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A Traveler's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney

Star Wars Disney

A not so long time ago, in what may seem like a galaxy far, far away is Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is the latest addition to California's Disneyland Resort and Florida's Walt Disney World Resort. Fans of the Star Wars collection of movies, series, and collectibles are likely aware of Batuu, the world that has often been made reference of in the intergalactic realm of one of science fiction's most influential contributions to pop culture as we know it. Like any other theme park that has been designed by Disney, Galaxy's Edge is loaded with a wide variety of features that are guaranteed to be every bit as entertaining as it is vast. Due to its size and what's available, picking up a traveler's guide to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland or Walt Disney World would be a smart move on your part so you can make the most out of your vacationing experience while at the Galaxy's Edge Theme Park. Between the attractions, eateries, and shops, there is so much to see and do. As fun, as it seems to be spontaneous and get caught up in the moment, planning ahead, isn't such a bad either. This includes being prepared to pay for extra charges and fees that may apply that haven't already been included upfront in whatever vacation package you booked for.

The Attractions

There are four major attractions at Galaxy's Edge. The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run puts the tourist inside the infamous spaceship that has been operated by the legendary rogue pirates, Hans Solo and Lando Calrissian. However, before you're allowed to board, you will have to undergo training by Hondo Ohnaka, the site instructor. Once trained, you will then take part in some of the starship's missions that may include locating and procuring hard-to-find items that are stretched across the galaxy for clientele who are willing to pay for it.

The second main attraction is titled Rise of the Resistance. It will be here where there are a number of rides that will take you through the different adventures that are available in the form of storylines as the resistance strives to defeat the First Order and their reign of terror that threatens Galaxy's Edge and the entire universe. When taking part in this story, you're a Resistance Recruit that has been assigned to complete a secret mission for them. While doing so, your transport is captured by First Order's Star Destroyer as its stormtroopers, led by Kylo Ren. The story plays itself out where a covert team of Resistance fighters led by Rey and BB-8 arrives in the nick of time for you and your fellow recruits to escape and help the Resistance as they continue to stand against the evil that threatens the entire galaxy. Since Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge finds itself at the center of two different factions that have opposing ideas of how the entire galaxy should run, vacationers of Batuu may venture to the First Order Cargo while at the Black Spire Outpost that starts at Docking Bay 9 as recruiters hope to win over newcomers to join their side. If you'd rather not join the First Order, head over to the Resistance Supply instead as its allies attempt to increase their roster by adding you to their cause.

Eat, Drink, and Be Entertained

Oga's Cantina is one of four main eatery locations within the Galaxy's Edge Theme Park at Disney. Designed to be more than simply a place to enjoy food and drink, be prepared to expect the unexpected while visiting the infamous hangout frequented by bounty hunters, rogues, smugglers, and weary travelers. It is highly recommended before arriving at the cantina to make reservations ahead of time. It is a popular place, loaded with locals and visitors. Reservations are made by credit card only, and there are certain rules, regulations, and policies to follow in accordance with whatever the law of the land lays down. Even with Oga's Cantina having a notorious reputation of housing questionable visitors, in order for the business to run as smoothly as possible, the less unwanted attention it can draw to spook the customers away the better. Another eatery location at Galaxy's Edge is Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, which is housed within a working hangar bay. The wide variety of dishes to choose from, which feature ingredients from across the galaxy is what makes the cuisine become an out-of-this-world experience. Chef Strono "Cookie" Tuggs has a docked food freighter that's loaded with fresh supplies as he aims to satisfy the diversities of each local and visitor that visits his establishment. While there, you have the option to either eat inside the spacious hangar or enjoy the rustic environment of the outdoors. Ronto Roasters features a pitmaster droid that turns a mechanical spit that roasts up the local delicacy known as ronto, a large beast that comes from the planet known as Tatooine. What does ronto taste like? It tastes like pork, which is the primary meat served at this bar and grill hangout. If pork isn't your thing, don't worry about it. There's also seafood and vegetarian cuisine available for locals and visitors to choose from instead. While visiting the place, check out the hanging pod-racer engine that's responsible for grilling up the aromatic meats. The Milk Stand belonging to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge brings forth the milky beverages that come either in blue or green. There is a choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,


No resort is complete without having merchandise available for visitors to get their hands on and take home, either as a souvenir or an item of necessity that also accentuates their appreciation for Star Wars and the Galaxy's Edge theme park. Between Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers is located at the Black Spire Outpost, which has a group known as Gatherers, who ushers you into a workshop that features a collection of whimsical parts you need to work with to construct your very own lightsaber. That Gatherer will help you piece together the ideal lightsaber for you as there are four key models to choose from, which are Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. At the moment, building and purchasing a lightsaber costs $219.99 USD, plus tax. There are also customizable options available, but you will have to go to Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities to do that.

