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The 10 Best Beach Destinations In The Philippines

If you are like us, this part of the year may be dragging you down. The weather, the cold, the busy schedules, it tends to bring the chaos of life to the forefront, and can also make it seem like the warm sunshine will never come. If this sounds like you, it may be time to start looking at vacation options, and what better place to go to experience the culture and beauty of the world out there than the Philippines. With so many beautiful things to see and do, the Philippines is a place like no other, especially when it comes to its features. That’s why we are here. Today, we are going to count down the top ten best beach destinations right in the Philippines. Let’s get started with our countdown.

Panglao Island, Bohol

Beginning our list is Panglao Island, which is one of the more popular beach locations on our list today. Well the country is still being developed, The area itself is home to many different species of marine life. This makes the island a great place for diving. One beach to definitely put on your list to visit when headed to the Philippines is Alona Beach, Which is definitely the most popular on the island. The area can definitely get crowded from its multitude of tourism, so the best time to go is between December and March, which is considered the low season.

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Puerto Galera Is actually a protected site, and has been since the early ‘70s. The beaches are home to beautiful and diverse coral reefs, which are also the home to many different species of marine life that have been researched for many years now. This is what makes the area such a great place for snorkeling and sailing in the water. The best time to go to this area is between April and June; however, this is also a time when there is higher temperatures heat wise, and also hired tourist crowds as well.

Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

If you love to snorkel, this next destination is going to be the paradise you’ve been longing for. This year drop shaped Island is home to some of the best waves in the country, along with a wide variety of marine life that also makes it an excellent location to dive and snorkel. The best time to visit the island is really anywhere from November to Ma. The summer months will be more crowded, but if you’re a surfer, you may just be able to deal with the crowds regardless!

El Nido, Palawan

This is definitely one of the top beaches on our list, and it is no surprise why it makes this countdown. El Nido itself actually contains an island that is covered in about fifty white sand beaches in total. The area is also home to several forests, marine in mammals life, and other ecosystems that make it a natural phenomenon. You won’t believe all of the splendor that the island habitat of El Nido has to offer. If you are wanting to visit the area, the best time to go is typically in December, when there are typically less visitors.

Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

Next on our list is a truly unique beach destination. What makes it so one of a kind in our world today is that it is literally untouched; this is not a beach where you are going to find a resort right on the sand. Palaui Island Will definitely be somewhere where you want to make an all day visit as there is so much to see between the white sand beaches, organic rocks, diverse ecosystems of wildlife, and so much more. In fact, this beach is one that you can visit all year around.

Mactan Island

We have semen our fair share of islands on this list, and this next destination is no different. Mactan Island is actually located within the island of Cebu, and is often considered one of the most densely populated beaches in the islands in the country of the Philippines. The island is actually considered a horrible island, so it is one of the best destinations in the country to go diving and snorkeling to see the marine life and all the beauty it has to offer. This destination is also a great place to go I would have been to explore more of the culture. Since the island is so crowded and densely populated the majority of the time, the best time to go is during the low season to avoid all the tourist crowds.

Boracay, Aklan

This next beach destination is filled with hundreds of resorts and other family friendly activities, which helps to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. It is located near Manila, And is also considered another small island, similar to some of the other beach destinations that have made our list. Here, you will be able to see plenty of wildlife and marine life, go snorkeling, scuba diving, or even just relax by the amazingly clear blue waters. Again, the best time to visit the area is during the winter months, between November and May.

Samal Island, Davao City

Also known as the Garden City, Samal Island has some of the most beautiful and distinctive beaches in the Philippines. The island itself is also home to some of the more developed tourist attractions and resorts in the area. Here, you can visit white and pink sand beaches the rest of the clear blue waters for the ultimate rest and relaxation on your vacation. The island has about seventy resorts in total, and depending on how you prefer the weather and the crowd population will help decide whether you want to go during the high season (summer time), or during the low season (winter time). You may also want to hit up Mount Apo, the largest mountain in the country, while vacationing by the beach.

Coron Island, Palawan

Once again, Palawan has made it onto our list, and for good reason. Home to the indigenous Tagbanua people, The island itself is well known for its beautiful cliffs and other reformations that make the landscape so unique. Also filled with white sand beaches, and those crystal clear waters that we keep mentioning, It will truly feel like you are discovering your own private beach getaway! Although this is one of the more secluded beaches on her list, and not quite as popular, the best time to visit is still during the low season months, when there is less of a chance of large crowds there.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Finally on our list, we have Pagudpud, Which is a destination that is more secluded in a similar fashion to others on our list. Well there’s not much to resume here yet, there are still loads of different water activities, white sands, and other relaxation to be had on the beach. While here, you can also visit Kagiban Falls, and other natural tourists sites that the destination has to offer. Honestly, there is no better time to go; you can visit all year around, and still have the best time of your life.

While there are obviously hundreds of different beaches to visit with in the Philippines, we believe that we have narrowed it down to the top ten that are must sees when planning your vacation. So, what are you waiting for? It sounds like it’s about time to start planning your vacation, and about time to start soaking up some sun on the white sand beaches of the Philippines.

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