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What Food is Denver Known for and Where Do You Get It?


Denver is known as a city with a sunny disposition for almost 300 days per year when you visit the United States. Therefore, it is a tourist destination and most people don't have a clue about the concept of the local dishes. As you visit the city to enjoy the culture dedicated to outdoor activities view the towering mountains, there is a wide range of spicy delicacies you can enjoy when you check into town. Please ensure that you try at least one of these eight tasty dishes.

1. Bisop Steak

Bisop, or Buffalo as the locals call it in Colorado, is a tasty tradition that has been there for many years. Twenty miles away from Denver, a preservation center is kept a herd of buffalos. This place is a tourist destination where visitors and the locals check in to see the animals. After visiting the buffalo Centre, you can head back to the city to enjoy their tasty bison steak. The buffalo steak is one of the boniest red meats compared to others. Therefore, ensure that you check to a joint where chefs have experience preparing it. The best joint to visit to enjoy Bishop Steak is the Buckhorn Exchange, a famous joint for game meat that has existed in the area since 1893. You can also visit the 14-ounce buffalo ribeye that is situated at Elway's inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

2. Game Meat Tartare

Around Denver, the common thing you will find in eateries is beef tartare or game meat tartare, which you will long to come back to the area to enjoy. When you visit Colt & Gray, the resident chefs can be seen whipping up succulent lamb tartare with romanesco tapenade, soft-boiled quail egg, castelvetrano olives, and mint. Even when the meat is raw, you will not feel the gamey flavor but a grassy richness. Alternatively, you can try the elk tartare, served at Spuntino. The chefs will mix it with garlic puree and ginger, preserved lemon aioli, black salt, and cured egg yolk. It is a unique, delicious appetizer that you will love.

3. Mountain Pizza

If you love pie, you must have tasted different types by now. Unlike the other types that you have come across, mountain pizza is a unique kind with a denser crust, and the middle part is thinner but full of cheese, sauce, and all manner of toppings. When you want to eat it, the formula is to rip off the thick crust that looks like bread and dip it in the side of a bowl containing honey or sauce. The idea behind this mountain pizza is to ensure that when you eat it, you are filled up so that you may gain more energy to help you play outdoor games like skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. Visit Beau Jo's Pizza. They have maintained the trend of making mountain pizza for over 40 years around Idaho Springs. Another place to enjoy this pizza is Pizza Pedal'r, located inside the Winter Park and opened a new joint in Denver.

4. Craft Beer Ice Cream

Denver is very hot throughout the year, so we have to include craft beer to help you quench your thirst. Sweet Action Ice Cream has partnered with local breweries to make special sweets. They have also included beer ice cream in the mix. You can enjoy Butter Pecan Maple Porter, Almond Butter Pale Ale, and Vegan Pineapple Sour, among the flavors you can enjoy.

5. Colorado Lamb

Colorado is the most famous area in the entire United States, where you can get the sweetest lamb. It is worth making a trip to try it. It is very sweet, grass-tinged meat. The best option to try includes lamb bacon pappardelle or Pappardelle ragu which you will find at Beast+bottle joint, which sources its food from the best purveyors in the USA. You can also visit Work & Class to enjoy coriander cooked lamb. It's addictive; you will find yourself coming back again.

6. Bowl of Green Chili

The Green chili that you will find in Denver is different from the one prepared in Texas-style. When you order it, it will give you an entirely different experience. Visit any Santiago joint in the area and order a bowl of this Chili. It will come with a tortilla on the side and smoky meat. The capsicum also will be mixed with pork, tomatoes, and onions to enjoy. When you visit Sam's No.3, which has several shops in the area, you will be served green Chili with cheese fries which will convert you fully to be a fan.

7. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles is available in all the towns that have Tex-Mex fare. But in Denver, you will find a different and unique version. Denver has a strong influence on Mexican heritage, and the Chilaquiles in the area showcase different styles from ones laden which come with homemade chile Verde to chips blended in classic hot salsa and a fried egg to green Chili, which form the base. The options to choose from are endless. To enjoy the best, visit Lena, where you will be served with roasted chicken, fried eggs, grilled tomatillo, and asader. You can also visit Adelitas Cocina y Cantina to enjoy the killer Michoacano style, which has raw tortillas to replace the chips and sautéed egg and dice.

8. Mexican Hamburger

It is believed that the Mexican Hamburger was invented in Colorado. You may confuse it with the Mexican Hamburguesa if you are unfamiliar with it. But they are completely different from each other. According to Tripadvisor, the Mexican Hamburger also contains a beef patty, but it is folded using refried beans in a quesadilla style inside a large flour tortilla. The whole Hamburger is then smothered with melted cheese and green Chili. When you take it when having a hangover, the hangover will disappear immediately. Places to enjoy Mexican hamburgers include La Loma Mexican Kitchen or the Mexico City Restaurant & Lounge for a special treat.


Denver is a foody town to enjoy organic food sourced locally. Most of the dishes are delicacies of top quality that have placed Denver among the top cities in the USA, ranking as the most exciting food city. For the above delicacies and others, you can visit the town to enjoy them at some point.

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