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities features the finest collection of antiques, treasures, and other valuables that cannot be found anywhere else. Sure, there may be knockoffs available elsewhere, but if you want authentic, it's only here you will get it. Did you build a lightsaber at Savi's Workshop? If yes, did you care to customize it? Look no further as Dok-Ondar has stocked his entire den with all sorts of goods from every corner of the galaxy to ensure there is something for everyone, including secretive items to give your lightsaber that extra something to truly make it special. The Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a workshop where you can build your own droid. If you want the BB Series, you have a choice between the domes, its connection plates, the body sphere, and motivator as parts to puzzle together to build a droid you can call yours for as little as $99.99 USD, plus tax. For the same price, you can also go with the R Series where it's piecing together the dome, body, center leg, and side legs. If you've never built a droid before don't worry.

There's a placemat that shows easy-to-follow instructions to ensure you've built yourself a good, reliable droid. There are also customization options available, for a price, of course. Black Spire Outfitters is where you go to gear up with its eclectic collection of wearables so that you can do more than just play the part as a member of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. You can now blend into the Batuu environment without making it look too obvious that you're a tourist. Also, it makes a nice add-on to your wardrobe. There's also Creature Stall, which has the galaxy's rarest creatures on display. Bina is the shopkeeper who keeps her pet shop stocked so that you, the customer, may wish to adopt at least one to take home. If you'd rather not have an exotic pet, there's also Zabaka's Toydarian Toymaker shop that offers a variety of keepsakes available for purchase. Of course, if you'd rather, you can access and purchase from both if that is your wish.

Batuu's Folklore

Fans of the entire Star Wars saga have likely heard of Disney's Galaxy's Edge, one of the franchise's latest tourist destinations located at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney Resort. This, as well as the series of books and comics, are all related to the fictional world known as Batuu. According to the publication laid out by author Cole Horton and his Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu, there's a series of details about the many different cantinas, eateries, markets, stores, and the people. All these factoids, plus the travel warnings, is what sums up the guidebook laid out by the fictional historian, Eloc Thono. From the traveler's guide, there are seven of these factoids and traveler warnings laid out by Eloc Thono that are worth mentioning. Those seven are;

1. Batuu has nearby planetary neighbors

Batuu isn't far from the rest of the galaxy, at least according to the traveler's map provided. It shows there are many other worlds belonging to the Star Wars universe and its Galaxy's Edge. Although Batuu is located in the Outer Rim, this still makes a good pit stop for travelers seeking to venture into the Wild Space. Batuu's location is close to its neighboring planet, Anch-To, which features a thriving Porg The map near the front of the guide shows where Batuu and dozens of other Star Wars worlds are located. As Batuu is in the Outer Rim, it’s a good stopping off point for people brave enough to explore Wild Space. Batuu is also fairly close to Ahch-To, known for its thriving Porg population, as well as its abundance of resources.

2. Batuu has many communities

While Batuu's Black Spire Outpost garners the most amount of attention due to it being the host of the people's largest community settlement, as well as the place to go for travelers, there are a number of additional communities that are worth mentioning. Such communities include the Galma District, which is known for hosting pod-racing events, as well as Surabat, a region best known for its outdoor activities such as hiking. It is also known as the place to go for locals and travelers alike to enjoy more than simple sightseeing.

3. Batuu has High Republic Connections

While covering the historical information covered by Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu, there is revealed information about the connection Batuu had with the High Republic. When the connection was at its peak, which took place two hundred years prior to the events that unfolded from the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace timeline, the collection of a trained group of Jedi had established their own research station out in the wilds of Batuu. Despite the connection, there is very little information available regarding that particular time period. What is known is Batuu served and still serves, as the ideal location for travelers who did not want to be noticed. Naboo's Galactic Senator Padme Amidala of the High Republic is mentioned to have visited Batuu's Black Spire during the timing of the Clone Wars. It was a time period where Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire were vying for full control of the universe, which was mostly done so by force.

