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The 10 Best Honda Passport Models of All-Time

2020 Honda Passport

After a long and illustrious career, the Honda Passport had paused any remakes in 2003. In its decade on the market, this compact SUV managed to win more than its share of consumers. The Honda Passport's success may have had something to do with its comfortable interior, robust engine, and unbeatable reliability. After much deliberation, here are the ten best Honda Passport models of all time. These compact SUVs are perfect for city dwellers and adventurous road warriors alike.

1999 Honda Passport

10. 1999 Honda Passport

Created to please both commuters and outdoor enthusiasts, the 1999 Honda Passport was one of a kind. The Passport had an athletic stance, a powerful engine, and a rigid chassis for the outdoorsy crowd. There was ample storage and even a rear seat that folded down to reveal added cargo space for commuters. This top-of-the-line model also boasted automatic climate control, an AM/FM CD stereo system, and even an optional roof rack.

2008 Honda Passport

9. 2008 Honda Passport

When the second-generation Honda Passport hit the market in 2008, users met it with critical acclaim. Although Honda halted the original model, the new SUV lived up to the original's reputation for innovation and ruggedness. It was only available with a four-cylinder engine in its first year on the market. However, this was changed after 2008 when a V-6 engine became available to consumers. The 2008 Honda Passport was also able to tow up to 2,500 pounds through a trailer hitch. The technology in this model was also outstanding. For instance, the 2008 Honda Passport boasted several safety features, including ABS brakes, traction control, and stability control.

2001 Honda Passport

8. 2001 Honda Passport

The 2001 Honda Passport was part of Honda's first step into the compact SUV marketplace. It's a little bit of an odd duck since it straddles the line between an SUV and a light truck. Therefore, it doesn't quite have the ruggedness of a traditional SUV. Despite this, the 2001 Honda Passport is tough enough for any road trip. It's one of the rare SUVs with an optional third row of seats which allows this compact SUV to carry eight passengers.

2000 Honda Passport SE

7. 2000 Honda Passport SE

The 2000 Honda Passport SE is the first generation of this compact SUV's top-of-the-line model. Although it lacked the ruggedness of a traditional SUV, Honda made it with brute strength. For example, this model could come with either a V-6 or I6 engine. Both engines were powerful and surprisingly fuel-efficient. This model was also available with a smooth-shifting five-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a transferable warranty to boot.

2009 Honda Passport

6. 2009 Honda Passport

Even though the 2009 Honda Passport was only available for a few years, it managed to stand out in extraordinary ways. For example, this model has an all-wheel-drive system that functions as an SUV on wet or snowy roads and as a sports car on the highway. You can also equip the 2009 Honda Passport with a trailer hitch as an off-road SUV.

2013 Honda Passport

5. 2013 Honda Passport

Although the 2013 Honda Passport went through a redesign, it's still a strong contender among the top compact SUVs. For example, this model was available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems. The 2013 Honda Passport also boasted a smooth transmission with a CVT automatic transmission for added fuel efficiency. The 2013 Honda Passport also boasted more standard features than ever. For instance, this model featured a roof rack, sidestepping boards, and integral cargo hooks to add utility to the all-wheel-drive system.

2006 Honda Passport

4. 2006 Honda Passport

The 2006 Honda Passport is a top-of-the-line model from this SUV's second generation. The 2006 Honda Passport was one of the very few models that could match the sheer ruggedness of its predecessors. For example, this model came with a powerful V6 engine. If four cylinders weren't enough, an optional I6 engine was also available with an optional four-speed automatic transmission.

2006 Honda Passport

3. 2001 Honda Passport EX-L

The 2001 Honda Passport EX-L was part of Honda's first step into the compact SUV marketplace. This model was less rugged and more comfortable than most other compact SUVs. For instance, this model had a cozy interior, a smooth transmission, and an optional roof rack. In addition to these factors, the 2001 Honda Passport also featured unique technology at the time, like an All-wheel drive. Therefore, the car could function as an SUV on wet or snowy roads and a sports car on the highway.

2019 Honda Passport Off-Road SUV

2. 2019 Honda Passport Off-Road SUV

The 2019 Honda Passport Off-Road SUV is currently the second-generation model of this compact SUV's third generation. It is an excellent choice for an off-road SUV when looking for the best off-road vehicle. It has a great engine, and you can drive it in any off-road conditions. The 2019 Honda Passport went through some limited but necessary upgrades. For instance, the 2019 Honda Passport Off-Road SUV offers four-wheel drive and a 3.5L V6 engine. It also features a simple interior and plenty of storage space for all of your adventure gear. The Honda Passport is known for its fuel efficiency.

2020 Honda Passport

1. 2020 Honda Passport

Honda took to their books to revise the Passport, coming up with the 2020 model, a more advanced model of the previous generation. The SUV is perfect for both urban and off-road travel. It is a competitor to Ford Edge and Jeep Cherokee, the popular cars in the market today. The 2020 Passport features a 3.5-litre V6 engine that can give out 280 horsepower. It also has a speed gear automated system with a 9-speed manual shifter. The SUV is spacious, featuring seating for up to five passengers. The interior is well designed and has a high-quality feel, comfortable seats, excellent lighting, and functional storage space. The safety features include airbags, an anti-lock braking system, traction control, and stability control, all of which are standard.

Summing Up

From having a small engine, the popularity of the Honda Passport has steadily risen. The interior and exterior look of the Honda Passport is now beautiful to the customers. The outer body of this car is solid and long-lasting. The fuel economy, safety features, comfort, space, and technology are all satisfactory in this SUV by Honda. It is also very economical for its running cost, making it a best seller worldwide. When looking for the best off-road vehicle, Honda Passport is an excellent choice for an off-road SUV. It has a great engine, and it can drive in any off-road condition with ease. For any off-road adventure, your Honda Passport will be able to help you out thanks to its great tires, snow chains, and great suspension. The Honda Passport is one of the best Honda models and will help you in various situations.

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