent or dealing with fluctuating desert temperatures. The environment in each glass pyramid is controlled for your total comfort. Enjoy sleeping on luxury beds in a clean environment with many of the comforts you would find in a top-rated hotel. Book fun and exciting excursions, or stay in the area to participate in the stress-busting activities that are offered for guests. The timeline for getting a good deal through the Indiegogo funded project is running out, but if you miss the specials that are offered through the initial launch campaign, you can still book your reservations at the Luxe Grand Canyon Nomad's Pad experience. The openings will likely fill up fast, so you may want to consider booking well in advance of your planned trip.

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