4. Several one-day itinerary destinations

Traveler guides are known for providing information about a variety of destinations so visitors can plan out itinerary schedules for themselves to get maximum value out of their traveling experience. Through the guide, there is much information about the different worlds that can easily be reached and explored according to their scheduling preferences. While some destinations may be commonly known by some travelers, such as Forest Moon of Endor or Takodana, there are many other locations that still remain relatively unknown. For instance, there is Mokivj, which is the world best known for its sunsets and ten moons. There is also Umme, which is a great destination for big game hunters.

5. Learn about local history and other folklore

Aside from Batuu's connection with the High Republic, as well as its involvement with the intergalactic war against the Galactic Empire, this world is loaded with an intriguing roster of characters that are more than happy to share their personal stories with anybody who cares to listen. There is Salju from Black Spire Station, as well as the droid named Mubo, who is the station's repair technician. They're among the friendlier habitants of Batuu and more open for dialogue. While there are a number of citizens within Batuu that seem friendly enough, there are some locals that may be a bit more reluctant, such as Oga Garra, the cantina's owner. Because there are many travelers who seek some kind of hidden refuge while at Batuu, locals such as Garra who know more than they let on, may not always be so open to discussing anything with anybody without presenting some form of opposition.

6. More about Oga Garra's Cantina

Should you visit the cantina owned and managed by Oga Garra, you will observe a few creatures that are on display. They're not just there for appearances. These creatures, such as the Fuzzy Tauntaun, the worrt, and the Yub Nub are each farmed for the special ingredients that go into some of the food and beverage that is served to the customers. Have you tried the worrt's eggs yet? It is part of the local cuisine, after all. Furthermore, should you visit the cantina to enjoy a drink, make a point to be sure to say either "Now and 'til the Spire," "Under the shadow of the Spire," or "Here's to a good run!" It is customary to make this statement before taking that first sip. Failure to do so may draw unwanted attention your way that you probably want to avoid.

7. Keep up with the news and learn the local lingo

The Traveler's Guide offers a list of common lingo phrases the locals of Batuu typically use. It is advised when visiting the place to understand the local language, especially if you want your visit to be as pleasant an experience as possible. Should you wish to attend the Batuuan Harvest Festival or Black Spire Day, first acquaint yourself of what are the local customs so that you can avoid misunderstandings that will likely lead to an escalated incident. Also, keeping up with the local news, even if it's just rumored, is highly advised. If you happen to share the same common desire among most of the locals and travelers of Batuu to keep a low profile, the less attention you draw to yourself the better. Get to know the lingo, plus all the slang terms that are used as a form of expression. Also, while in Batuu, make a point not to get influenced by the fake news laid out by the First Order, which is posted throughout the region. As for the local lingo, here are some of the most common phrases and what they mean:

  • The Outpost (BSO) = Black Spire Outpost
  • The Old Post = The ancient ruins around BSO
  • The Port = Spaceport
  • Gold Dust = Golden Lichon, which grows on Batuu
  • Bright Suns! = Hello (for Daytime use only)
  • Rising Moons! = Hello (for Nighttime use only)
  • May Your Deals Go Well = Good Luck
  • May the Spires Keep You = Farewell
  • Til the Spire = Farewell
  • Well Bartered = Thank You
  • And You = You're Welcome
  • Only the Ancients Know = I Don't Know
  • Thank the Skies! = Thank Goodness

Before You Go...

Whenever booking a holiday, making yourself aware of what you need to be mindful of will make a big difference between enjoying a dream vacation or enduring a nightmarish experience. We live in a world now where planning ahead has never been as important as it is now. All of Disney's resorts go out of their way to make sure all of its facilities are as safe as possible for everyone. However, it is important on your part that you do the same for the sake of yourself, your family, as well as other travelers who are going to the same destination as you. Getting your hands on a reliable traveler's guide is to your advantage. If it's to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge you wish to go, give yourself a distinct advantage by communicating with whomever you're booking your trip with to learn as much as possible about the destination, as well as any current news that concerns that part of the world.

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