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The 10 Best Honda AWD Cars Of All Time

Best Honda AWD Cars

Honda is a Japanese automobile company that has made a name for itself in the international scene for its large variety of products. It produces motorcycles, vehicles, and also internal combustion engines, where it is one of the largest producers by volume worldwide. When you come to vehicles, the automobile company spares no effort in giving us the best that can hit the road. At the moment, it is on a spree in producing all-wheel-drive vehicles, commonly referred to as AWD. Digital Trends gives an in-depth translation of AWD technology in cars. The following are some of the best Honda AWD cars of all time that you can bank on when hitting rough terrain.

10. 2020 Honda CRV Hybrid

2020 Honda CRV Hybrid

The world is striving for green technology in a bid to boost environmental conservation measures. Honda shows its dedication to this campaign by coming up with hybrid cars. The latest entrant in the hybrid cars category is the 2020 Honda CRV hybrid. It is an all-wheel-drive vehicle that takes on the tag of luxury and comfort and also versatility when tackling rough terrains. The interior is comfy, featuring a leather finish and a wireless phone charger. Led headlights work to make its outlook sleek.

9. 2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline

The 2017 Honda ridgeline is a compact pickup truck with a design suit for both rough country roads and the city roads. It has both forward wheel drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. It is spacious featuring five seats, which is impressive for a truck. Its handling is also excellent and coupled with the all-wheel-drive configuration; it can smoothly tackle rough terrains.

8. 2018 Honda CRV 7-Seater SUV

2018 Honda CRV 7-Seater SUV

For a long time, the Honda CRV has been considered a crossover sports utility vehicle. However, the 2018 entrant is an upgrade to a fully-fledged SUV. This Honda AWD comes with an option of going for the two-wheel-drive configurations, suitable for town roads. Another standout feature is its spaciousness. It is a 7-seater with a 5-seater option also existing, making it the right choice for a family car. Other features, as evident from the Australian Honda dealership site, include a sunroof, mirror cameras, and a center console, showing off its technological leaning point.

7. 2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is another gift from the automobile company to the crossover SUV enthusiasts. Standout features in this Honda AWD include the spacious seats that provide ample space to accommodate seven passengers. It sports a powerful V6 engine that sees this Honda model flow smoothly in almost all terrains without straining. It spots and optional front-wheel drive train that makes it suitable for rough terrains. Among the driver assistance features it boasts of include adaptive cruise control and the automatic pre-collision braking for improved safety.

8. 2019 Honda Ridgeline

2019 Honda Ridgeline

Back to the ridgeline model, we have the newer version that is also an all-wheel-drive vehicle. The forward wheel drivetrain is present and has a five-passenger capacity. Under its hood is a powerful V6 engine featuring a six-speed automatic transmission. It is good at handling both on street roads and also on rough terrain, courtesy of its drivetrain. The interior is cozy and features leather finishing that topped up with its spaciousness contributes to making the interior excellent. When it comes to consumption, it is moderate, considering its engine performance. It runs 18 miles per gallon of fuel on city highways when it is on all-wheel drive.

7. 2019 Honda Passport

2019 Honda Passport

The 2019 Honda passport is the best option for you when looking for a Honda AWD that is good in handling. The powerful V6 engine that translates to an impressive horsepower of 280 units that has you cruising excellently on any terrain. The car is also spacious in passenger and cargo room with a five-passenger seating capacity. Looking at its consumption, it is not severely off with a 19 mile per gallon figure when cruising on the highway.

6. 2019 Honda Pilot

2019 Honda Pilot

US News, has nothing but praise upon praise for this 2019 all-wheel-drive release. Described as all-rounded, the 2019 Honda pilot is as good on the rough road as it is good on the highway. It tops when it comes to the spaciousness, with seven-passenger seating capacity and ample cargo space. Its V6 engine brings out a 280 horsepower that allows it cruise on 18 gallons per mile on the highway.

5. 2019 Honda HRV

2019 Honda HRV

The 2019 Honda HRV is a magnificent all-wheel drive vehicle that is the best option when looking at fuel economy. Its consumption is an impressive 32 gallons per mile on the highway. The engine is not that powerful and has a 141 horsepower. For a first AWD car, the 2019 Honda HRV is an excellent choice with a decent legroom benefit.

4. 2020 Honda Passport

2020 Honda Passport

Focusing on a yet-to-be release, we have the 2020 Honda passport. The crossover SUV promises a more rugged approach that makes it suitable for the rough roads. Its V6 engine has a 280 horsepower unit that ensures proper handling.

3. 2014 Honda Ridgeline

2014 Honda Ridgeline

The 2014 Honda ridgeline makes it to the list of the best Honda AWD cars due to its smooth handling. It has ample space and proper handling. It also fares well when it comes to consumption with a 21 mile per gallon rate when tackling the highway.

2. 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot

The 2017 Honda pilot is a mid-sized crossover sport utility automobile that is an excellent choice for a Honda AWD when looking at the space factor. Its interior does it justice and helps rank it as the second-best Honda model featuring the all-wheel drivetrain.

1. 2020 Honda HRV

2020 Honda HRV

The first place on the best AWD’s under the Honda brand goes to the 2020 Honda HRV. It takes the adjectives subcompact and spacious as its measuring stick and brings both on a full plate. It ticks on fuel economy and interior coziness featuring comfortable leather seats with a durable finish. In short, the 2020 Honda HRV has the body and gait of large SUVs and the economy of small vehicles.


Above are some of the best AWD cars produced by Honda that you can lay your hands. They have standout features such as proper handling and amazing offroad capabilities. Be on the lookout for new releases to get the best car for an all-wheel transmission.

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